Recently published journal articles - week 25 2022

Retrieved week 25 2022


HOUENINVO, H. G. 2022. Effects of health expenditures on infant and child mortality rates: A dynamic panel data analysis of 37 African countries. African Development Review, 34 (2):255-267.
Keywords: Africa ; dynamic panel model ; health expenditures ; health outcomes

IOREMBER, P. T., GBAKA, S., JELILOV, G., ALYMKULOVA, N. & USMAN, O. 2022. Impact of international trade, energy consumption and income on environmental degradation in Africa's OPEC member countries. African Development Review, 34 (2):175-187.
Keywords: Africa's OPEC countries ; EKC hypothesis ; energy consumption ; environmental degradation

MARSAI, V. & TARRÓSY, I. 2022. The Potential for Violent Extremist Organizations in Africa to Take Advantage of the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis in Ungoverned Spaces: The Cases of al-Shabaab and Boko Haram. African Security, 15 (2):163-185.
Keywords: al-Shabaab ; Boko Haram ; COVID-19 ; Ungoverned spaces ; violent extremist organizations (VEOs)

ORIOLA, T. B. & KNIGHT, W. A. 2022. Peace-Making, Military Integration, Banditry, and Weaponization of the COVID-19 Pandemic by Extremist Groups. African Security, 15 (2):89-90.

TINTA, A. A., OUÉDRAOGO, I. M. & AL-HASSAN, R. M. 2022. The micro determinants of financial inclusion and financial resilience in Africa. African Development Review, 34 (2):293-306.
Keywords: financial inclusion ; financial literacy ; financial resilience ; individual characteristics ; innovation

VERJEE, A. 2022. A Faulty Prescription? Critiquing Joint Security Units after Peace Agreements in Sudan, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic. African Security, 15 (2):91-110.
Keywords: Central African Republic (CAR) ; military integration ; security sector reform ; South Sudan ; Sudan

Cote d’Ivoire
AKANJI, O. O. 2022. In Hindsight: The African Union’s Peace-making Role in Cote d’Ivoire’s Post-Election Crisis (2010-2011). African Security, 15 (2):142-162.
Keywords: African Union ; conflicts ; Cote d’Ivoire ; disputes ; pacific settlement ; Peace-making ; post-election crisis

DE POLI, B. 2022. Italians, freemasons and the Dawn of Egyptian nationalism. The Journal of North African Studies, 27 (4):786-813.
Keywords: Egypt ; Freemasonry ; Italians ; nationalism ; Risorgimento

THEN-OBŁUSKA, J., PHILLIPS, J. & TUCKER, K. 2022. Imported ornaments of a Late Antiquity community in Christian Ethiopia. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 57 (2):280-296.
Keywords: Aksum ; glass beads ; Indian Ocean trade ; Late Antiquity ; Red Sea trade

EL BOUBEKRI, A. 2022. The poetics of secular cosmopolitanism: Anouar Majid’s critical views of Islam and America. The Journal of North African Studies, 27 (4):814-841.
Keywords: America ; diaspora ; Islam ; poetics of relation ; secular cosmopolitanism

NEWBURY, A. 2022. Diplomats in Barbary: their political and personal activities in Morocco during the early 1830s. The Journal of North African Studies, 27 (4):741-760.
Keywords: diplomacy and diplomats ; European powers ; Morocco ; nineteenth century ; Tangier

EJIOFOR, P. F. 2022. Beyond Ungoverned Spaces: Connecting the Dots between Relative Deprivation, Banditry, and Violence in Nigeria. African Security, 15 (2):111-141.
Keywords: banditry ; Nigeria ; poverty ; relative deprivation ; terrorism ; Ungoverned spaces

UJUNWA, A., ONAH, E., UJUNWA, A. I., OKOYEUZU, C. R. & KALU, E. U. 2022. Financial innovation and the stability of money demand in Nigeria. African Development Review, 34 (2):215-231.
Keywords: Business & Corporate Economics ; Macroeconomics

North Africa
ABBOTT, P. & TETI, A. 2022. Strangers in plain sight: conceptions of democracy in EU Neighbourhood Policy and public opinion across North Africa. The Journal of North African Studies, 27 (4):691-713.
Keywords: Arab Spring ; democracy ; European Neighbourhood Policy ; European Union ; neoliberalism ; social and economic rights

Northern Africa
FAKIH, A., HAIMOUN, N. & SLEIMAN, A. 2022. What drives demand for private tutoring in the Middle East and North Africa region? Evidence from a Youth Survey. African Development Review, 34 (2):268-279.
Keywords: MENA region ; Private tutoring ; Probit model ; Shadow education ; Youth

Northern Africa
HOUDRET, A. & AMICHI, H. 2022. The rural social contract in Morocco and Algeria: reshaping through economic liberalisation and new rules and practices. The Journal of North African Studies, 27 (4):641-662.
Keywords: agriculture ; Algeria ; Morocco ; Social contract ; water

South Africa
BADER, G. D., SOMMER, C., CONARD, N. J. & WADLEY, L. 2022. The final MSA of eastern South Africa: a comparative study between Umbeli Belli and Sibhudu. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 57 (2):197-238.
Keywords: Cultural variability ; Environment ; Final MSA ; KwaZulu-Natal ; Lithic technology ; Southern Africa

South Africa
PEARCE, D. G. 2022. Interpreting unusual imagery: a rare rock art depiction of a bushbuck in the southeastern mountains of South Africa. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 57 (2):239-251.
Keywords: bushbuck ; rock art ; South Africa ; Tragelaphus scriptus

Subsaharan Africa
JIAHAO, S., IBRAHIM, R. L., BELLO, K. A. & OKE, D. M. 2022. Trade facilitation, institutions, and sustainable economic growth: Empirical evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. African Development Review, 34 (2):201-214.
Keywords: dynamic-system generalized method of moments ; institutions ; Sub-Saharan African countries ; sustainable economic growth ; trade facilitation

Subsaharan Africa
NICOLAI, K. E. 2022. A Green Gambit: The Development of Environmental Foreign Policy in Morocco. The Journal of North African Studies, 27 (4):714-740.
Keywords: autocratic regime resilience ; climate change ; Environmental sustainability ; Morocco ; soft power

Subsaharan Africa
NKANSAH-DWAMENA, E. & YOON, H. 2022. Why is sub-Saharan Africa an attractive destination to foreign land grabbers? Evidence from country characteristics. African Development Review, 34 (2):280-292.
Keywords: doing business ; foreign direct investment ; governance ; land grabbing ; large-scale land acquisition ; Sub-Saharan Africa

Subsaharan Africa
OLOHUNLANA, A. O., ADELEYE, N. B., OLOHUNLANA, S. D. & ABDULKAREEM, H. K. K. 2022. Gender heterogeneity and microfinance sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa. African Development Review, 34 (2):232-243.
Keywords: economics of gender ; gender diversity ; microfinance sustainability

EHLERT, M., KIM, J. Y., SOHN, Y. K., CENDROWSKA, M., KRUPA-KURZYNOWSKA, J., ANDRIEUX, E., ARMITAGE, S. J., MICHALEC, G., DRECZKO, E., ALKHIDIR, H. M., SZMIT, M. & MASOJĆ, M. 2022. The Middle Stone Age in the Eastern Desert. EDAR 135 — a buried early MIS 5 horizon from Sudan. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 57 (2):155-196.
Keywords: lithic technology ; Middle Stone Age ; OSL ; quartz ; Sudan ; use-wear

KHELIFI, S. 2022. Employability reforms in Tunisian higher education: a path-dependence perspective. The Journal of North African Studies, 27 (4):663-690.
Keywords: Employability ; path dependence ; policy reform ; transversal skills ; Tunisia

West Africa
MOURFOU, A., DIALGA, I. & OUEDRAOGO, I. M. 2022. Effets de l'exploitation des ressources naturelles sur la mobilisation des recettes fiscales non liées aux ressources naturelles dans l'Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA). African Development Review, 34 (2):188-200.

West Africa
TSOMDZO, K. A. D., SANOUSSI, Y. & EVLO, K. 2022. Investissement en santé et état de santé dans les pays de l'UEMOA: entre contribution publique et privée? African Development Review, 34 (2):244-254.
Keywords: Dépenses de santé ; état de santé ; LSDVC ; UEMOA

MCKEEBY, Z., HU, L., MUNDIKU, W. & MBEWE, R. 2022. Archaeological survey in the Machili Valley, Zambia: a report on the 2019 preliminary field season. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, 57 (2):252-279.
Keywords: early farming villages ; Iron Age ; magnetometry ; survey ; Zambia