Recently published journal articles - week 44 2021

Retrieved week 44 2021


COCODIA, J. 2021. Rejecting African Solutions to African Problems: The African Union and the Islamic Courts Union in Somalia. African Security, 14 (2):110-131.
Keywords: Somalia ; conflict ; stability ; African Union ; Al-Shabaab ; Islamic Courts Union ; local administration ; peace operation

MAPONYA, D. T. 2021. The African woman’s plight of reproduction: A philosophical analysis of marriage, procreation and womanhood. Agenda, 35 (3):82-91.
Keywords: African feminism ; childlessness ; procreation ; reproductive coercion ; traditional African marriage ; womanhood

DIAS, M. 2021. Centralized Clientelism, Real Estate Development and Economic Crisis:The case of postwar Luanda. African Geographical Review, 40 (3):309-323.
Keywords: Luanda ; centralized clientelism ; political settlements ; real estate development and economic crisis

MOREIRA, P. 2021. Practices of Protest in Luanda, Angola: A Chronology of Recent Urban Change in Chicala. African Geographical Review, 40 (3):274-287.
Keywords: protest ; Architecture ; chicala ; negotiation committee ; residents’ commissions

VAZ MILHEIRO, A. 2021. Colonial landscapes in former portuguese southern africa a brief historiographical analysis based on the colonial transport networks. African Geographical Review, 40 (3):214-230.
Keywords: angola ; mozambique ; Portuguese late colonialism ; territorial infrastructure ; transport networks

AHMED, A. & KUUSAANA, E. D. 2021. Cattle Ranching and Farmer-herder Conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa: Exploring the Conditions for Successes and Failures in Northern Ghana. African Security, 14 (2):132-155.
Keywords: Ghana ; land tenure ; cattle ranching ; Farmer-herder conflict

BEKOE, D. A. & BURCHARD, S. M. 2021. Robust electoral violence prevention: An example from Ghana. African Affairs, 120 (481):543-567.

BUKARI, K. N., OSEI-KUFUOR, P. & BUKARI, S. 2021. Chieftaincy Conflicts in Northern Ghana: A Constellation of Actors and Politics. African Security, 14 (2):156-185.
Keywords: Ghana ; politics ; actors ; Chieftaincy conflicts ; elite maneuvering

CHIWEZA, A. L., KAYUNI, H. & MURIAAS, R. L. 2021. Understanding handouts in candidate selection: Challenging party authority in Malawi. African Affairs, 120 (481):569-589.

BEJA DA COSTA, A. & MAZZOLINI, A. 2021. Maputo’s coastline in mutation. Current infrastructure impacts in Costa do Sol’s landscape. African Geographical Review, 40 (3):231-248.
Keywords: landscape ; road infrastructure ; Maputo ; green infrastructure ; mangroves

LAGE, J. 2021. The struggle for access to essential infrastructures in self-produced pericentral neighborhoods of Maputo. African Geographical Review, 40 (3):288-308.
Keywords: Maputo ; access to essential infrastructures ; different initiatives ; self-produced pericentral neighborhoods

MUSSI VAZ, M. J., DA SILVA, C. F., BERTOLI, D. & RECHE, D. 2021. Maputo: citizenship, everyday life, and public space. African Geographical Review, 40 (3):249-273.
Keywords: decolonization ; everyday life ; Maputo public space ; territorial coloniality ; urban dimensions of citizenship

FOURCHARD, L. 2021. Undocumented citizens and the making of ID documents in Nigeria: an ethnography of the politics of suspicion in Jos. African Affairs, 120 (481):511-541.

MWAMBARI, D. 2021. 'Agaciro' , vernacular memory, and the politics of memory in post-genocide Rwanda. African Affairs, 120 (481):611-628.

South Africa
DE RUITERS, E. 2021. Bleed, kill, cut, kin: Uterine violence, body-talk, and feminist subjectivities. Agenda, 35 (3):116-127.
Keywords: violence ; language ; intimacy ; reproductive justice ; publics

South Africa
JACE MAVUSO, J. M.-J. 2021. Understanding the violation of directive anti-abortion counselling [and cisnormativity]: Obstruction to access or reproductive violence? Agenda, 35 (3):69-81.
Keywords: South Africa ; Afrofeminism ; directive anti-abortion counselling ; legal abortion ; obstruction to access ; reproductive violence

South Africa
VAN DER WAAL, R., MITCHELL, V., VAN NISTELROOIJ, I. & BOZALEK, V. 2021. Obstetric violence within students’ rite of passage: The reproduction of the obstetric subject and its racialised (m)other. Agenda, 35 (3):36-53.
Keywords: Achille Mbembe ; obstetric violence ; Denise Ferreira da Silva ; obstetric and midwifery training ; obstetric racism

Southern Africa
JORGE, S. & VIEGAS, S. L. 2021. Neoliberal urban legacies in Luanda and Maputo. African Geographical Review, 40 (3):324-338.
Keywords: Production of space ; Luanda and Maputo ; Neoliberal context ; Right to the city ; Socio-spatial legacies

Subsaharan Africa
BERTRAND, E. 2021. Opposition in a hybrid regime: The functions of opposition parties in Burkina Faso and Uganda. African Affairs, 120 (481):591-610.

Subsaharan Africa
CHIWESHE, M. T., FETTERS, T. & COAST, E. 2021. Whose bodies are they? Conceptualising reproductive violence against adolescents in Ethiopia, Malawi and Zambia. Agenda, 35 (3):12-23.
Keywords: coercion ; adolescents ; reproductive violence ; reproduction

WILKINS, S., VOKES, R. & KHISA, M. 2021. Briefing: Contextualizing the Bobi Wine factor in Uganda’s 2021 elections. African Affairs, 120 (481):629-643.

West Africa
BALA, B. & TAR, U. A. 2021. Regional Cooperation in West Africa: Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Insurgency. African Security, 14 (2):186-207.
Keywords: counter-insurgency ; insurgency ; regional cooperation ; counter-terrorism ; Terrorism ; transnational security threats

MUFANDAEDZA, A. & CHIWESHE, M. K. 2021. An analysis of obstetric violence among low-income urban women: A case study of Mabvuku Hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe. Agenda, 35 (3):24-35.
Keywords: obstetric violence ; intersectionality ; Harare ; maternal health ; public hospitals