ASCL Community News November 2016

Patrick MacAllister (1948-2016)
The ASCL is sad to report that its Community Member Patrick MacAllister passed away on 21 September. McAllister was the founding figure of anthropology at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. Renowned as a specialist on public ritual and cultural performance, he began his anthropological career in South Africa before establishing the anthropology programme at the University of Canterbury in 2002. He was a visiting fellow at the then called ASC in 1998, when he did research on Transkei agriculture, cooperative work, beer-drinking and rural identity.

New publications by ASCL Community Members

Former PhD candidate (VU Amsterdam/ASC Leiden) Linda van de Kamp's dissertation has just been published: Violent Conversion: Brazilian Pentecostalism and Urban Women in Mozambique (James Currey). Linda van de Kamp is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, University of Amsterdam.

Suzie Telep: "Speaking French without an accent": ideologies about phonetic accommodation among Cameroonian immigrants in Paris. Trinity College Dublin Working Papers in Linguistics, June 2016, pp 116-124 (open access).

Stef VandeginsteAnalysis and Policy Brief: The ICC Burexit: Free at last? Burundi on its way out of the Rome Statute (open access).

Issouf Binaté:
- "Célébrations du Mawlid en Côte d'Ivoire : nouvelle dynamique religieuse et enjeux de pouvoirs", in Bulletin  SSMOCI, n°41, 2015, pp5-13.
- "Muslims NGOs in Côte d’Ivoire : Towards an Islamic Culture of Charity", in Marie-Nathalie LeBlanc and Audet-Louis Gosselin (eds.), Faith and Charity : religion and humanitarian assistance in West Africa, London, Pluto Press, 2016, pp47-62.