Aspects of the apartheid state : a bibliographical survey

TitleAspects of the apartheid state : a bibliographical survey
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsW.M.J.van Kessel
Series titleResearch report ; 34
Pagination - 251
Date Published1989///
PublisherAfrican Studies Centre
Place PublishedLeiden
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ISBN Number90-70110-70-9
KeywordsAfrica, politics, South Africa

This bibliography provides a selection from the literature on some aspects of the apartheid State. The number of entries - books, articles in periodicals and some conference papers - totals about 850. The first two chapters consist of a list of bibliographies, inventories, directories, catalogues and reference works as well as some general standard publications and general introductory books. With a few exceptions for important standard works and source material, the selected titles all appeared since 1975. The emphasis is on trends and events in the post-1945 period, although a few books focusing on the early 20th century have been included. The central theme - the nature of the conflict in South Africa and the race-class debate - is discussed in chapter 3, followed by a selection from the relevant literature. The conflict in South Africa can be perceived as a clash between Afrikaner nationalism and African nationalism. These two opposing forces are discussed in section 3.1 on the State and Afrikanerdom and in section 3.3 on black politics. Alternatively, the conflict in South Africa can be interpreted in terms of a class conflict, the opposing forces being capital and labour. Section 3.2 deals with some of the literature on capital and labour. The final chapter deals with options for the future. The four sections of chapter 3 and the concluding chapter 4 each begin with a brief essay introducing the theme and the main debates in the literature. The subsequent list of references is arranged in alphabetical order


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