Juul Kwaks

Juul Kwaks works as junior researcher. She is preparing a PhD research proposal on Congolese refugees in Uganda and she will make a contribution to the TRAFIG (Transnational Figurations of Displacement) project. She is particularly interested in the effects of conflict and displacement on people’s daily lives, their moral universes, and their social relationships. The long-term effects of displacement on social life was also what she researched for the completion of the Research Master African Studies at Leiden University. For this thesis, she did fieldwork in northern Uganda where she worked with formerly internally displaced people.

Before her Research Master, Juul Kwaks obtained an MSc in Political Science. In her research, she aims to combine the political side of conflict and displacement with insights from ethnographic methodologies.

J. (Juul) Kwaks
Junior researcher
Room number: 3A18