Ileen Wilke

Ileen Wilke is a Knowledge Manager at INCLUDE, the platform for inclusive development policies. Ileen holds a bachelor's degree in International Development (2013) from Wageningen UR  and she completed two master’s degrees: an MA in the field of African Studies at Leiden University (2015) and an MSc in the field of International Development at Wageningen UR (2016). She conducted research on talk radio in the media landscape of Ghana for her MA in African Studies and worked with the morning talk radio show the ‘Citi Breakfast Show’ in the capital Accra, Ghana. For her MSc International Development she conducted research for the Institute of Tropical Agriculture (ITTA) in Ghana, which resulted in entering into yet another new field of research: the cocoa sector. She focused on succession arrangements on cocoa farms and how the current farmers hand over the pods to the next generation.

After graduating, Ileen worked as a communication consultant for the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Accra. Together with the team of the Embassy, she worked on the development and implementation of a communication strategy focused on the Dutch Aid-to-Trade agenda. Currently Ileen is working for INCLUDE on the assumptions project together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and six research groups to generate evidence-based knowledge on the political role of civil society organizations for inclusive development.

Ileen’s fields of interest are storytelling, strategic communication, knowledge brokering, radio, ethnography and (new) media.

I. (Ileen) Wilke
Knowledge Manager
Junior researcher
+31 (0)71 5274041
Room number: 3A01