Recently published journal articles - week 37

Retrieved week 37 2018


CAI, J., ZHENG, Z., HU, R., PRAY, C. E. & SHAO, Q. 2018. Has International Aid Promoted Economic Growth in Africa? African Development Review, 30, 239-251.

MABROUK, F. & MEKNI, M. M. 2018. Remittances and Food Security in African Countries. African Development Review, 30, 252-263.

MUROVE, M. F. 2018. Indigenous knowledge systems discourse and inclusionality: An Afro-centric quest for recognition in a globalised world. Journal for the Study of Religion, 31, 159-176.

PETTIGREW, E. 2018. Working with African Arabic Script Manuscripts: A Workshop Report. Islamic Africa, 9, 107-111.

SYED, A. & STEWART, C. 2018. From Texts to Meanings: Close Reading of the Textual Cultures of Islamic Africa. Islamic Africa, 9, 1-9.

WRIGHT, Z. 2018. Secrets on the Muhammadan Way: Transmission of the Esoteric Sciences in 18th Century Scholarly Networks. Islamic Africa, 9, 77-105.

OLUGU, J. P. M. 2018. Etalement urbain, comportement de mobilité et fonctionnement de l'offre de transport à Yaoundé. African Development Review, 30, 304-315.

ABDEL MEGUID, A. 2018. Al-Kindī’s Argument for the Finitude of Time in His Critique of Aristotle’s Theory of the Eternity of the World in the Treatise on First Philosophy: The Role of the Perceiving Soul and the Relation between Sensation and Intellection. Journal of Islamic Studies, 29, 323-356.

DE CALLATAŸ, G. 2018. ‘For Those with Eyes to See’: On the Hidden Meaning of the Animal Fable in the Rasāʾil Ikhwān al-Ṣafāʾ. Journal of Islamic Studies, 29, 357-391.

EL-RAHMAN TAYYARA, A. 2018. Ibn Ḥabīb’s Kitāb al-MuḤabbar and its Place in Early Islamic Historical Writing. Journal of Islamic Studies, 29, 392-416.

OKUNOYE, J. O. 2017. The place of early childhood training (Proverbs 22:6) in building sustainable Nigerian future. Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies, 7, 97-106.
Keywords: Early childhood ; Proverbs 22:6 ; Sustainable development ; Training/education

TAYOB, A. 2017. Sermons as Practical and Linguistic Performances: Insights from Theory and History. Journal of Religion in Africa, 47, 132-144.
Keywords: Abrahamic Traditions ; history of religions ; ritual theory ; sermons

ALAGIDEDE, P., MENSAH, J. O. & IBRAHIM, M. 2018. Optimal Deficit Financing in a Constrained Fiscal Space in Ghana. African Development Review, 30, 291-303.

PONTZEN, B. 2017. ʻSpeaking for Islamʼ and Religious Authority in Zongos in Asante, Ghana. Journal of Religion in Africa, 47, 42-71.
Keywords: Ghana ; authority ; Islam ; sermon ; zongo

REINHARDT, B. 2017. The Pedagogies of Preaching. Journal of Religion in Africa, 47, 72-107.
Keywords: Ghana ; performance ; Pentecostalism ; preaching ; charisma ; mimesis ; skill

SOUNAYE, A. 2017. Salafi Aesthetics: Preaching Among the Sunnance in Niamey, Niger. Journal of Religion in Africa, 47, 9-41.
Keywords: aesthetics ; Niamey ; Niger ; preaching ; Salafism ; Sunnance ; wazu

IBRAHIM, M. 2017. Oral Transmission of the Sacred: Preaching in Christ Embassy and NASFAT in Abuja. Journal of Religion in Africa, 47, 108-131.
Keywords: performance ; preaching ; Abuja ; Christ Embassy ; listening ; nasfat ; religious authority

MODIBBO, M. S. A. 2017. A general description of the formation and activities of Islamic Da c wah groups in Nigeria. Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies, 7, 83-96.

NAYLOR, P. 2018. Abdullahi dan Fodio and Muhammad Bello’s Debate over the Torobbe-Fulani: Case Study for a New Methodology for Arabic Primary Source Material from West Africa. Islamic Africa, 9, 34-54.
Keywords: Nigeria ; Fulani ; ethnicity ; Abdullahi dan Fodio ; Fodiawa ; historiography ; intellectual history ; Muhammad Bello ; Sokoto Caliphate ; Torobbe

OLANISEBE, S. O. 2017. Elimination by substitution: the travesty of changing cultural names to biblical names by pentecostals in southwestern Nigeria. Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies, 7, 107-124.
Keywords: Biblical Name ; Cultural Name ; Name Changing ; Pentecostals ; Southwestern Nigeria

North Africa
SU, I. W. 2018. The Family History of Abū al-Faraj al-Iṣfahānī: the Ninth-Century ʿAbbasid Political Elite and the Ṭālibids in Samarra. Journal of Islamic Studies, 29, 417-448.

ZEHNLE, S. 2018. “Where is My Region?” Geographical Representation and Textuality in Sokoto. Islamic Africa, 9, 10-33.
Keywords: Sahel ; cartography ; frontier ; geography ; Hausa ; jihad ; Land of Islam ; Land of Unbelief ; landscape ; Sokoto

DELL, J. 2018. Unbraiding the Qu’ran: Wolofal and the Tafsīr Tradition of Senegambia. Islamic Africa, 9, 55-76.
Keywords: Senegal ; Ajami ; Cheikh Anta Diop ; Muridiyya ; Qur’an ; Reading Practices ; tafsīr ; ʿajami

South Africa
MOORE, B. 2018. Learning from Black Theology. Journal for the Study of Religion, 31, 86-95.

South Africa
OGBUABOR, J. E., EIGBIREMOLEN, G. S. O., MANASSEH, C. O. & MBA, I. C. 2018. Asymmetric Price Transmission and Rent-seeking in Road Fuel Markets: A Comparative Study of South Africa and Selected Eurozone Countries. African Development Review, 30, 278-290.

South Africa
SHUTTE, A. 2018. Reflection in practice as source of values: The cross-cultural creation of a health-care ethic in post-apartheid South Africa. Journal for the Study of Religion, 31, 177-206.

Sub-Saharan Africa
OJAPINWA, T. V. & NWOKOMA, N. I. 2018. Workers’ Remittances and the Dutch-Disease Argument: Investigating the Relationship in Sub-Saharan Africa. African Development Review, 30, 316-324.

West Africa
GBENOU, K. D. A. 2018. Modélisation de la prévision du stress financier du système bancaire des pays de l'UEMOA: Evidence empirique du rôle des facteurs institutionnels. African Development Review, 30, 264-277.

DODO, O. 2017. Inter-religious conflicts: a review of Zimbabwe’s religious landscape, post-independence. Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies, 7, 125-137.
Keywords: Circumstantial coercion ; Conflict prevention ; Conflict resolution ; Religion