No. 8 - June 2013


Annual Report 2012
The ASC has published the Annual Report of 2012.
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Wikipedians in Residence at the African Studies Centre?
The African Studies Centre in Leiden will be the secretary of a project wherein two so called Wikipedians in Residence will work in 12 specialized libraries in The Netherlands. The project (Wikipedians in Special Residence) will take place from October 2013 tot November 2014. A grant of EUR 94.000 from the PICA Foundation was awarded to the proposal, written under the auspices of the Group of Special Scientific Libraries in the Netherlands (WSWB).
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Open Access: "what is in it for me?" (being a researcher) 
The publication landscape is rapidly changing. Good old fashioned scientific journals appear in electronic form only –or at least simultaneously on paper and in digital form. A lot is going on about Open Access, with British and American governments demanding that publications derived from research undertaken with government funding are openly accessible.
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The African Studies Centre is now part of 'Leiden Global'
(NOTE: In Dutch, an English translation will follow soon)
Together with other institutions, the ASC is now partner in the new collaboration project Leiden Global. Research institutes from Leiden, among which Leiden University, and museums join in their scientific and educational knowledge in the field of Global and Area Studies. 
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New web dossier: Dutch involvement in the transatlantic slave trade and abolition
On 1 July 1863, slavery was abolished in the former Dutch colonies of Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. This ended a period of around 200 years of slavery in these colonies. To mark the 150th anniversary of Dutch abolition in 2013, various activities have been organized, including exhibitions in the National Library of the Netherlands, the History Museum of The Hague, and the University of Amsterdam.
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ASC panels at ECAS
Many ASC researchers contributed to the programme of the fifth European Conference on African Studies (ECAS 5) that took place from 27 – 29 June. The conference was organized by the Centro de Estudos Africanos - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Center of African Studies of the University Institute of Lisbon) on behalf of AEGIS, the Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies. Its general theme was ‘African Dynamics in a Multipolar World’.
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Africa Thesis Award 2013
The deadline for the submission of theses this year is 12 July 2013. A shortlist of three will be drawn up from which the jury will select the winning thesis. The prize will be presented to the winner at an ASC seminar when s/he will present his/her research.
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NVAS: Call for posters
The NVAS would like to invite you to present your current Africa research in the form of a poster for our NVAS-Afrikastudiedag on Saturday the 23rd of November 2013 in the Museum of Ethnology Leiden. 
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