Experts, publications and projects on Ghana

Staff, community members, research projects and publications

ASC staff with an expertise on Ghana:

Akinyinka Akinyoade (Senior researcher)
Fantu Cheru (Senior researcher)
Ton Dietz (Senior researcher)
Rijk van Dijk (Senior researcher)
Michel Doortmont (Senior researcher)
Jan-Bart Gewald (Senior researcher)
Tanja Hendriks (Junior researcher)
Agnieszka Kazimierczuk (Junior researcher), Agnieszka Kazimierczuk (PhD Student)
Ineke van Kessel (Retired research fellow)
Alice Mapenzi Kubo (PhD Student)
André Leliveld (Senior researcher)
Sebastiaan Soeters (Former PhD Student)
Chibuike U. Uche (Senior researcher)
Merel van 't Wout (PhD Student)