On becoming a chief in the Kaokoveld, colonial Namibia, 1916 -25

TitleOn becoming a chief in the Kaokoveld, colonial Namibia, 1916 -25
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsJ.B. Gewald
Secondary TitleJournal of African History
Pagination23 - 42
Date Published2011///
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number10.1017/S0021853711000065
Keywordschieftaincy, Namibia, Southern Africa

In 1916 a warlord named Oorlog - 'war', in Afrikaans - moved into the Kaokoveld in the far north-west of what is now Namibia, and drove off the original inhabitants. Shortly after, Oorlog was formally recognized as a chief by the newly established South African administration and elevated to the highest position of power in the Kaokoveld. This article, through investigating how Oorlog came to be elevated to this position of power, explores issues of colonial governance and personal relationships. By focusing on the micropolitics of the Kaokoveld, it emphasizes how interpersonal relationships - not bureaucratic structures - were of crucial importance in the establishment and maintenance of early colonial rule in Africa.

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