Reading list: Africa-Ukraine-Russia relations

Russo-Ukrainian War Flag

This ASCL Library reading list gives background information on Africa-Ukraine and Africa-Russia relations, and on what the present war between Russia and Ukraine means for Africa. It contains online articles, blogs, infographics, podcasts and videos, most of which are freely available.

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Blog : Collateral damage of the current Russian aggression in Ukraine / Ton Dietz (2022). Leiden: African Studies Centre, 2022.

Blog : Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could spell trouble for Africa’s food security / Assem Abu Hatab. Uppsala : NAI, 2022.

Infographic : Mapping Disinformation in Africa. Africa Center for Strategic Studies, 2022.

Infographic : Who is buying wheat from Russia and Ukraine? / Deutsche Welle, 2022.

Infographic : Can Africa offer an alternative to Russian gas? Statista, 2022.

Journal article : Russia's return to Africa: a comparative study of Egypt, Algeria and Morocco / Němečková, T., Melnikovová, L., & Piskunova, N. In : The Journal of Modern African Studies, vol. 59, no. 3 (2021), pages 367-390.

Journal article : Russo-African Relations and electoral democracy: assessing the implications of Russia's renewed interest for Africa / Akinlolu E. Akinola & Olusola Ogunnubi. In: African Security Review, vol. 30, no. 3, pages 386-402. (Restricted access)

Podcast : Hoe de oorlog in Oekraïne ook Afrika raakt. De Africast, 2022. (in Dutch, with Ton Dietz)

Podcast : Mysterieuze Russische huurlingen verkrijgen steeds meer invloed in Afrika. Europa draait door, VPRO/NPO Radio 1, 2022. (in Dutch)

Video : Russen in Afrika. Frontlinie, NPO Start, 2022. (in Dutch)

Web article : How the Russia-Ukraine War Impacts Africans / Nosmot Gbadamosi. Foreign Policy Magazine, Africa Brief, 2022.

Web article : The curious case of Russia in Central African Republic / Bram Posthumus. AlJazeera, 2022.

Web article : How Russia-Ukraine conflict could influence Africa’s food supplies / Wandile Sihlobo. The Conversation Africa, 2022.

Web article : Ukraine Conflict - Implications and Opportunities for Africa / Craig Moffat. ACCORD, 2022.

Web article : Why Africa is divided over the Russia-Ukraine war / Martha Kiiza Bakwesegha-Osula. International Politics and Society, 2022.

Web article : The war in Ukraine: Africa risks paying a heavy price for neutrality / Nicholas Westcott. The Conversation, 2022.

Web overview : Russia’s strategic engagement in Africa. SAIIA, 2022. (includes weblinks, infographics, and video)

Web report : Security, Soft Power and Regime Support: Spheres of Russian Influence in Africa / Emman El-Badawy, Sandun Munasinghe, Audu Bulama Bukarti, Beatrice Bianchi. Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, 2022.