Recently published journal articles - week 37 2019

Retrieved week 37 2019


AMPOFO, A. A. 2019. The house that Africa built. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):293-295.

BROWN, E., EKOUE, E. & GOODBAN, V. 2019. Transformative leadership for women’s rights in Africa: Learning from Oxfam’s work. Agenda, 33 (1):21-37.
Keywords: collective ; Correction ; feminist leadership ; mainstream ; movements ; power ; transformative ; women

DESPRES, A. 2019. The emergence of contemporary dance in Africa. A history of Danse l’Afrique danse! biennale. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):334-351.
Keywords: Africa ; art field ; Contemporary dance ; cultural cooperation ; festival

GREEN, T. 2019. North-South dynamics in academia. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):280-283.

HENTZ, J. J. 2019. Toward a Structural Theory of War in Africa. African Security, 12 (2):144-173.
Keywords: conflict ; center-periphery ; neopatrimonialism ; structural theory ; Weak states

JAYAWARDANE, M. N. 2019. ‘The capacity-building-workshop-in-Africa hokum’. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):276-280.

KALINGA, C. 2019. Caught between a rock and a hard place: navigating global research partnerships in the global South as an indigenous researcher. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):270-272.

MOONSAMY, N. 2019. Visions of China: Political Friendship and Animosities in Southern African Science Fiction. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (3):543-557.
Keywords: Abigail Godsell ; African science fiction ; AfroSF ; China in Africa ; China–Africa political friendship ; Mandisi Nkomo ; PROBE ; Tendai Huchu ; yellow peril

NOLTE, I. 2019. The future of African Studies: what we can do to keep Africa at the heart of our research. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):296-313.

PIKRAMENOU, N. & MAHAJAN, S. 2019. Make Every African Woman Leader Count. Agenda, 33 (1):82-96.
Keywords: African Women’s Decade ; African women’s rights ; Maputo Protocol ; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ; women’s political participation

Cabo Verde
KABIR, A. J. 2019. Decolonizing time through dance with Kwenda Lima: Cabo Verde, creolization, and affiliative afromodernity. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):318-333.
Keywords: Afro-diasporic dance ; afro-modernidade ; afromodernity ; creolização ; creolization ; dança afro-diaspórica ; kizomba ; Kwenda Lima ; Lusophone postcolonialism ; Pós-colonialismo lusófono

Democratic Republic of Congo
CLIST, B., HUBAU, W., TSHIBAMBA, J. M., BEECKMAN, H. & BOSTOEN, K. 2019. The earliest iron-producing communities in the Lower Congo region of Central Africa: new insights from the Bu, Kindu and Mantsetsi sites. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 54 (2):221-244.
Keywords: Democratic Republic of Congo ; anthracology ; Central Africa ; Early Iron Age ; archaeobotany ; ceramology ; Kay Ladio ; palaeoeconomy ; palaeoenvironment

East Africa
SHOEMAKER, A. & DAVIES, M. I. J. 2019. Grinding-stone implements in the eastern African Pastoral Neolithic. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 54 (2):203-220.
Keywords: Pastoral Neolithic ; eastern Africa ; funerary archaeology ; grinding-stone tools

WILCOX, H. N. 2019. Global and local media and the making of an Ethiopian national icon. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):385-401.
Keywords: African performance ; Ethiopian dance ; Ethiopian nationalism ; Media representation ; neoliberalism

ATERIANUS-OWANGA, A. 2019. ‘They don’t care about us’: representing the black postcolonial subject through the appropriation of Michael Jackson in Gabonese urban dance. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):369-384.
Keywords: Gabon ; blackness ; Dance ; Michael Jackson ; nationalism/transnationalism

OMANGA, D. & MAINYE, P. C. 2019. North-South collaborations as a way of ‘not knowing Africa’: researching digital technologies in Kenya. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):273-275.

DJEBBARI, E. 2019. Decolonising culture, staging traditional dances, creating a new music-dance genre: the National Ballet of Mali’s postcolonial agency. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):352-368.
Keywords: nation building ; cultural identity ; socialism ; National Ballet of Mali ; Negritude ; Pan-Africanism ; postcolonial agency ; traditional dance

STELL, G. 2019. Indexicalities in Code-Switching Practices across Namibian Ethnicities. Language Matters, 50 (2):3-28.
Keywords: Namibia ; sociolinguistics ; code-switching ; indexicality ; style

AFOLAYAN, G. E. 2019. Hausa-Fulani women's movement and womanhood. Agenda, 33 (2):52-60.
Keywords: feminism ; Child Rights Act ; Hausa-Fulani women ; womanhood ; women’s movement

BABARINDE, O., BABARINDE, E. & OBITUBE, K. 2019. Computer-Assisted Instruction and Language Learning: Evidence from Mavis Computel’s English–Yoruba Talking Books. Language Matters, 50 (2):100-111.
Keywords: Yoruba ; computer-assisted instruction ; computer-assisted language learning ; talking book

GRAY, S. & ADEAKIN, I. 2019. Nigeria’s Shi’a Islamic Movement and Evolving Islamist Threat Landscape: Old, New and Future Generators of Radicalization. African Security, 12 (2):174-199.
Keywords: Islamic movement in Nigeria ; Islamic radicalization ; Nigerian security ; Shi’a Islamism ; Shi’a-Sunni divide

ONANUGA, P. 2019. Proverbs, Power and Politics: A Linguistic Analysis of Osofisan’s Yungba-Yungba and the Dance Contest. Language Matters, 50 (2):50-72.
Keywords: power ; politics ; proverbs ; linguistic analysis ; paremiology ; pragmatics

Northern Africa
IWUOHA, V. 2019. Dilemma of Nuclear Power Seekers: Does Failed Attempt to Balance Power Hold Back Future Military Developments in Nuclear Power-seeking States? African Security, 12 (2):234-267.
Keywords: security ; strategy ; Algeria and Libya ; balance of power ; conventional military weapons ; military balance ; military spending ; nuclear weapons

South Affrica
MORRIS, C. 2019. A ‘Homeland’s’ Harvest: Biotraffic and Biotrade in the Contemporary Ciskei Region of South Africa. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (3):597-616.
Keywords: South Africa ; homelands ; access and benefit sharing ; biotrade ; Ciskei ; Pelargonium sidoides ; traditional leaders

South Africa
ATKINSON, D. 2019. When Stars Collide: Competing Development Paradigms in the Central Karoo. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (4):689-709.
Keywords: South Africa ; astronomy ; Carnarvon ; developmental state ; inter-governmental relations ; Karoo ; municipal governance ; Square Kilometre Array ; telescope

South Africa
BROWN, D. 2019. “That Man Patton”: The Personal History of a Book. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 31 (2):107-115.
Keywords: Christianity ; narrative ; South African literature ; Alan Paton ; liberalism ; reception

South Africa
CHAPMAN, M. 2019. The Story of an Anthology: “Conjunctures in a Disjunctive Society?”. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 31 (2):116-130.
Keywords: South Africa ; society ; poetry ; aesthetics ; the anthology

South Africa
CHINIGÒ, D. 2019. From the ‘Merino Revolution’ to the ‘Astronomy Revolution’: Land Alienation and Identity in Carnarvon, South Africa. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (4):749-766.
Keywords: social identity ; land restitution ; Karoo ; Square Kilometre Array ; astronomy reserve ; Carnarvon commonage ; land use change

South Africa
CONDUAH, A. 2019. Social Imperatives for Destination Language Learning. Language Matters, 50 (2):112-140.
Keywords: immigrants ; destination communities ; indigenous ; language learning ; social motivation

South Africa
CONRADIE, M. S. 2019. Strategic Constructions of Diversity in Blame Games Surrounding the Overvaal Furore. Communicatio, 45 (1):56-70.
Keywords: discourse analysis ; argumentation ; online media ; Overvaal ; racism ; topoi ; Toulmin

South Africa
DUBOW, S. 2019. 200 Years of Astronomy in South Africa: From the Royal Observatory to the ‘Big Bang’ of the Square Kilometre Array. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (4):663-687.
Keywords: South African Astronomical Observatory ; astronomy ; Square Kilometre Array ; colonial science ; Royal Observatory

South Africa
FELLOWS, T. W. & COLLECTIVE, S. 2019. A learning circle on feminist leadership development for health equity. Agenda, 33 (1):74-81.
Keywords: feminist leadership ; feminist praxis ; health equity ; womxn’s leadership

South Africa
FEVRE, C. 2019. ‘Scottish Exceptionalism?’ Trade Unions and the Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1976–1994. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (3):525-542.
Keywords: South Africa ; trade unions ; apartheid ; Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) ; Scotland ; Scottish Trades Union Congress ; social movements ; Trades Union Congress

South Africa
GASTROW, M. & OPPELT, T. 2019. The Square Kilometre Array and Local Development Mandates in the Karoo. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (4):711-728.
Keywords: astronomy ; local development ; public engagement with science

South Africa
HARTMANN, L. 2019. “Los my poes af” – the fine line between being radical enough and being too radical. Agenda, 33 (2):74-83.
Keywords: protest ; civil society organisation ; radical feminism in South Africa ; tone-policing ; women’s activism

South Africa
HICKS, J. 2019. Campaigning for social security rights: Women in the informal economy and maternity benefits. Agenda, 33 (2):32-41.
Keywords: social security ; informal economy ; law reform ; maternity benefits

South Africa
KARIMAKWENDA, N. 2019. Safe to Violate: The Role of Gender in the Necklacing of Women During the South African People’s War (1985–1990). Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (3):559-574.
Keywords: gender ; violence ; women ; history ; apartheid ; necklacing ; sexual violence

South Africa
KOCK, L. D. 2019. Crime, Reality and Nonfiction in Post-Apartheid Writing “If You Can’t Find the Right Story, at Least Get the Story Right”. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 31 (2):80-93.
Keywords: crime writing ; narrative ; neoliberal ; overplotting ; plot loss ; post-apartheid South African writing ; postcolony ; transition to democracy ; underplotting

South Africa
MADLELA, K. 2019. All a Black Woman Needs is Great Sex and a Sexy Body: Themes in True Love Magazine Cover Lines. Communicatio, 45 (1):33-55.
Keywords: black women ; bodily appearance ; cover lines ; sex ; True Love ; women’s magazines

South Africa
MANN, C. 2019. The Poetry of Belonging: Episodic Memory and the Shades. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 31 (2):141-154.
Keywords: identity ; belonging ; poetry ; episodic memory ; postcolonial ; the shades

South Africa
MASOGA, M. A. & SHOKANE, A. L. 2019. Sebata-Kgomo Basadi! Emerging indigenised women leadership patterns: Selected narratives from local rural women’s stokvels in Ga-Sekororo, South Africa. Agenda, 33 (1):38-47.
Keywords: community development ; gender equality ; participatory leadership ; stokvels ; women

South Africa
MCHUNU, K. 2019. Sewing 4 Africa - skills training, solidarity and African sisterhood. Agenda, 33 (1):59-66.
Keywords: community sewing projects ; participatory design ; women’s leadership

South Africa
MKHIZE, G. & MGCOTYELWA-NTONI, N. 2019. The impact of women’s movements’ activism experiences on gender transformation policies in democratic South Africa. Agenda, 33 (2):9-21.
Keywords: activism ; transformation ; employment equity ; gender mainstreaming ; women’s movements

South Africa
MOLEBATSI, N. 2019. Affirming our memories: Experiences and realities of feminist poets through the radio. Agenda, 33 (2):84-94.
Keywords: re-memory ; black feminist thought ; feminist media theory ; poetry ; Poetry in the Air (PitA)

South Africa
NAIDOO, V. 2019. Transitional Politics and Machinery of Government Change in South Africa. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (3):575-595.
Keywords: South Africa ; transformation ; administration ; African National Congress ; departments ; government machinery

South Africa
NEFDT, A. 2019. A persisting minority – narratives of women in corporate leadership. Agenda, 33 (1):129-141.
Keywords: corporate feminism ; gendered organisation ; labyrinth ; petroleum industry

South Africa
PARKINGTON, J., MORRIS, D. & PRADA-SAMPER, J. M. D. 2019. Elusive Identities: Karoo |Xam Descendants and the Square Kilometre Array. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (4):729-747.
Keywords: Karoo ; |Xam people ; cosmology ; elusive identities ; landscape ; San history ; SASC ; SKA

South Africa
PINHEIRO, G. & HARVEY, C. 2019. “We are a collective, a lot of us together, standing up”: South African black lesbian women’s activism against discourses of blackwashing homophobia. Agenda, 33 (2):97-112.
Keywords: gender ; sexuality ; race ; activism ; intersectionality

South Africa
PRINSLOO, D. & TALJARD, E. 2019. The Sepedi Helper Writing Assistant: A User Study. Language Matters, 50 (2):73-99.
Keywords: Northern Sotho ; dictionary support tool ; negation ; Sepedi Helper ; user study ; verbal moods ; writing assistant

South Africa
RADEBE, K. 2019. Custom-based or gender-based approach? Considering the impact of the National Movement of Rural Women as amicus curiae in litigation involving rural women. Agenda, 33 (2):42-51.
Keywords: customary law ; rural women ; custom-based approach ; gender-based approach

South Africa
ROELOFS, P. 2019. Flying in the univer-topia: white people on planes, #RhodesMustFall and climate emergency. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 31 (3):267-270.

South Africa
SADR, K. 2019. The Late Iron Age Type N stonewalled structures on the highveld of South Africa. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 54 (2):245-270.
Keywords: South Africa ; highveld ; Late Iron Age ; stonewalled structures ; Type N

South Africa
TWIDLE, H. 2019. Experiments with Truth: Narrative Nonfiction in South Africa. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 31 (2):94-106.
Keywords: life-writing ; literary journalism ; narrative nonfiction ; South African literature

South Africa
TWIDLE, H. 2019. Impossible Images: Radio Astronomy, the Square Kilometre Array and the Art of Seeing. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (4):767-790.
Keywords: South Africa ; Karoo ; Square Kilometre Array ; landscape ; astronomical imaging ; radio astronomy ; space and place

South Africa
VILLIERS, R. D. 2019. “What can you do with a Story Like This[?]”: The Expectations and Explicitations of South African Fiction. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 31 (2):131-140.
Keywords: estrangement ; fiction ; Galgut ; mimesis ; nonfiction ; punctuation

South Africa
WALKER, C. 2019. Cosmopolitan Karoo: Land, Space and Place in the Shadow of the Square Kilometre Array. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (4):641-662.
Keywords: Karoo ; Square Kilometre Array ; critical cosmopolitanism ; place ; space

Southern Africa
ANDREWS, M. 2019. A case study of the Southern African Rural Women’s Assembly: “We can bend the stick”. Agenda, 33 (1):48-58.
Keywords: agri-industry ; leadership ; movement building ; patriarchy ; seed guardians

Southern Africa
LEWIN, J.-L., MABOGWANE, K., SMIT, A., ALEXANDER, A., MOKOENA, A. & NYARUWATA, C. 2019. What is Blackwom?nhood: An intersectional dialogue with the Young Wom?n’s Leadership Project. Agenda, 33 (2):61-73.
Keywords: decoloniality ; intersectionality ; Blackwom?nhood ; feminist activism ; representation

Southern Africa
LOMBARD, M., HÖGBERG, A. & WADLEY, L. 2019. Temporal perspectives on Still Bay point production at Sibudu Cave, KwaZulu-Natal, in the context of southern Africa. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 54 (2):141-176.
Keywords: lithic analysis ; Middle Stone Age ; Sibudu Cave ; southern Africa ; Still Bay Points

Subsaharan Africa
AISENG, K. & AKPOJIVI, U. 2019. Online Media and Elite Accountability in Africa: The Case of Sahara Reporters and the amaBhungane. Communicatio, 45 (1):16-32.
Keywords: accountability ; online media ; broadsheet ; elitism ; tabloid

Subsaharan Africa
LALTHAPERSAD-PILLAY, P. 2019. Joyce Banda and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – confronting the neglect of maternal health and women’s rights in Malawi and Liberia. Agenda, 33 (1):97-107.
Keywords: gender equality ; Liberia ; Malawi ; maternal deaths ; sexual and reproductive health

Subsaharan Africa
MWAGIRU, N. 2019. Women’s leadership in business and higher education: a focus on organisational experiences in South Africa and Kenya. Agenda, 33 (1):117-128.
Keywords: knowledge ; leadership ; organisations ; women

Subsaharan Africa
POLTERA, J. & SCHREINER, J. 2019. Problematising women’s leadership in the African context. Agenda, 33 (1):9-20.
Keywords: African ethics ; feminism ; glass ceiling ; non-essentialism ; Ubuntu ; women’s leadership

KESSY, E. T. 2019. Excavation of the Later Stone Age Site of Madola - Kiwangwa, Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 54 (2):177-202.
Keywords: Tanzania ; Later Stone Age ; Madola ; stone artefacts

MUZEE, H. & ENDELEY, J. B. M. É. 2019. “Sister Robert, sister John”: Enhancing women’s voices and gendered membership of the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association. Agenda, 33 (2):22-31.
Keywords: caucusing ; deliberation ; lobbying ; substantive representation ; voices

MWIINE, A. A. 2019. Negotiating patriarchy? Exploring the ambiguities of the narratives on “male champions” of gender equality in Uganda Parliament. Agenda, 33 (1):108-116.
Keywords: gender equity ; male champions ; Nego-feminism ; patriarchy ; power

SSENTANDA, M., SOUTHWOOD, F. & HUDDLESTONE, K. 2019. Curriculum Expectations versus Teachers’ Opinions and Practices in Teaching English in Rural Primary Schools in Uganda. Language Matters, 50 (2):141-163.
Keywords: Uganda ; language policy ; English ; second language learning ; thematic curriculum ; vocabulary size ; word family

SISHUWA, S. 2019. ‘A White Man Will Never Be a Zambian’: Racialised Nationalism, the Rule of Law, and Competing Visions of Independent Zambia in the Case of Justice James Skinner, 1964–1969. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (3):503-523.
Keywords: Zambia ; national identity ; Guy Scott ; Kenneth Kaunda ; liberation politics ; racial identity ; Simon Kapwepwe ; UNIP

HOVE, M. 2019. When a Political Party Turns against Its Cadres: ZANU PF Factional Infightings 2004-2017. African Security, 12 (2):200-233.
Keywords: factionalism ; G40 ; Gamatox ; Operation Restore Legacy ; weevils ; ZANU Patriotic Front

MARMON, B. 2019. From Dreams of Dominion to Aspirations for a New Africa: Ahrn Palley’s Political Re-invention in Southern Rhodesia, 1959–1961. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (3):485-501.
Keywords: decolonisation ; pan-Africanism ; Ahrn Palley ; colonial Zimbabwe ; Dominion Party ; National Democratic Party ; transnationalism

PATEL, T. 2019. Played Out on the Edges of the Cricket Boundary: The History of an Indian Cricket Team in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, 1934–1995. Journal of Southern African Studies, 45 (3):465-483.
Keywords: nation ; colonialism ; Zimbabwe ; cricket ; race ; citizenship ; empire ; Indian diaspora ; Rhodesia

SITHOLE, E. 2019. Is Ndau a Dialect of Shona? Language Matters, 50 (2):29-49.
Keywords: dialect ; harmonisation ; language ; mutual intelligibility ; variety