The library receives and processes many gifts each year, including books, periodicals, videos and other library materials. These gifts help us to add depth to the collection and replace worn-out and lost books and journals.

To make a donation to the African Studies Centre Leiden library, please contact:

  1. Elvire Eijkman,, phone 071 5273357
  2. Gerard van de Bruinhorst,, phone 071 5276734

The library is particularly interested in gifts that fit into the collection profile. Gifts not retained are sent to affiliated libraries in The Netherlands or to Africa as part of our donation programme.

Gifts in 2015

  1. Olivier Nyirubugara donated his own book on mobile community reporting and four French titles on Rwanda.Nigerian magazine
  2. Affoh Guenneguez deliverd three rare books  written and published by Louis Kouama Abrima on history and traditional religion in Cote d’Ivoire. The ASC copy of these titels is the only known item in WorldCat.
  3. Nico Wesselingh again presented a highly interesting collection of pamphlets, maps and election materials from Southern Africa, Guinee Bissau and the DRC.
  4. Paolo de Mas donated 26 boxes with books, journals documentation material from the Marokko Instituut (Den Haag).
  5. Tom Draisma supplied the library with newspapers, pamphlets and books from Zambia/Northern Rhodesia.
  6. Aart Rietveld, a retired history teacher, surprised the library with extremely valuable material form the teachers college in Toro (northern Nigeria) from the early 1970s. One of the highlights is a collection of pupils’ essays on the Biafra war. But also Yoruba photo novels and missing issues from Drum magazine.
  7. Finally the ASC library took over 15 boxes with statistical publications from African countries, the result of a weeding operation by the Centraal Bureau voor de statistiek (CBS). 

Previous gifts