Visiting Fellowship Programme

The ASC has an active Visiting Fellowship Programme. Visiting research fellows are scholars who use their time in Leiden for data analysis and/or writing, often on a joint project with one or more ASC staff members. Others develop practical projects for implementation in their home countries. They have access to the library and computer facilities at the Centre and the University of Leiden and also contribute to the Centre's seminar programme. Visiting fellows stay at the ASC for a maximum of 90 days.
The ASC also offers a joint fellowship programme with the IIAS (International Institute for Asian Studies). Read more about the fellowship programme with IIAS.

Requirements visiting fellows ASC

Applicants are expected to satisfy the following qualifications and criteria when they submit their applications:

Applicants must have a PhD in one of the social sciences, including the anthropology of law, or in the humanities related to African Studies.
The prospective topic of research should match one of the current ASC research themes.

They must be fluent in English and/or French.

They have to have published books and/or articles that meet international standards.

In accordance with Dutch immigration regulations, applicants must be able to return to their country of origin when they have completed their work or term of study at the African Studies Centre.

How to apply

Please send your application by email to Ms Maaike Westra,, with the following documents:

- a curriculum vitae
- two letters of recommendation
- a statement of the purpose of the visit:
  a) the topic of study
  b) its scholarly and/or applied relevance
  c) the planned output (e.g. book, article, report)
  d) the proposed relationship to current work or themes at the Centre (Applicants are advised to relate their research topic to one of the ASC themes)
- a tentative work schedule
- a copy of at least one international publication

It is also possible to send your application by regular mail to Ms Maaike Westra, African Studies Centre, PO Box 9555, 2300 RB Leiden, the Netherlands.

Only fully completed applications will be considered.

Practical matters

When a research fellow’s application has been approved and if s/he has no other financial backing, the ASC will cover the costs of a return ticket and basic accommodation in Leiden for the duration of the fellow's stay. In addition, the visiting fellow will receive a daily allowance to cover living expenses while in the Netherlands. The Centre arranges personal medical insurance for visiting fellows but this does not cover any costs incurred due to a pre-existing medical condition.


There is no deadline for applications but it usually takes at least a year to arrange a fellowship. No visiting fellows are invited for July and August as this is the summer vacation period when many ASC researchers are away.
Please note that the programme for 2014 is fully booked.

For more information, contact Maaike Westra,