Recently published journal articles - week 43

Retrieved week 43 2018


HAYNES, J. 2018. Keeping Up: The Corporatization of Nollywood's Economy and Paradigms for Studying African Screen Media. Africa Today, 64 (4):3-29.

MOMAH, I. I. 2018. Official development assistance and the factors impeding its effectiveness in Africa. Africa Review, 10 (2):129-139.
Keywords: corruption ; Aid effectiveness ; education for sustainable development (ESD) ; good governance ; OECD ; official development assistance

GOODMAN, J. E. 2018. Embodying Halqa: Algerian Storytelling on a Global Stage. Africa Today, 64 (4):93-112.

BONGAJUM, A. Y., DUFE, D. M., TJEK, P. T. B., GOON, D. T., NKENFOU, C. N., NWOBEGAHAY, J. M. & MBU, R. 2018. An assessment of antiretroviral drug initiation to pregnant women of unknown HIV status during labour and delivery in Cameroon. African Journal of AIDS Research, 17 (3):265-271.
Keywords: ARV initiation ; labour and delivery ; PMTCT ; public and private health facilities ; unknown HIV status

DEMISSIE, M., JOHNSTON, L. G., MULETA, M., DESYEBELEW, D., BELETE, W., G/EGXIABEHRE, A., GEZAHEGN, N., KASSA, D. & ASEFFA, Y. 2018. Prevalence of HIV and other infections and injection behaviours among people who inject drugs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. African Journal of AIDS Research, 17 (3):259-264.
Keywords: HIV/AIDS ; HCV/HBV/syphilis ; PWID ; respondent-driven sampling ; risk behaviour

KASSIE, K. 2018. Gender difference in higher education in Ethiopia: a case of Addis Ababa University (AAU). Africa Review, 10 (2):157-172.
Keywords: higher education ; enrolment ; educational attainment ; female ; Gender disparity ; graduate

KLEIN, T. R. 2018. Preview for Spirits and Ancestors: Representations of Ghanaian School Life in Audiovisual and Electronic Media. Africa Today, 64 (4):53-73.

TAGOE, V. N. K., YENDORK, J. S. & ASANTE, K. O. 2018. Gambling among Youth in Contemporary Ghana: Understanding, Initiation, and Perceived Benefits. Africa Today, 64 (3):53-69.

BANGURA, I. 2018. Young People and the Search for Inclusion and Political Participation in Guinea. African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review, 8 (1):54-72.

CANNON, B. J. & ALI, J. H. 2018. Devolution in Kenya Four Years On: A Review of Implementation and Effects in Mandera County. African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review, 8 (1):1-28.

GROVES, A. K., HALLFORS, D. D., IRITANI, B. J., RENNIE, S., ODONGO, F. S., KWARO, D., AMEK, N. & LUSENO, W. K. 2018. “I think the parent should be there because no one was born alone”: Kenyan adolescents’ perspectives on parental involvement in HIV research. African Journal of AIDS Research, 17 (3):227-239.
Keywords: adolescent research participation ; consent ; ethics ; human immunodeficiency virus ; parents

MCHENRY, M. S., APONDI, E., MCATEER, C. I., NYANDIKO, W. M., FISCHER, L. J., OMBITSA, A. R., ALUOCH, J., SCANLON, M. L. & VREEMAN, R. C. 2018. Tablet-based disclosure counselling for HIV-infected children, adolescents, and their caregivers: a pilot study. African Journal of AIDS Research, 17 (3):249-258.
Keywords: youth ; HIV ; counselling tools ; electronic resources ; mental health ; tablet computers

OGALO, E. A., ADINA, J. O., OOKO, H., BATUKA, J. & KIMAIYO, S. 2018. Mother–baby dyads enrolled in PMTCT care in western Kenya: characteristics and implications for ART programmes. African Journal of AIDS Research, 17 (3):241-247.
Keywords: HIV ; ART ; infant ; nevirapine ; positive ; prevention ; prophylaxis

ONDENGE, K., ODERO, I., AWUONDA, E., OMORO, T., KIBOGO, M., OTIENO, G., ONGWENA, P. & GUST, D. A. 2018. Community perceptions and personal accounts of HIV discordance in rural western Kenya. African Journal of AIDS Research, 17 (3):281-290.
Keywords: respect ; attitudes ; coping ; discordant couples ; rejection ; stigma ; understanding

CHINSINGA, B. & CHASUKWA, M. 2018. Narratives, climate change and agricultural policy processes in Malawi. Africa Review, 10 (2):140-156.
Keywords: Malawi ; narratives ; agriculture polices ; Climate change ; conservation agriculture

BELLO, T. & MITCHELL, M. I. 2018. The Political Economy of Cocoa in Nigeria: A History of Conflict or Cooperation? Africa Today, 64 (3):71-91.

INGIRIIS, M. H. 2018. State and Clan Violence in Somalia. African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review, 8 (1):73-96.

South Africa
HAAS, R. D. 2018. Video Poetry as Re-Creation and Remediation of Oral Performance in the Work of Kgafela oa Magogodi and Chirikure Chirikure. Africa Today, 64 (4):75-90.

South Africa
KUPERUS, T. 2018. Democratization, Religious Actors, and Political Influence: A Comparison of Christian Councils in Ghana and South Africa. Africa Today, 64 (3):29-51.

South Africa
NAPIER, C. J. & LABUSCHAGNE, P. 2018. The study of political science in South Africa and beyond: the search for relevance. Africa Review, 10 (2):188-205.
Keywords: South Africa ; Africa ; teaching ; ideology ; institutions ; state ; Political science ; relevance

South Africa
OLUTOLA, O. & LANDSBERG, C. 2018. Concentric circles of South Africa’s climate diplomacy. Africa Review, 10 (2):173-187.
Keywords: South Africa ; Climate change ; concentric circles ; diplomacy

DIEGNER, L. 2018. Good-Bye, Book—Welcome, App? Some Observations on the Current Dynamics of Publishing Swahili Novels. Africa Today, 64 (4):31-50.

FAST, D. & MOYER, E. 2018. Becoming and Coming Undone on the Streets of Dar es Salaam. Africa Today, 64 (3):3-26.

KAWUMA, R., SEELEY, J., MUPAMBIREYI, Z., COWAN, F., BERNAYS, S. & TEAM, T. R. T. 2018. “Treatment is not yet necessary”: delays in seeking access to HIV treatment in Uganda and Zimbabwe. African Journal of AIDS Research, 17 (3):217-225.
Keywords: Africa ; HIV ; antiretroviral therapy ; treatment delays ; universal test and treat

KIM, J. J. 2018. An Alternative Approach to Forensic Anthropology: Findings from Northern Uganda. African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review, 8 (1):29-53.

KLINGBERG, S., KING, R., SEELEY, J., LUBWAMA, R., NAMUGANGA, M., NABIRYO, B., ETIMA, M., MUSOKE, P. & BUTLER, L. M. 2018. Courage and confidence to stop lying: caregiver perspectives on a video to support paediatric HIV disclosure in Kampala, Uganda. African Journal of AIDS Research, 17 (3):273-279.
Keywords: behaviour change ; self-efficacy ; qualitative ; pediatric HIV ; video intervention

West Africa
ATANGANA, E. M. 2018. The underlying reasons for the emerging dynamic of regional security cooperation against Boko Haram. Africa Review, 10 (2):206-215.
Keywords: Boko Haram ; collective action ; counter terrorism ; regional crisis ; security cooperation