Recently published journal articles - week 28 2021

Retrieved week 28 2021


EHIGIAMUSOE, K. U. 2021. The nexus between tourism, financial development, and economic growth: Evidence from African countries. African Development Review, 33 (2):382-396.

GARANG, A. P. M. & ERKEKOGLU, H. 2021. Convergence Triggers in Africa: Evidence from Convergence Clubs and Panel Models. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (2):218-245.
Keywords: Convergence clubs ; drivers of convergence ; economic growth ; institutions ; log t regression

LADIME, J. & BRAHMANA, R. K. 2021. Role of controlling shareholders on the performance of efficient African banks. African Development Review, 33 (2):316-328.

NUBONG, G. F. 2021. Developmental regionalism and the success prospects of Africa’s continental free trade area (CFTA): lessons from Africa’s early integration experience. Africa Review, 13 (2):123-138.

NYADERA, I. N., AGWANDA, B. & KISAKA, M. O. 2021. China–Africa relations: do non-economic drivers matter? Africa Review, 13 (2):175-198.
Keywords: China–Africa relations ; soft power ; attractiveness ; non-economic drivers

NWANI, C., EFFIONG, E. L., OKPOTO, S. I. & OKERE, I. K. 2021. Breaking the carbon curse: The role of financial development in facilitating low-carbon and sustainable development in Algeria. African Development Review, 33 (2):300-315.

NGOA, G. B. N., NANFOSSO, R. T. & KAMGA, B. F. 2021. Le recours des professionnels de santé à la pluriactivité dans un pays en développement: Le cas des métropoles du Cameroun. African Development Review, 33 (2):249-262.

East Africa
DUMOR, K., LI, Y., AMPAW, E. M., ESSEL, C. H. K., ESSEL, E. O. & MUTIIRIA, O. M. 2021. Situating Africa in the exports patterns of China's Belt and Road Initiative: A network analysis. African Development Review, 33 (2):343-356.

APPIAH-THOMPSON, C. 2021. The politics of judicial review of elections in Ghana: Implications for judicial reforms and emerging electoral jurisprudence. Africa Review, 13 (2):251-269.
Keywords: Democratization ; Electoral Dispute ; Electoral Jurisprudence ; Judicial Reforms ; Judicial Review

BAKEHE, N. P. 2021. What drives biogas adoption in rural Lesotho? African Development Review, 33 (2):357-367.

KAYUNI, H., BANIK, D. & CHUNGA, J. J. 2021. The perils of megaphone diplomacy on Malawi’s ambitious Shire- Zambezi Waterway project. Africa Review, 13 (2):270-289.
Keywords: Malawi ; Mozambique ; diplomacy ; megaphone ; national interest ; Shire-Zambezi Waterway

KOLOMA, Y. 2021. Financial inclusion and entrepreneurship willingness of youth: Evidence from Mali. African Development Review, 33 (2):263-275.

NATTRASS, N. 2021. Differentiation in Economic Costs and Returns from Living with Wildlife in Namibian Community Conservancies. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (2):282-300.

ONUH, P. A. & IKE, C. C. 2021. Civil Society Organizations and electoral credibility in Nigeria. Africa Review, 13 (2):233-250.
Keywords: election ; democratization ; CSO ; election management ; electoral credibility

North Africa
ISTIAK, K. 2021. Risk, uncertainty and the tourism sector of North Africa. African Development Review, 33 (2):329-342.

South Africa
BASSIER, I. & WOOLARD, I. 2021. Exclusive Growth? Rapidly Increasing Top Incomes Amid Low National Growth in South Africa. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (2):246-273.
Keywords: income distribution ; tax data ; Top incomes

South Africa
BATSANI-NCUBE, I. 2021. Governing from the opposition?’: tracing the impact of EFF’s ‘niche populist politics’ on ANC policy shifts. Africa Review, 13 (2):199-216.
Keywords: South Africa ; ANC ; populism ; EFF ; peripheral party ; policy shift

South Africa
CHAPMAN, M. 2021. A ‘School' Person in a ‘Red' Blanket: The Case of SEK Mqhayi. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 33 (1):10-22.
Keywords: aesthetic ; custom ; modernisation ; Mqhayi ; South African Literature ; translation ; Xhosa literature

South Africa
DUNTON, C. 2021. A Vital Question for Contemporary South Africans: SM Mofokeng’s Senkatana. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 33 (1):37-43.
Keywords: contemporary resonance ; drawing-room drama ; legend ; process of translation

South Africa
JAMAL, A. 2021. Peace and Division: The Black Novel in South Africa. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 33 (1):63-69.
Keywords: Africanness ; colonialism ; humanism ; inhumanity ; landlessness ; lovelessness ; Natives Land Act ; tradition

South Africa
KADT, D. D., FOURIE, J., GREYLING, J., MURARD, E. & NORLING, J. 2021. Correlates and Consequences of the 1918 Influenza in South Africa. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (2):173-195.
Keywords: Covid-19 ; epidemic ; health ; influenza ; mortality ; pandemic ; South Africa ; Spanish flu

South Africa
KNIGHT, J. 2021. A Tale of Two Countries and Two Stages: South Africa, China and the Lewis Model. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (2):143-172.
Keywords: China ; economic growth ; Lewis model ; migration ; South Africa

South Africa
KOLLAMPARAMBIL, U. 2021. Non-income effect of land ownership and tenure on subjective wellbeing in South Africa. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (2):301-323.
Keywords: inequality ; land ownership ; Land reform ; land tenure ; South Africa ; subjective wellbeing

South Africa
LANGE, N. D. & MOLETSANE, R. 2021. “Everything is written there; there should be something that is going to follow”: A girlfesto as a strategy for girl-led activism in rural communities. Agenda, 35 (1):8-19.
Keywords: activism ; African women teachers ; gender-based violence ; girlfesto ; policy dialogue ; social change

South Africa
MCDONALD, P. D. 2021. Literary Space/Creative Practice: Reading Ityala Lamawele in English Today. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 33 (1):44-49.
Keywords: Achebe ; Coetzee ; creative practice ; interculturality ; Literary space ; Mqhayi ; translation

South Africa
SITHOLE, N. 2021. At Home in Zulu and English: RRR Dhlomo’s Imaginative Writing. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 33 (1):23-36.
Keywords: African-language literature ; marabi culture ; RRR Dhlomo ; segregation laws ; South African literature ; urbanisation

South Africa
YAMILE, N. 2021. Schoolgirls leading their rural community in dialogue to address gender-based violence. Agenda, 35 (1):54-66.
Keywords: activism ; community dialogue ; gender-based violence ; girl-led dialogue

Southern Africa
BOTHA, F., FRASER, G. & RHOADS, T. A. 2021. Skill and Earnings Amongst Golfers on the Southern-African Sunshine Tour. South African Journal of Economics, 89 (2):274-281.
Keywords: Golfer success ; quantile regression ; Sunshine Tour ; value of the marginal product

Subsaharan Africa
BATHILY, M. B. & SENE, O. 2021. Décomposition des sources d'inégalité d'accès à la santé de l'enfant: Une analyse comparative de quelques pays d'Afrique Subsaharienne. African Development Review, 33 (2):221-233.

Subsaharan Africa
EKEOCHA, D. O. & IHEONU, C. O. 2021. Household-level poverty, consumption poverty thresholds, income inequality and quality of lives in sub-Saharan Africa. African Development Review, 33 (2):234-248.

Subsaharan Africa
KARABOU, E. F., ADEVE, K. A. & TSOMDZO, K. A. D. 2021. Dépenses publiques de santé, état de santé et croissance en Afrique Subsaharienne: Cas de l'Afrique de l'Est et de l'Ouest. African Development Review, 33 (2):397-407.

EPAPHRA, M. & KAZUNGU, K. 2021. Efficiency of Tanzania's foreign exchange market. African Development Review, 33 (2):368-381.

MAKULILO, A. B. & BAKARI, M. 2021. Building a transformative feminist movement for women empowerment in Tanzania: the role of the Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP-Mtandao). Africa Review, 13 (2):155-174.
Keywords: gender ; Tanzania ; women ; representation ; TGNP-Mtandao

West Africa
ATTOH, F. & ISHOLA, E. 2021. Migration and regional cooperation for development: ECOWAS in perspective. Africa Review, 13 (2):139-154.
Keywords: West Africa ; ECOWAS ; development ; Migration ; regionalism

West Africa
EMENIKE, K. O. 2021. Interdependence among West African stock markets: A dimension of regional financial integration. African Development Review, 33 (2):288-299.

West Africa
TINTA, A. A. & SANOU, E. J. 2021. Les Déterminants des Prêts Non Performants du Système Bancaire de l'UMOA. African Development Review, 33 (2):276-287.
Keywords: West Africa

PETA, C. 2021. Yes! We are girls with disabilities and Yes! We can represent ourselves in policy dialogue. Agenda, 35 (1):120-132.
Keywords: disability policy ; gender ; girls with disabilities ; policy dialogue ; self-representation ; Zimbabwe

RUSENGA, C. & NCUBE, S. 2021. The fast-track land reform programme in Zimbabwe: implications for land restitution. Africa Review, 13 (2):217-232.
Keywords: Zimbabwe ; Land reform ; land restitution ; local communities ; Zanu PF