Recently published journal articles - week 46 2020

Retrieved week 46 2020


ASSOGBA, T. F., NIAMA-NATTA, D. D., KPADONOU, T. G., LAWSON, T., MAHAUDENS, P. & DETREMBLEUR, C. 2020. Disability and functioning in primary and secondary hip osteoarthritis in Benin. African Journal of Disability, 9 (0):14.
Keywords: Africa ; gait speed ; hip osteoarthritis ; pain ; quality of life

REDDY, V., ZONDI, N. & MKHIZE, G. 2020. Gendered and feminist inequalities: A review and framing notes. Agenda, 34 (1):1-13.
Keywords: gender ; African theorisations ; feminisation of inequalities ; inequalities ; social inequalities

VILAKAZI, F. & MKHIZE, G. 2020. The ‘normative’ of sex and gender differentiates the bodies it controls to consolidate a heterosexual imperative: a cause of homophobic sexual violence in Africa. Agenda, 34 (2):7-17.
Keywords: coloniality ; hegemony ; heteronormativity ; queer feminist theory ; sexual orientation and gender identity

JACOB, C. 2020. English as a decolonial language: academic frames, popular discourses & language practices in Algeria. The Journal of North African Studies, 25 (6):1013-1032.
Keywords: Algeria ; decolonial ; English ; politics of language

HANASS-HANCOCK, J., MTHETHWA, N., MOLEFHE, M. & KEAKABETSE, T. 2020. Preparedness of civil society in Botswana to advance disability inclusion in programmes addressing gender-based and other forms of violence against women and girls with disabilities. African Journal of Disability, 9 (0):13.
Keywords: violence ; Botswana ; HIV ; participation ; gender-based violence (GBV)

MBIH, R. A. 2020. The politics of farmer–herder conflicts and alternative conflict management in Northwest Cameroon. African Geographical Review, 39 (4):324-344.
Keywords: agro-pastoral resources ; alternative conflict management ; Farmer–herder conflicts ; indigenous agroecological knowledge ; Northwest Cameroon ; sustainable agro-pastoral development

ABDALLA, N. & WOLFF, J. 2020. From driver of change to marginalised actor: organised labour in post-revolutionary Egypt from a comparative perspective. The Journal of North African Studies, 25 (6):918-938.
Keywords: social movements ; democratisation and regime change ; Labour movement ; Latin American politics ; Middle Eastern politics

AYELE, L. & DEGEFA, T. 2020. Temporary rural–rural labor migration from Quarit District, Northwest Ethiopia: a search for the determinants. African Geographical Review, 39 (4):379-397.
Keywords: casual wage labor migration ; crop farming migration ; full-time wage labor migration ; Temporary rural–rural labor migration

BASHA, G. K. & HEERDEN, H. J. V. 2020. Profile and opinion of people with disability with respect to adapted physical activity participation in Ethiopia. African Journal of Disability, 9 (0):8.
Keywords: Ethiopia ; disability ; participation ; adapted physical activity ; opinion

HUSSEN, T. S. 2020. Gendered inequalities and media representation: Social media contestations on Ethiopia’s ‘gender-balanced’ political leadership. Agenda, 34 (1):55-63.
Keywords: women ; Ethiopia ; social media ; gender balance ; political participation ; public sphere

ZEGEYE, T. G. 2020. An investigation on the status of resilience amongst adults with blindness in Addis Ababa. African Journal of Disability, 9 (0):8.
Keywords: quality of life ; adults ; blindness ; demographics ; resilience

ASANTE, L. A. 2020. Urban governance in Ghana: the participation of traders in the redevelopment of Kotokuraba Market in Cape Coast. African Geographical Review, 39 (4):361-378.
Keywords: Ghana ; Cape Coast ; Kotokuraba Market ; market redevelopment ; participation ; Urban governance

ASANTE-WUSU, I. & YEBOAH, I. E. A. 2020. Geography of water insecurity in three localities in the Accra-Tema City-Region, Ghana. African Geographical Review, 39 (4):308-323.
Keywords: urbanization ; globalization ; water insecurity ; Accra-Tema City-Region ; class ; geography

OPPONG, B. E., ASOMANI-BOATENG, R. & FRICANO, R. J. 2020. Accra’s Old Fadama/Agbogbloshie settlement. To what extent is this slum sustainable? African Geographical Review, 39 (4):289-307.
Keywords: community participation ; slum ; squatter settlement ; Sustainable Development

SMILEY, S. L., AGBEMOR, B. D., ADAMS, E. A. & TUTU, R. 2020. COVID-19 and water access in Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana’s free water directive may not benefit water insecure households. African Geographical Review, 39 (4):398-404.
Keywords: Ghana ; COVID-19 ; water insecurity

LAGDAF, S. 2020. Models of sacredness: the veneration of walī's in the tradition of Mauritanian society. The Journal of North African Studies, 25 (6):995-1012.
Keywords: Mauritania ; ritual visits of cemeteries ; Sharī'a ; veneration of male and female walī (saints)

MAGHRAOUI, D. 2020. On the relevance or irrelevance of political parties in Morocco. The Journal of North African Studies, 25 (6):939-959.
Keywords: Morocco ; North Africa ; multiparty system ; Political parties ; relevance

ADEYEMI, O., OLUTOYIN, F. & OLUMIDE, O. 2020. Downstream hydraulic geometry across headwater channels in Upper Ogun River Basin, Southwestern Nigeria. African Geographical Review, 39 (4):345-360.
Keywords: Downstream Hydraulic Geometry ; Headwater channels ; Tropical region ; Upper Ogun River Basin

North Africa
FARMANFARMAIAN, R. 2020. The pandemic and the media in North Africa. The Journal of North African Studies, 25 (6):855-861.

North Africa
HACHIMI, M. E. 2020. Power outside the institutions: debating the metamorphosis of non-state actors in North Africa. The Journal of North African Studies, 25 (6):896-917.
Keywords: political parties ; North Africa ; boycott ; civil society ; New non-state actors ; social movements

North Africa
VÖLKEL, J. C. 2020. The ‘chicken and egg’ problem of relevance: political parties and parliaments in North Africa. The Journal of North African Studies, 25 (6):865-880.
Keywords: democratisation ; political parties ; Arab Spring ; North Africa ; parliaments

North Africa
WHITEHEAD, L. 2020. ‘Aversive’ democracy, ‘contentious’ politics and ‘agonistic’ populism: comparative experience and implications for contemporary North Africa. The Journal of North African Studies, 25 (6):881-895.
Keywords: Agonism ; Arab spring ; contentious politics ; peaceful protest ; populism

South Africa
BROWN, A., MASEKO, N. & SEDIBE, M. 2020. “I only relieve myself when I get home in the afternoons”. Agenda, 34 (2):32-40.
Keywords: bathrooms ; cissexism ; gender-neutral ; heterosexuality ; lesbians ; microaggressions ; queering

South Africa
CELE, N. 2020. Are you a fisher or mussel collector?: Examining gendered identity markers in the small-scale fishing industry. Agenda, 34 (1):141-150.
Keywords: gender ; fishing activities ; identity markers ; inequality

South Africa
DEVAR, T., BOBAT, S. & REUBEN, S. 2020. Representation and methods of normalisation: Narratives of disability within a South African tertiary institution. African Journal of Disability, 9 (0):10.
Keywords: narratives ; higher education institutions ; normalisation ; social constructionism ; SWD

South Africa
DUTTON, J. & KNIGHT, L. 2020. Reproducing neglect in the place of care: Normalised violence within Cape Town Midwifery Obstetric Units. Agenda, 34 (1):14-22.
Keywords: midwifery ; neglect during childbirth ; obstetric violence ; reproductive labour ; resource shortage

South Africa
HENDERSON, N. & KHAN, J. F. 2020. “I will die if I have to go into an old age home”: Afrocentric options for care of older LGBT people in South Africa. Agenda, 34 (1):94-107.
Keywords: Ubuntu ; aging ; care ; LGBT ; residential homes

South Africa
MADYIBI, U. & NGQILA, K. H. 2020. The ‘normalisation’ of sex selection within families of Xhugxwala in King Sabata Dalindyebo Local Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Agenda, 34 (1):64-76.
Keywords: normalisation ; ‘normalised’ sex prediction ; ‘normalised’ sex preference ; ‘normalised’ sex selection ; Correction ; social construction

South Africa
MAHARAJ, P. & GUMINDEGA, G. 2020. Mvelo’s story: lust, poverty and violence among MSM. Agenda, 34 (2):115-124.
Keywords: poverty ; coercion ; MSM ; sexual manipulation ; violence against men

South Africa
MCKINNEY, E. L., MCKINNEY, V. & SWARTZ, L. 2020. COVID-19, disability and the context of healthcare triage in South Africa: Notes in a time of pandemic. African Journal of Disability, 9 (0):9.
Keywords: South Africa ; COVID-19 ; accessibility ; disabled people ; ethics of care ; ICU admission ; triage policies ; ventilators

South Africa
MCKINNEY, V. & AMOSUN, S. L. 2020. Impact of lived experiences of people with disabilities in the built environment in South Africa. African Journal of Disability, 9 (0):11.
Keywords: South Africa ; people with disabilities ; built environment ; challenge ; lived experiences

South Africa
MERWE, L. L. A. V. D., NIKODEM, C. & EWING, D. 2020. The socio-economic determinants of health for transgender women in South Africa: findings from a mixed-methods study. Agenda, 34 (2):41-55.
Keywords: HIV ; health ; stigma ; transgender

South Africa
MKHIZE, S., NUNLALL, R. & GOPAL, N. 2020. An examination of social media as a platform for cyber-violence against the LGBT+ population. Agenda, 34 (1):23-33.
Keywords: social media ; cyber-violence ; cyberbullying ; Facebook ; heterosexual ; homosexual ; LGBT+

South Africa
MSIZA, V. 2020. ‘I don’t like them coming to me and saying hey, I like you’: male teachers in relegated positions of masculinity. Agenda, 34 (2):86-93.
Keywords: foundation phase ; gender-based violence ; homosexuality ; masculinity

South Africa
PLESSIS, R. D. 2020. The life stories and experiences of the children admitted to the Institute for Imbecile Children from 1895 to 1913. African Journal of Disability, 9 (0):10.
Keywords: disability studies ; Cape Colony ; children with intellectual disabilities ; Dr Thomas Duncan Greenlees ; humanness ; Makhanda ; personhood

South Africa
TALLIS, V., JEAN-PIERRE, T. & MADI, T. 2020. When the personal remains personal. Intimate partner violence in lesbian relationships. Agenda, 34 (2):71-77.
Keywords: intimate partner violence ; lesbian ; silence

South Africa
TINTA, N., STEYN, H. & VERMAAS, J. 2020. Barriers experienced by people with disabilities participating in income-generating activities. A case of a sheltered workshop in Bloemfontein, South Africa. African Journal of Disability, 9 (0):9.
Keywords: participation ; barriers ; income generating activities ; people with disabilities ; sheltered workshop

Southern Africa
NGIDI, N. D., RAMPHALILE, M., ESSACK, Z. & ROOYEN, H. V. 2020. Exploring queerphobic geographies in Southern Africa. Agenda, 34 (2):18-31.
Keywords: violence ; Namibia ; South Africa ; Southern Africa ; queerphobia ; queerphobic geographies

CIMINI, G. 2020. Parties in an era of change: membership in the (re-)making in post-revolutionary Tunisia. The Journal of North African Studies, 25 (6):960-979.
Keywords: Tunisia ; Ennahda ; Membership ; Nidaa Tounes ; party politics

KEBSI, J. 2020. Bridging the Mediterranean without papers: Tunisian francophone illiterature’s representation of irregular immigration in the age of globalisation. The Journal of North African Studies, 25 (6):980-994.
Keywords: Tunisia ; globalisation ; Paperless migration ; space

MATSAURE, K., CHINDIMBA, A., ZIMANO, F. R. & RUFFIN, F. 2020. Looking under the veil: Challenges faced by people with disabilities in cross-border entrepreneurship. African Journal of Disability, 9 (0):10.
Keywords: cross-border trade ; disability entrepreneurship ; PWD’s empowerment ; PWDs ; trade facilitation