Visiting Fellowship Programme

The ASC Leiden hosts visiting research fellows in the framework of the Leiden African Studies Assembly (Leiden ASA), a network for cooperation between Leiden based Africanists. Visiting research fellows use their time in Leiden for data analysis and/or writing, often on a joint project with one or more ASCL staff members and with Africanists at other institutes or faculties of Leiden University. A visiting research fellowship is for a maximum of 90 days.

On occasion, the ASCL hosts self financed visitors (PhD students or visiting academics).

Apart from the regular visiting research fellowship programme, the ASCL also offers a joint fellowship programme with the IIAS (International Institute for Asian Studies). Read more about the fellowship programme with IIAS.

Requirements for a 90-day visiting research fellowship

  • At the time of applying, the applicant must hold a PhD with a focus on Africa.
  • The applicant has to be fluent in English and/or French.
  • The applicant must have published books and/or articles that meet international standards.
  • The research fellowship must contribute to interfaculty collaboration at Leiden University.
  • Preference is given to candidates employed by an African research institute with which Leiden University already has an MoU or aspires to have an MoU in the framework of the Leiden African Studies Assembly.
  • In accordance with visa regulations, applicants must be able to return to their country of origin after their fellowship.

How to apply

An application must include all of the following documents:

  • An up to date curriculum vitae.
  • A statement of the purpose of the visit, including: the topic of study; the scholarly and/or applied relevance of the research visit; suggestions for collaboration with ASCL researchers and/or researchers of other Leiden University institutes/faculties; the planned output of the research visit (e.g. book, article, report); and at least one suggestion for an academic seminar or guest lecture for MA students.
  • A feasible work schedule. Please note that a research fellowship cannot include long-term fieldwork abroad.
  • a copy of at least two international publications.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • At least one letter from a Leiden University/ASCL researcher (from a similar field of research) stating a willingness to cooperate with the applicant. This cooperation should lead to, for instance, a joint seminar or publication.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Please send your application by email to Ms Maaike Westra:

Practical matters

A research fellowship includes:

  • A return ticket (economy class).
  • A daily stipend to cover living expenses.
  • Accommodation in Leiden: a fellow is provided with his/her own bed/sitting room (suitable for one person only). Kitchen and bathroom are to be shared with a maximum of two other fellows (male/female). If the offered accommodation is unaccaptable for the fellow he/she is requested to look for alternative accommodation him/herself. Alternative accommodation will not be paid for by the fellowship.
  • A medical/liability insurance (please note that this insurance does not cover the cost of treatment of a pre-existing medical condition).
  • The use of (shared) office facilities and of library facilities.

Research fellows are divided over three periods of three months each: January-February-March, April-May-June, September-October-November.


There is no fixed deadline but please be aware that it can take up to one year before a fellowship can be scheduled.

Self financed visitors

Self financed visitors can request to spend some time at the ASCL for research purposes. They will be offered a desk and computer (depending on availability) and they can make full use of the ASCL's library facilities. The ASCL cannot offer these guests assistance in travel arrangements, visa application and/or finding accommodation.

For more information on the regular fellowship programme or on self financed visits, contact Maaike Westra: