Collaborative research groups

ASCL Collaborative research groups bring together two or more members of the research staff of the ASCL, a member of the Library staff and preferably also PhD students and members of the ASCL Community.

Africa in the World - Rethinking Africa’s global connections

Convenor: Mayke Kaag
Library staff member: Germa Seuren
External affiliates: Wiebe Nauta (Maastricht University), Elsje Fourie (Maastricht University) , Heinrich Matthee, Julie Ndaya

Conflict in Africa: trajectories of power competition and civic (dis)engagement

Convenor: Han van Dijk
Library staff member: Edith de Roos
PhD Affiliates: Abreham Alemu, Martin van Vliet
External affiliates: Alexander Meckelburg (University of Hamburg), André van Dokkum (VU Amsterdam)

Food security and the African city: clustering metropolitan food chains

Library staff member: Heleen Smits
External affiliates: Samuel Owuor (ASC fellow, University of Nairobi), Stefan Jansen

Rethinking contemporary African history and historiography

Roads to prosperity and their social zones of transit: comparing cases in Southern and West Africa through time

Trade unions and labour issues in Africa

Convenor: André Leliveld
Library staff member: Ursula Oberst
External affiliates: Roos Keja (independent consultant), Huib Huyse (HIVA)