Cleveringa lecture by Ton Dietz in Rabat

ASCL director Ton Dietz gave a Cleveringa lecture in Rabat on Tuesday 29 November. Title of his lecture: 'Africa 2016-2100: Demographic Trends and Consequences for the Continent and for the World'. In the lecture Professor Dietz considered the consequences of the rapid population growth, urbanization, migration, resource competition and their impact on the population. He also investigated what the current global situation, with economic growth slowing down and the start of the Brexit-Trump era, mean for Africa.

Take a look at his (French) presentation Afrique 2016-2100: Les tendances démographiques et les conséquences pour le continent et pour le monde. (With thanks to Marieke van Winden, Kassim Assouma, Sarah Michiel and Léon Buskens (NIMAR) for the translation.)

The Cleveringa meetings are held all over the world. They are organized by the Leiden University Fund in collaboration with the regional committees. On 26 November 1940, Professor Cleveringa, dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Leiden, held a speech in which he stood up against the measure to fire the Jewish professors. In remembrance of this famous protest speech, scientists of Leiden have been holding lectures around the world since 1946.

This lecture was co-organized with NIMAR Rabat. NIMAR is the Leiden University expertise centre for Moroccan Studies.

Date, time and location

29 November 2016
Residence of the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Rue Majjat, Av. Mohammed VI – km 4,500, Souissi Rabat