Following the Research Master African Studies is preparing for academic excellence!

by Harry Wels

The Research Master African Studies is unique in the Netherlands. Not only in terms of that it is the only African Studies curriculum offered at any Dutch university, but also because of its unique set of lecturers for which it can draw on all the Africanist expertise there is at the various Dutch universities. It means that students really get 'the best of the best' in terms of academic quality, from a wide range of academics and disciplines. As is to be expected from any serious curriculum in African Studies, the second year emphasises that the students venture into the field in Africa themselves to do their own Master research on a topic of their own interest and that they develop and mature together with their supervisor. It cannot be a coincidence that many students choose to continue their Research Master with further research through a PhD. The curriculum, the lecturers and the students themselves create an optimal mix of academic excellence to continue into academia. If you want any more information or register for this Research Master, please contact Research master Coordinator Dr. Azeb Amha at