Recently published journal articles - week 51 2021

Retrieved week 51 2021


CHISADZA, C. & CLANCE, M. 2021. Conflict heterogeneity in Africa. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (4):459-479.
Keywords: Africa ; conflict ; heterogeneity

WALTHER, O. J., RADIL, S. M. & RUSSELL, D. G. 2021. Mapping the Changing Structure of Conflict Networks in North and West Africa. African Security, 14 (3):211-238.
Keywords: political violence ; Conflict ; networks ; alliances ; North and West Africa ; rivalries

BOGART, L. M., KGOTLAETSILE, K., PHALADZE, N. & MOSEPELE, M. 2021. HIV self-testing may overcome stigma and other barriers to HIV testing among higher-socioeconomic status men in Botswana: A qualitative study. African Journal of AIDS Research, 20 (4):297-306.
Keywords: gender ; sub-Saharan Africa ; HIV/AIDS ; discrimination ; acceptability

BESENG, M. 2021. The Nature and Scope of Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing and Fisheries Crime in Cameroon: Implications for Maritime Security. African Security, 14 (3):262-285.
Keywords: national security ; blue economy ; coastal welfare ; fisheries crime ; IUU fishing

Central Africa
GUENE, E. 2021. Artistic Movements: Visual Arts and Cross-Border Exchange on the Central African Copperbelt. Journal of Southern African Studies, 47 (6):951-972.
Keywords: migration ; Zambia ; Democratic Republic of Congo ; painting ; Copperbelt ; oral history ; popular art

East Africa
YENJELA, W. 2021. Revisiting conquest in classical Swahili war epics. Critical African Studies, 13 (2):145-161.
Keywords: classical epics ; côte Swahili ; épopées classiques ; Herekali ; Rasi’lGhuli ; Swahili coast ; Tambuka

ALI, H. A., ABEBE, B., MOGES, A. & DEYESSA, N. 2021. Behavioural abnormalities among school-age children living with HIV at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. African Journal of AIDS Research, 20 (4):307-313.
Keywords: sub-Saharan Africa ; abnormal behaviour ; tertiary hospital

ENDALAMAW, A., GEREMEW, D., ALEMU, S. M., AMBACHEW, S., TESERA, H. & HABTEWOLD, T. D. 2021. HIV test coverage among pregnant women in Ethiopia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. African Journal of AIDS Research, 20 (4):259-269.
Keywords: human immunodeficiency virus ; prevention of mother-to-child-transmission ; determinants

AKOSAH, N. K., ALAGIDEDE, I. P. & SCHALING, E. 2021. Dynamics of Money Market Interest Rates in Ghana: Time-Frequency Analysis of Volatility Spillovers. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (4):555-589.
Keywords: Bank of Ghana ; inflation targeting ; Monetary policy ; money market rate ; transmission mechanism

BINEY, I. J. K., KYEI, K. A., GANU, V. J., KENU, E., PUPLAMPU, P., MANORTEY, S. & LARTEY, M. 2021. Antiretroviral therapy adherence and viral suppression among HIV-infected adolescents and young adults at a tertiary hospital in Ghana. African Journal of AIDS Research, 20 (4):270-276.
Keywords: resistance ; HIV ; HAART ; medication ; viral load

BADURDEEN, F. A. 2021. How Do Individuals Join the Al-Shabaab? An Ethnographic Insight into Recruitment Models for the Al-Shabaab Network in Kenya. African Security, 14 (3):239-261.
Keywords: Kenya ; Al-Shabaab ; Radicalization ; Recruitment models

WIJNGAARDEN, V. 2021. Maasai perspectives on modernity: narratives of evolution, nature and culture. Critical African Studies, 13 (2):197-215.
Keywords: modernity ; cognitive justice ; evolutionist modernity ; justice cognitive ; Maasai ; modernist ; moderniste ; modernité ; modernité évolutioniste ; nature/culture

FENOMANANA, J., RANDRIATSARAFARA, F. M., RANAMPY, F. F. & RANDRIAMANANTANY, Z. A. 2021. A behavioural and HIV serological survey among detainees of Ankazondrano jail in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar. African Journal of AIDS Research, 20 (4):324-328.
Keywords: prisoners ; HIV prevalence ; HIV risky behaviours

CHIWEZA, A. L., CHUNGA, J. J. & CHUNGA, C. 2021. Incumbency Turnover of Local Government Councillors in Malawi. Politikon, 48 (4):625-644.

KAYIRA, G. W. 2021. Petitioning the State: Group Councils and the Development of Political Consciousness in Malawi, 1940s–1950s. Journal of Southern African Studies, 47 (6):1045-1060.
Keywords: Malawi ; colonial state ; group councils ; petitions ; political consciousness

LIPENGA, K. J. 2021. The Madando Rhetoric: Musical Critiques of Electoral Management in Malawi. Journal of Southern African Studies, 47 (6):935-950.
Keywords: elections ; protest ; youth ; Malawi ; music ; popular culture ; Jane Ansah

NIELSEN, M. & JENKINS, P. 2021. Insurgent aspirations? Weak middle-class utopias in Maputo, Mozambique. Critical African Studies, 13 (2):162-182.
Keywords: Mozambique ; citoyenneté urbaine ; classe moyenne ; développement urbain ; gestion urbaine ; Maputo ; middle-classness ; urban citizenship ; urban development ; urban management

ASHINDORBE, K., AFATAKPA, F. & OWONIKOKO, S. B. 2021. Civilian Joint Task Force and Nigeria’s Counter-Terrorism Operation: A Critique of the Community-Based Approach to Insecurity. African Security, 14 (3):286-305.
Keywords: Nigeria ; counter-terrorism ; Boko Haram ; CJTF ; NSAGs

IWUOHA, V. C. & ANICHE, E. T. 2021. COVID-19 Lockdown and Social Distancing Policies and the Sustainability of Small Businesses in South-Eastern Nigeria. Politikon, 48 (4):517-529.

OSIEBE, G. 2021. The alternative theory of state-minded protest texts in the music of democratic Nigeria. Critical African Studies, 13 (2):216-232.
Keywords: democratization ; popular music ; alternative media ; Blackface ; centré sur l’Etat ; démocratisation ; Femi Kuti ; média alternatif ; Mr Raw ; musique de protestation politique ; musique populaire ; political protest music ; state-mindedness

UJUNWA, A. I., UJUNWA, A., ONAH, E., NWONYE, N. G. & CHUKWUNWIKE, O. D. 2021. Extending the determinants of currency substitution in Nigeria: Any role for financial innovation? South African Journal of Economics, 89 (4):590-607.
Keywords: ARDL ; currency substitution ; financial innovation ; money demand function

South Africa
BETANCOURT, D. S. & VIVIER, E. 2021. The Relevance of Contemplative Studies and Practices for Improving Participatory Urban Governance. Politikon, 48 (4):607-624.

South Africa
BOTHA, B., OLDS, T., REID, G., STEENKAMP, D. & VAN JAARSVELD, R. 2021. Nowcasting South African gross domestic product using a suite of statistical models. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (4):526-554.
Keywords: forecast evaluation ; machine learning ; nowcasting

South Africa
CHIKWANHA, A. B. 2021. Trust and Justice – Establishing the Link. Politikon, 48 (4):589-606.

South Africa
ERASMUS, Z. 2021. Learning with letters: epistolary pedagogy in anthropology at the University of the Witwatersrand during the Covid-19 pandemic. Anthropology Southern Africa, 44 (3):123-137.
Keywords: epistolary pedagogy ; letter writing ; pandemic pedagogies ; pedagogical care ; writing as thinking

South Africa
FEDDERKE, J. W. 2021. The South African–United States sovereign bond spread and its association with macroeconomic fundamentals. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (4):499-525.
Keywords: macoreconomic fundamentals ; South Africa ; sovereign bond spreads

South Africa
HARTMANN, M., MINNIS, A. M., KROGSTAD, E., NDWAYANA, S., SINDELO, S., ATUJUNA, M., O’ROURKE, S., BEKKER, L.-G. & MONTGOMERY, E. T. 2021. iPrevent: Engaging youth as long-acting HIV prevention product co-researchers in Cape Town, South Africa. African Journal of AIDS Research, 20 (4):277-286.
Keywords: sub-Saharan Africa ; pre-exposure prophylaxis ; youth engagement

South Africa
JARVIS, L. V. 2021. A Not-So-Zulu Zion: Healing and Belonging in Isaiah Shembe’s Nazaretha Church. Journal of Southern African Studies, 47 (6):1083-1098.
Keywords: ethnicity ; Zulu ; Christianity ; healing ; Isaiah Shembe ; Nazaretha

South Africa
KANYANE, M. 2021. Factions and Factionalism in South African Party Politics – Appraising (de)Merits. Politikon, 48 (4):572-588.

South Africa
KYEGOMBE, N., STOEBENAU, K., CHIMBINDI, N., ZUMA, T., SHAHMANESH, M., SEELEY, J. & WAMOYI, J. 2021. Measuring transactional sex in different contexts: How do tools to measure this practice perform in rural South Africa? African Journal of AIDS Research, 20 (4):329-335.
Keywords: adolescent girls and young women ; stigma ; adult men ; cognitive interviewing ; KwaZulu-Natal

South Africa
MKHIZE, N., MAQABUKA, Q. & MAGOQWANA, B. 2021. Pedagogy of incoko: challenges in adapting conversational forms as a praxis of student care and engagement in the context of digital learning in South Africa. Anthropology Southern Africa, 44 (3):109-122.
Keywords: belonging ; care ; Covid-19 ; incoko ; teaching ; virtual university

South Africa
MONATSHANA, B., ILIBAGIZA, G. A. & MATHOBIE, R. 2021. “I have everything I need, but on the other side, these things are redundant”: A photo-essay on transitioning during remote learning at North-West University. Anthropology Southern Africa, 44 (3):155-160.

South Africa
MZILENI, P. 2021. Studentification in South Africa: Possible Redirections and Political Implications for Local Government. Journal of Southern African Studies, 47 (6):1029-1043.
Keywords: decolonisation ; #FeesMustFall ; public administration ; studentification

South Africa
PRICE, Y. & DE RUITERS, E. S. 2021. The virtual field trip: conditions of access/ibility and configurations of care in teaching ethnography (during Covid-19). Anthropology Southern Africa, 44 (3):138-154.
Keywords: access ; care ; ethnography ; mentorship ; remote learning ; teaching practice

South Africa
RIPERO-MUÑIZ, N., SENABE, T., MASEKO, M. & REIGADAS, Y. 2021. Decolonising and Africanising the Spanish studies curriculum under emergency online teaching: introducing Equatorial Guinean literature in South African higher education. Anthropology Southern Africa, 44 (4):192-205.
Keywords: co-creation of knowledge ; decolonisation and Africanisation of the curriculum ; decolonisation of the classroom ; emergency online teaching ; Equatorial Guinean literature

South Africa
ROSSOUW, J. 2021. Perspectives of a capitalist on targeting inflation at 3 per cent and on fiscal sustainability in South Africa. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (4):635-643.

South Africa
SEREKOANE, M., MARAIS, L., PIENAAR, M., SHARP, C., CLOETE, J. & BLOMERUS, L. 2021. Fieldworker reflections on using telephone voice calls to conduct fieldwork amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Anthropology Southern Africa, 44 (4):161-174.
Keywords: ethnography ; Covid-19 ; fieldwork ; telephone voice calls ; virtual representation

South Africa
STEVENS, S. 2021. Violence, Political Strategy and the Turn to Guerrilla Warfare by the Congress Movement in South Africa. Journal of Southern African Studies, 47 (6):1011-1028.
Keywords: violence ; South African Communist Party ; guerrilla warfare ; Nelson Mandela ; armed struggle ; African National Congress (ANC) ; Operation Mayibuye ; strategy ; Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK)

South Africa
WILLIAMS, C. 2021. Re-Evaluating South African Foreign Policy Decision-Making: Archives, Architects and the Promise of Another Wave. Politikon, 48 (4):547-571.

Southern Africa
AERNI-FLESSNER, J. & TWALA, C. 2021. Bargaining with Land: Borders, Bantustans, and Sovereignty in 1970s and 1980s Southern Africa. Journal of Southern African Studies, 47 (6):993-1009.
Keywords: Lesotho ; apartheid ; borders ; borderlands ; Transkei ; eSwatini ; bantustans ; diplomatic recognition

Southern Africa
NYACHEGA, N. & MWATWARA, W. 2021. On Renamo ‘War’, Entrepreneurial Synergies and Everyday Life in the Honde Valley Borderlands, c.1980s–2020. Journal of Southern African Studies, 47 (6):973-991.
Keywords: Mozambique ; Zimbabwe ; trade ; everyday life ; borderlanders ; Renamo ; sanctuaries

Subsaharan Africa
UJUNWA, A., OKOYEUZU, C., NKWOR, N. & UJUNWA, A. 2021. Potential Impact of Climate Change and Armed Conflict on Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (4):480-498.
Keywords: armed conflict ; Climate change ; inequality ; poverty ; Sub-Saharan Africa

VRANA-DIAZ, C. J., KORTE, J. E., GEBREGZIABHER, M., RICHEY, L., SELASSIE, A., SWEAT, M., KISA, R., MUSOKE, W., CHEMUSTO, H., BUREGYEYA, E., MATOVU, J. K. B. & WANYENZE, R. K. 2021. Low acceptance of intimate partner violence by pregnant women in Uganda predicts higher uptake of HIV self-testing among their male partners. African Journal of AIDS Research, 20 (4):287-296.
Keywords: sub-Saharan Africa ; gender-based violence ; gender equality ; antenatal care ; decision-making power

West Africa
LOUREIRO, J. & BAPTISTA, E. 2021. A single currency for the Economic Community of West Africa? An economic assessment. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (4):608-634.
Keywords: ECOWAS ; monetary union ; optimal currency area ; WAEMU ; WAMZ

ASANTE, C., BURACK, S., CHILESHE, M. & HUNLETH, J. 2021. Co-producing knowledge and care in team-based fieldwork in the Covid-19 era. Anthropology Southern Africa, 44 (4):175-191.
Keywords: emotions ; reflexivity ; research assistants ; teams ; virtual interviewing

ROSEN, J. G., CARRASCO, M. A., TRAUB, A. M. & KUMOJI, E. K. 2021. Barriers, benefits, and behaviour: Voluntary medical male circumcision ideation in a population-based sample of Zambian men. African Journal of AIDS Research, 20 (4):314-323.
Keywords: sub-Saharan Africa ; HIV prevention ; health communication ; ideation model ; VMMC

SISHUWA, S. 2021. Roots of Contemporary Political Strategies: Ethno-Populism in Zambia during the Late Colonial Era and Early 2000s. Journal of Southern African Studies, 47 (6):1061-1081.
Keywords: ethnicity ; Zambia ; labour ; politics ; nationalism ; urban ; populism

DAIMON, A. 2021. In the shadows of the third Chimurenga?: African migrant intermediaries and beneficiaries within Zimbabwe’s agrarian reform matrix. Critical African Studies, 13 (2):183-196.
Keywords: Zimbabwe ; réforme agraire ; agrarian reform ; land tenure ; agriculteurs expérimentés ; bénéficiaires ; beneficiaries ; Intermédiaires migrants ; migrant intermediaries ; régime foncier ; senior farm workers

SIBANDA, N. 2021. Staging the Zimbabwean ‘revolution’: ‘Carnivalising’ the November 2017 demonstration. Critical African Studies, 13 (2):129-144.
Keywords: agency ; agence ; carnaval ; carnival ; demonstrations ; demonstrators ; gouvernementalité ; governmentality ; manifestants ; manifestations