Recently published journal articles - week 28 2019

Retrieved week 28 2019


MOLOSIWA, D., MASIYA, T. & MARINGIRA, G. 2019. Management of the Global Fund aid programme in Botswana: challenges and prospects for health services delivery. African Journal of AIDS Research, 18 (2):95-103.
Keywords: aid effectiveness ; country coordinating mechanism ; health services ; power and accountability ; principal recipient

East Africa
SOUTHALL, R. 2019. The Decolonisation of the Political Science Curriculum in East Africa: A Reply to Mngomezulu and Sakhile Hadebe. Politikon, 46 (2):240-251.

TAKYI, S. A., AMPONSAH, O., INKOOM, D. K. B. & AZUNRE, G. A. 2019. Sustaining Ghana’s cocoa sector through environmentally smart agricultural practices: an assessment of the environmental impacts of cocoa production in Ghana. Africa Review, 11 (2):172-189.
Keywords: Sustainability ; environmental impact ; pesticides ; policies ; smart cocoa production

ANOZIE, C., UMAHI, T., ONUOHA, G., NWAFOR, N. & ALOZIE, O. J. 2019. Ocean governance, integrated maritime security and its impact in the Gulf of Guinea: a lesson for Nigeria’s maritime sector and economy. Africa Review, 11 (2):190-207.
Keywords: transportation ; security ; economy ; Gulf of Guinea ; Maritime ; ocean governance

AROWOLO, D. E. 2019. Leadership–followership disconnect and democratic decline in Nigeria. Africa Review, 11 (2):107-121.
Keywords: violence ; Democracy ; electoral politics ; followership ; leadership

AZUOGU, B. N., OGBONNAYA, L. U., UMEOKONKWO, C. D., ALO, C., IFEBUNANDU, N. A., OBIONU, C. N., AGU, A. P., AZUOGU, V. C., OYARI, F. O. O., OKEDO-ALEX, I. N., OKAFOR, I. M. & MADUBUEZE, U. C. 2019. Effect of multiple intervention models on uptake of HIV testing services and sexual behaviour among residents of military cantonments in south-east Nigeria. African Journal of AIDS Research, 18 (2):89-94.
Keywords: army barracks ; awareness ; HIV knowledge ; MARP ; multiple HIV intervention models ; program evaluation ; sexual conduct ; uptake of HTC

ONDITI, F. 2019. From resource curse to institutional incompatibility: a comparative study of Nigeria and Norway oil resource governance. Africa Review, 11 (2):152-171.
Keywords: Nigeria ; economic growth ; EITI ; governance system ; Norway ; oil resource

South Africa
DESAI, A. 2019. The race chase: the colour of cricket transformation in South Africa. Africa Review, 11 (2):122-136.
Keywords: quotas ; cricket ; non-racialism ; Proteas

South Africa
GATFIELD, R. C. 2019. The isimodeni style: traditional beadwork, Zulu trinket or South African sartorial tradition on Durban’s Golden Mile? Anthropology Southern Africa, 42 (2):127-148.
Keywords: beadwork ; Durban ; isimodeni ; tourism ; Zulu

South Africa
GLASER, D. 2019. The Case Against Granting a Secret Ballot to Elected Representatives: Democratic-Theoretical Reflections on a South African Controversy. Politikon, 46 (2):157-174.

South Africa
HARICHUND, C., KUNENE, P. & MOSHABELA, M. 2019. Feasibility of HIV self-testing: experiences of people seeking HIV testing in rural and urban KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. African Journal of AIDS Research, 18 (2):115-122.
Keywords: AIDS ; environmental ; HIVST ; technical ; testing

South Africa
KOCH, J. 2019. Fieldwork as performance: being ethnographic in film-making. Anthropology Southern Africa, 42 (2):161-172.
Keywords: anthropological film-making ; collaboration/complicity ; fieldwork ; Johannesburg ; migration ; South Asian Muslims

South Africa
MENDU, E. & ROSS, E. 2019. Biomedical healthcare and African traditional healing in the management of HIV and AIDS: complimentary or competing cosmologies? African Journal of AIDS Research, 18 (2):104-114.
Keywords: HIV/AIDS ; African traditional medicine ; biomedical healthcare practitioner ; collaboration ; drug interaction ; traditional healer

South Africa
MOYO, Z. & PERUMAL, J. 2019. Perceptions of school principals and experiences of disclosure of teachers living with HIV. African Journal of AIDS Research, 18 (2):148-157.
Keywords: HIV/AIDS ; absenteeism ; HIV infection ; HIV status ; nondisclosure ; stigma

South Africa
RENSBURG, A. J. V., KHAN, R., FOURIE, P. & BRACKE, P. 2019. Politics of Mental Healthcare in Post-apartheid South Africa. Politikon, 46 (2):192-205.

South Africa
RUEDIN, D. 2019. South African Parties Hardly Politicise Immigration in Their Electoral Manifestos. Politikon, 46 (2):206-218.

South Africa
SCHULZ-HERZENBERG, C. 2019. To Vote or Not? Testing Micro-level Theories of Voter Turnout in South Africa’s 2014 General Elections. Politikon, 46 (2):139-156.

South Africa
SIVHABU, V. & VISSER, M. 2019. Constructions of sexuality and HIV risk among young people in Venda, South Africa: implications for HIV prevention. African Journal of AIDS Research, 18 (2):158-167.
Keywords: constructions of sexuality ; cultural practices ; discourse analysis ; HIV prevention ; sexual risk behaviours ; social construction

South Africa
VAHED, G. 2019. Chota Motala. The Making of a South African Political Biography. Politikon, 46 (2):175-191.

South Africa
WHITE, H. 2019. What is anthropology that decolonising scholarship should be mindful of it? Anthropology Southern Africa, 42 (2):149-160.
Keywords: anthropology ; critical Marxism ; decolonisation ; ethnography ; South Africa

Southern Africa
SETLHABI, K. G. 2019. Reliving secrecy and ethics in bojale ten years on. Anthropology Southern Africa, 42 (2):173-184.
Keywords: autoethnography ; bojale ; consent ; ethics ; secrecy

Subsaharan Africa
HAANG’ANDU, P. & BÉLAND, D. 2019. Democratization Without Westernisation? Embedding Democracy in Local African Cultures. Politikon, 46 (2):219-239.

Subsaharan Africa
HUSHIE, M. 2019. Developing governance models and funding mechanisms of state–civil society partnerships for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention based on lessons from Ghana. African Journal of AIDS Research, 18 (2):138-147.
Keywords: civil society ; HIV/AIDS ; donors ; Global Health Initiatives ; governance ; partnerships ; state

KAPODOGO, A., CHIWESHE, M. K. & MUPARAMOTO, N. 2019. Sex work-based livelihoods in post 2000 in Zimbabwe. Africa Review, 11 (2):137-151.
Keywords: livelihoods ; Zimbabwe ; agency ; dollarization ; Sex work

MARUME, A., ZIKITI, A., CHAPOTERERA, B. & MARADZIKA, J. 2019. Evaluation of the early warning indicators of HIV drug resistance surveillance system in Manicaland province, Zimbabwe. African Journal of AIDS Research, 18 (2):123-129.
Keywords: evaluation ; Zimbabwe ; antiretroviral therapy ; early warning indicators ; HIV drug resistance ; viral load monitoring

SANDY, P. T., VHEMBO, T. & MOLOTSI, T. K. 2019. Sexual behaviour among adolescents living with the human immunodeficiency virus in Zimbabwe: educational implications. African Journal of AIDS Research, 18 (2):130-137.
Keywords: Zimbabwe ; adolescents ; health education ; human immunodeficiency virus ; sexual behaviour