Recently published journal articles - week 41 2022

Retrieved week 41 2022


BARNSLEY, V. 2022. Midwifery Narratives and Development Discourses. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 34 (3):278-293.
Keywords: Development discourse ; global health ; humanitarianism ; midwifery

CUEN, A. J., KANTE, A., TSEMO, S. & DJOUDALBAYE, B. 2022. Fighting COVID-19 and HIV through community mobilisation: lessons from an integrated approach to the Africa CDC Partnership to Accelerate COVID-19 Testing (PACT) initiative in seven countries. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):132-142.
Keywords: Africa ; community-led ; health promotion ; pandemic preparedness ; prevention ; vaccination

OKOYE, D. 2022. Historical Christian missions and African societies today: Perspectives from economic history. Economic History of Developing Regions, 37 (3):315-332.
Keywords: Christian missions ; long-run persistence ; social change in Africa

OPPONG, J. R., DADSON, Y. A. & ANSAH, H. 2022. Africa’s innovation and creative response to COVID-19. African Geographical Review, 41 (3):318-335.
Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic ; e-commerce policy response ; healthcare systems ; innovations

DLAMINI, W. M. & DLAMINI, L. C. 2022. Spatial assessment and monitoring of household electricity access and use using nighttime lights and ancillary spatial data: a case of Eswatini. African Geographical Review, 41 (3):299-317.
Keywords: Electricity ; energy ; eswatini ; nighttime lights ; random forest

HARUNA, U., WOODS, H., KANSANGA, M., KONKOR, I., DIXON, J. & LUGINAAH, I. 2022. Enablers and barriers of community initiated health emergency transport systems in the Upper West Region of Ghana. African Geographical Review, 41 (3):281-298.
Keywords: barriers ; community health workers ; Deprived communities ; emergency health transportation ; health inequalities

ODURO APPIAH, J., KPIENBAAREH, D. & ADOMAKO, J. A. A. 2022. Built-up area expansion in the Wa Municipality of Ghana: implications for vegetation cover loss and fragmentation. African Geographical Review, 41 (3):364-384.
Keywords: built-up area ; GIS-based conditional analysis ; human-environment interactions ; Land use change ; landscape metrics ; vegetation fragmentation

OWUSU, S. A., AFRIFA, R. D. & OBENG, F. A. 2022. Effect of illegal small-scale mining on basic education of children in rural communities in Ghana: perspectives for future development. African Geographical Review, 41 (3):336-349.
Keywords: ASM ; child education ; child labor ; formalization ; Ghana ; Illegal small-scale mining

KOPF, M. 2022. Binyavanga Wainaina’s Narrative of the IMF-generation as Development Critique. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 34 (3):325-341.
Keywords: Binyavanga Wainaina ; humanitarian discourse ; Kenyan literature ; Kwani? ; structural adjustment

WACHIRA, J. 2022. Rethinking Agency in Kenyan Animal Conservations: Ng’ang’a Mbugua’s Terrorists of the Aberdare. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 34 (3):294-307.
Keywords: endangerment ; gũkorũo ũgwati-inĩ ; Human-animal conflict ; Kenya ; narrative ; ng’ano ; njũkanĩrĩro ya andũ na nyamũ ; nyamũ ; post-independence ; thutha wa wĩyathi

MALIEHE, S. 2022. Self-Organisation in the Struggle for Economic Democracy in Colonial and Post-Colonial Lesotho, 1870s–2010s. Journal of Southern African Studies, 48 (3):437-452.
Keywords: Basotho traders ; co-operatives ; colonialism ; commerce ; economic democracy ; Lesotho ; post-colonial conditions ; self-organisation ; voluntary associations

ÅKESSON, L., HELLMAN, A., RAIMUNDO, I. M. & MATSINHE, C. 2022. Civilising the Ex-Colonisers? Counter-Hegemonic Discourses at Workplaces in Maputo. Journal of Southern African Studies, 48 (3):473-488.
Keywords: abyssal line ; coloniality ; counter-hegemonic civilising discourse ; emergences ; labour relations ; Mozambicans ; Portuguese

HEFFERNAN, A. 2022. Accounting for Climate Change in Community-Based Natural Resource Management: Reflections on Wildlife Conservation in Namibia. Journal of Southern African Studies, 48 (3):489-502.
Keywords: CBNRM ; climate change ; community-based conservation ; global assemblages ; Namibia

FOLAYAN, M. O., ARIJE, O., ENEMO, A., SUNDAY, A., MUHAMMAD, A., NYAKO, H. Y., ABDULLAH, R. M., ABDULLAH, R. M., OKIWU, H., UNDELIKWO, V. A., OGBOZOR, P. A., AMUSAN, O., ALABA, O. A. & LAMONTAGNE, E. 2022. Factors associated with poor access to HIV and sexual and reproductive health services in Nigeria for women and girls living with HIV during the COVID-19 pandemic. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):171-182.
Keywords: barriers to health services ; key population ; service disruption ; tuberculosis ; vulnerable population

NISENGWE, J. F. R., GILL, T., ADER, D. & GOERTZ, H. 2022. A spatial analysis of feed conversion ratio: a case study of broiler chickens in Musanze District, Northern Rwanda. African Geographical Review, 41 (3):397-410.
Keywords: feed conversion ratio ; poultry production ; Spatial error model ; sustainable intensification

South Africa
ADEBAYO, P., NDINDA, C. & NDHLOVU, T. 2022. South African cities, housing precarity and women’s inclusion during COVID-19. Agenda, 36 (2):16-28.
Keywords: housing ; housing policy ; low-income women ; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ; urban inclusion

South Africa
CHIMBINDI, N., NGEMA, U., NGWENYA, N., GIBBS, A., GOENEWALD, C., HARLING, G., MTHIYANE, N., NKOSI, B., SEELEY, J. & SHAHMANESH, M. 2022. The sexual and reproductive health needs of school-going young people in the context of COVID-19 in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):162-170.
Keywords: adolescents ; alcohol and substance abuse ; COVID-19 ; HIV ; Life Orientation ; pregnancy

South Africa
FOLI, J. P. M. 2022. The Black African female student fighting for survival: Gendered and cultural challenges of online learning. Agenda, 36 (2):55-62.
Keywords: Black African female academic ; Black African female student ; learning disparity ; online learning ; tertiary education

South Africa
GUMEDE, N., DURDEN, E. & GOVENDER, E. 2022. Presidential communication approaches and the impact on public health: a comparative analysis of three South African presidents’ communication on AIDS and COVID-19. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):143-151.
Keywords: community ; inclusion ; lessons ; multi-level communication strategy ; political leadership ; trust

South Africa
KRUGER, P. & KARIM, S. A. 2022. A human rights-based approach to coercive public health interventions: lessons from the HIV and COVID-19 pandemics. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):123-131.
Keywords: COVID-19 ; human rights ; international law ; non-pharmaceutical interventions

South Africa
MCBRIDE, S.-L. 2022. Afterlives of Land Dispossession and Patterns of Climate Change: Intersections in South African Contemporary Art. Journal of Southern African Studies, 48 (3):503-525.
Keywords: climate change ; contemporary art ; Dineo Seshee Bopape ; land reform ; Ledelle Moe ; Simphiwe Ndzube

South Africa
MNGOMEZULU, K., NDINDA, C., MAZAMANE, Z., SINYOLO, S. & ADEBAYO, P. 2022. Gendered attitudes to fruit and vegetable consumption during the COVID-19 epidemic: Implications for policy and programming. Agenda, 36 (2):77-91.
Keywords: decolonise ; food system ; gender and development ; indigenous vegetables ; intersectionality

South Africa
NDHLOVU, T. P. 2022. Gender, evictions, and relocations during COVID-19 in South Africa: Lessons for programming and practice. Agenda, 36 (2):29-41.
Keywords: being evicted ; marginalised women ; neoliberal social housing policy ; social transformation ; South Africa

South Africa
SINYOLO, S., JACOBS, P., NYAMWANZA, A. & MAILA, M. 2022. Women informal food traders during COVID-19: A South African case study. Agenda, 36 (2):63-76.
Keywords: COVID-19 ; gender ; informal food trader ; South Africa

South Africa
SPOCTER, M. 2022. ‘I don’t know why we have gated developments in Ceres’: crime, fear, and gated developments in nonmetropolitan towns in the Western Cape province, South Africa. African Geographical Review, 41 (3):350-363.
Keywords: Ceres ; crime ; fear ; gated developments ; non-metropolitan ; security ; Western Cape

Southern Africa
NKOMO, L. 2022. ‘A country can only have a foreign policy it can afford’: South Africa’s Economic Reaction to Zimbabwe’s Independence, 1980–1982. Journal of Southern African Studies, 48 (3):563-580.
Keywords: apartheid ; diplomatic relations ; economic relations ; foreign policy ; independence ; Namibia ; railways ; South Africa ; trade ; Zimbabwe

Southern Africa
VENGANAI, H. & BENHURA, A. 2022. Interrogating gendered exclusion of womxn in COVID-19 vaccination policies and practices in Southern Africa. Agenda, 36 (2):42-54.
Keywords: COVID-19 ; exclusion ; gender ; vaccination policies

Southern Africa
WYNGAARD, A. V. 2022. A pandemic of inequality: reflections on AIDS and COVID-19 in the southern African context. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):152-161.
Keywords: inequality ; pandemics ; sustainable development goals

Southern Africa
ZIGOMO, K. 2022. Virtue, Motherhood and Femininity: Women’s Political Legitimacy in Zimbabwe. Journal of Southern African Studies, 48 (3):527-544.
Keywords: elections ; intersectionality ; political legitimacy ; southern Africa ; women ; Zimbabwe

Subsaharan Africa
WHITE, A. C., PÉCHEVIS, M. & CUEN, A. J. 2022. Lessons learnt from UNAIDS virtual technical support to countries applying for funding from the Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):100-109.
Keywords: COVID-19 impact mitigation ; gender-based violence ; HIV programme adaptations ; remote peer review ; technical assistance ; UNAIDS

Subsaharan Africa
WILSON, D., COOK, A. W. L. & SHUBBER, Z. 2022. The global HIV response at 40. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):93-99.
Keywords: COVID ; World Bank

BURTON, E. 2022. Civilisation under Colonial Conditions: Development, Difference and Violence in Swahili Poems, 1888–1907. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 34 (3):244-261.
Keywords: civilisation ; colonialism ; Development ; poetry ; Swahili ; Tanzania

MULONDO, K. & PARKER, W. 2022. Mediating antiretroviral treatment for HIV during COVID-19: lessons from implementation in Gomba District, Uganda. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):201-206.
Keywords: community mobilisation ; people living with HIV ; village health teams

NABULYA, E. 2022. Rethinking Human-Centredness and Eco-Sustainability in an African Setting: Insights from Luganda Folktales. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 34 (3):308-324.
Keywords: anthropocentrism ; ebitali bantu ; eco-sustainability ; Ecocentrism ; enfumo ; Enkola ensosoowaza butonde ; enkola ewanirila obutonde bw’ensi ; environment ; folktale ; nonhuman ; obutonde bw'ensi ; okwesosoowaza kw'abantu

NYASHANU, M., LUSOTA, D. A., MUDDU, M. & MBALINDA, S. N. 2022. Effect of COVID-19 on older adults 50 years and above living with HIV in a less-developed country. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):207-212.
Keywords: ageing with HIV ; COVID-19 ; HIV ; less-developed country ; living with HIV

OKOT, B. J. 2022. Speargrass Blossoms: Patriarchy and the Cultural Politics of Women’s Ephemerality on the Land in Acholi. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 34 (3):262-277.
Keywords: Acholi ; Anyira ; awobe okutu lang’oo ; Culture ; land ; mon ; nyom ; patriarchy ; speargrass ; turu obiya ; women

WHITELAW, D. E. 2022. Gender and Decolonisation in Zambia: Re-Examining Women’s Contributions to the Anti-Colonial Struggle. Journal of Southern African Studies, 48 (3):545-561.
Keywords: anti-colonial ; decolonisation ; gender ; WID/WAD/GAD ; Zambia

BEINART, W. 2022. Cecil Rhodes: Racial Segregation in the Cape Colony and Violence in Zimbabwe. Journal of Southern African Studies, 48 (3):581-603.

MADZIMA, B., MAKONI, T., MUGURUNGI, O., MUDARIKI, G., MPOFU, A., DUBE, F., MUNANGAIDZWA, L., MUNANGAIDZWA, L. & TARAMUSI, I. 2022. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people living with HIV in Zimbabwe. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):194-200.
Keywords: DALYs ; disability-adjusted life years ; mathematical modelling ; QALYs ; quality-adjusted life years ; service disruption ; vaccination

MOYO, I., TSHIVHASE, L. & MAVHANDU-MUDZUSI, A. H. 2022. Utilisation of HIV services by female sex workers in Zimbabwe during the COVID-19 pandemic: a descriptive phenomenological study. African Journal of AIDS Research, 21 (2):183-193.
Keywords: COVID-19 ; descriptive phenomenology ; female sex workers ; HIV services ; livelihood ; utilisation

MUNODAWAFA, M. & ZENGENI, F. 2022. Working from home, care work and shifting gender roles for dual-career couples during the COVID-19 pandemic: An exploratory study of urban Zimbabwe. Agenda, 36 (2):5-15.
Keywords: boundary theory ; care work ; COVID-19 ; dual career ; gender

NYANDORO, M. 2022. Emerging Smallholder Cotton Irrigation Agriculture and Tensions with Estate Labour Requirements in Sanyati, Zimbabwe, 1967–1990. Journal of Southern African Studies, 48 (3):453-472.
Keywords: agrarian labour relationships ; cotton ; dryland community ; Gowe-Sanyati ; lease agreement ; outgrowers ; plot-holders ; TILCOR/ARDA irrigation ; Zimbabwe