Recently published journal articles - week 25

Retrieved week 25 2018


BAWA, S. 2018. “Feminists make too much noise!”: generational differences and ambivalence in feminist development politics in Ghana. Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue canadienne des études africaines, 52, 1-17.
Keywords: activistes ; Afrique ; développement ; différences générationnelles ; féminisme ; perceptions

BRETT, P. & GISSEL, L. E. 2018. Explaining African participation in international courts. African Affairs, 117, 195-216.

DEMAREST, L. & LANGER, A. 2018. The study of violence and social unrest in Africa: A comparative analysis of three conflict event datasets. African Affairs, 117, 310-325.

HODZI, O. 2018. China and Africa: economic growth and a non-transformative political elite. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 36, 191-206.
Keywords: Africa ; development ; China ; Political elites ; State

MAMPILLY, Z. 2018. Shifts in global power and UN peacekeeping performance: India’s rise and its impact on civilian protection in Africa. African Affairs, 117, 171-194.

RICHEY, L. A. & CHRISTIANSEN, L. B. 2018. Afropolitanism, celebrity politics, and iconic imaginations of North–South relations. African Affairs, 117, 238-260.

JOTIA, A. L. 2018. The role of social media in freeing Botswana from state control of the media. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 36, 264-278.
Keywords: Botswana ; democracy ; media freedom ; social media ; state control

BADU, E., KISSI, E., BOATENG, E. B. & ANTWI-AFARI, M. F. 2018. Tertiary Educational Infrastructural Development in Ghana: Financing, Challenges and Strategies. Africa Education Review, 15, 65-81.
Keywords: challenges strategies ; educational ; financing ; infrastructural

BÉLAND, D., FOLI, R. & KPESSA-WHYTE, M. 2018. Social policy as nation-building: identity formation, policy feedback, and social citizenship in Ghana. Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue canadienne des études africaines, 52, 19-36.
Keywords: Ghana ; citoyenneté sociale ; édification de la nation ; nation-building ; policy feedback ; politiques sociales ; rétroactions politiques ; social citizenship ; social policy

TVEDTEN, I. 2018. “It’s all about money”: urban–rural spaces and relations in Maputo, Mozambique. Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue canadienne des études africaines, 52, 37-52.
Keywords: poverty ; Mozambique ; anthropologie ; anthropology ; pauvrete ; rapports urbains-ruraux ; urban–rural relations

OKEKE-OGBUAFOR, N., GRAY, T. S. & STEAD, S. M. 2018. Perceptions of the existence and causes of structural violence in Ogoni communities, Nigeria. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 36, 229-244.
Keywords: endogenous ; exogenous ; Structural violence ; visible and invisible forms of violence

INGIRIIS, M. H. 2018. The invention of Al-Shabaab in Somalia: Emulating the anti-colonial dervishes movement. African Affairs, 117, 217-237.

PEGG, S. & WALLS, M. 2018. Back on track? Somaliland after its 2017 presidential election. African Affairs, 117, 326-337.

South Africa
BICCARD, P. 2018. Primary School Mathematics Teacher Reflection through a Modelling-Based Professional Development Programme. Africa Education Review, 15, 49-64.
Keywords: mathematics teaching ; modelling tasks ; primary school teacher reflection ; teacher development

South Africa
EBEWO, P. J. & SIRAYI, M. 2018. Curriculum Transformation in a Post-Apartheid South African University: The Arts Faculty, Tshwane University of Technology. Africa Education Review, 15, 82-95.
Keywords: curriculum ; education ; Africanisation ; arts ; higher education sector ; transformation ; university

South Africa
ISIKE, C. 2018. The Impact of University of Zululand Structural and Cultural Contexts on Postgraduate Supervision Practice (2011–2016). Africa Education Review, 15, 112-130.
Keywords: agency ; culture ; postgraduate supervision ; quality ; structure

South Africa
MATHEBULA, T. 2018. From “Boy-Government” and “Student-Government” to “Learner-Government”: The Best of Both Worlds? Africa Education Review, 15, 1-15.
Keywords: “boy-government” ; “learner-government” ; “student-government” ; Guides for Representative Councils of Learners ; school governing bodies ; schools

South Africa
MKONTO, N. 2018. Peer-Facilitated Learning: Students’ Experiences. Africa Education Review, 15, 16-31.
Keywords: technology ; academic support ; at risk subject ; first-year student ; higher education institutions ; learning communities ; peer learning ; retention ; social support

South Africa
NDLOVU, M. C. & MOSTERT, I. 2018. Teacher Perceptions of Moodle and Throughput in a Blended Learning Programme for In-Service Secondary School Mathematics Teachers. Africa Education Review, 15, 131-151.
Keywords: academic programme ; asynchronous chatting ; blended learning ; mathematics teachers ; modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment ; synchronous chatting ; teacher professional learning

South Africa
PILLAY, J. 2018. Hope for the Future and Literacy Achievement in a Sample of Impoverished South African Primary School Children. Africa Education Review, 15, 32-48.
Keywords: child poverty ; hope for the future ; hope theory ; literacy achievement ; positive psychology ; quantitative study ; social constructivist theory ; survey

South Africa
TAFESSE, F. & MPHAHLELE, M. J. 2018. Development of Graduates’ Attributes in Chemistry within an Open Distance Learning (ODL) Environment: Unisa’s Experience. Africa Education Review, 15, 96-111.
Keywords: chemistry training ; community engagement ; graduateness ; lifelong learning ; open distance learning

South Africa
WALKER, G. R. 2018. ‘Our songs were our stones’: song and struggle in the treatment action campaign. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 36, 175-190.
Keywords: South Africa ; struggle songs ; AIDS activism ; HIV/AIDS ; sexual violence ; Treatment action campaign (TAC)

South Africa
WEBSTER, E. 2018. Culture and working life: Ari Sitas and the transformation of labour studies in South Africa. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 36, 163-174.
Keywords: South Africa ; Ari Sitas ; labour studies

South Sudan
VAN LEEUWEN, M., VAN DE KERKHOF, M. & VAN LEYNSEELE, Y. 2018. Transforming land governance and strengthening the state in South Sudan. African Affairs, 117, 286-309.

Southern Africa
SCHENONI, L. L. 2018. The Southern African unipolarity. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 36, 207-228.
Keywords: Southern Africa ; hegemony ; South African foreign policy ; Unipolarity

KANDEL, M. 2018. State formation and the politics of land in north-eastern Uganda. African Affairs, 117, 261-285.

West Africa
PARRY, T. D. 2018. ‘What is Africa to me’ now?: African-American heritage tourism in Senegambia. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 36, 245-263.
Keywords: diaspora ; double consciousness ; heritage tourism ; roots ; Slavery

RUTHERFORD, B. 2018. Mugabe’s shadow: limning the penumbrae of post-coup Zimbabwe. Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue canadienne des études africaines, 52, 53-68.