African Alternatives

TitleAfrican Alternatives
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
Series EditorU. Engel, P. Chabal, and L.J. de Haan
Series titleAEGIS 2
Date Published2007///
Place PublishedLeiden, Boston
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9004161139
KeywordsAfrica, livelihoods, migration, poverty, society

This collection of articles aims to stimulate the exploration of African initiative and creativity and to go beyond immediate socio-economic and political circumstances by analyzing those initiatives that offer alternatives to the prevailing paradigms. It moves away from African 'victimhood' by stressing African 'agency' and by demonstrating that societies in Africa have always showed the ability to negotiate whatever constraining ecological, economic and political circumstances they faced. This is further detailed in the context of the literary contest between local and global; of issues of land rights and property; of livelihoods and poverty; of the popular culture; of demystifying African migrations; the changing parameters of territoriality; and the dynamics of the tourist encounter.

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