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HARRIS, J. C. 2019. What Are the Land Delivery and Land Holding Mechanisms for African Informal Light Manufacturing Clusters? Urban Forum, 30 (1):17-33.

AYELE, M. A., WOLDEYESUS, K. M., ABORETUGNE, M. A., GOBAW, M. K., WAMISHO, A. D., MAMIE, A. H., WOLDEGIORGIS, D. Z. & BERHE, G. D. 2019. Teachers’ Classroom Teaching Practices in Amhara Region and Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia. Africa Education Review, 16 (3):1-21.
Keywords: teaching methods ; assessment techniques ; classroom behaviour ; positive classroom climate ; questioning skills

ADU-PRAH, S., APPIAH-OPOKU, S. & ABOAGYE, D. 2019. Spatiotemporal evidence of recent climate variability in Ghana. African Geographical Review, 38 (2):172-190.
Keywords: Ghana ; climate change ; rainfall ; Spatiotemporal ; temperature

MENSAH, J. K., BAWOLE, J. N., AHENKAN, A. & AZUNU, R. 2019. The Policy and Practice of Local Economic Development in Ghana. Urban Forum, 30 (2):205-222.
Keywords: Ghana ; Local economic development ; Policy ; Practice

OSUMANU, I. K., AKONGBANGRE, J. N., TUU, G. N. Y. & OWUSU-SEKYERE, E. 2019. From Patches of Villages to a Municipality: Time, Space, and Expansion of Wa, Ghana. Urban Forum, 30 (1):57-74.

WRIGLEY-ASANTE, C., OWUSU, K., EGYIR, I. S. & OWIYO, T. M. 2019. Gender dimensions of climate change adaptation practices: the experiences of smallholder crop farmers in the transition zone of Ghana. African Geographical Review, 38 (2):126-139.
Keywords: women ; Ghana ; climate change ; adaptation ; Gender ; men

AWUOR, F. O., NYAKINYA, B., OLOO, J., OLOKO, M. & AGONG’, S. G. 2019. How Did Kachok Dumpsite in Kisumu City Develop into a Crisis? Urban Forum, 30 (1):115-131.
Keywords: Historical causation ; Kachok dumpsite ; Kisumu City ; Municipal waste ; Solid waste management ; Sustainable landfills

LOWE, G. M. & PROUT, P. F. 2019. Reframing Teacher In-Service Training in Kenya: Recommendations from the Literature. Africa Education Review, 16 (3):54-66.
Keywords: education standards ; in-service training ; Kenyan teachers ; quality teaching

MEDLEY, K. E., MAINGI, J. K., MAINGI, K. & HENKIN, M. 2019. Embedded histories and biogeographic interpretations of forest diversity at Mt. Kasigau, Kenya. African Geographical Review, 38 (2):109-125.
Keywords: Biodiversity conservation ; Eastern Arc Mountains ; environmental history ; ethnobiology ; political ecology

SIMIYU, S., CAIRNCROSS, S. & SWILLING, M. 2019. Understanding Living Conditions and Deprivation in Informal Settlements of Kisumu, Kenya. Urban Forum, 30 (2):223-241.
Keywords: Deprivation ; Development ; Informal settlements ; Kisumu ; Poverty

TLALI, T. 2019. Developing Professionalism through Reflective Practice among Pre-Service Teachers at the National University of Lesotho. Africa Education Review, 16 (3):117-129.
Keywords: Centric Reflection Model ; constructivism ; professionalism ; reflective practices ; teacher development ; teacher education

WAYLAND, J. 2019. Constraints on aid effectiveness in the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector: evidence from Malawi. African Geographical Review, 38 (2):140-156.
Keywords: Malawi ; Foreign aid ; propensity score matching ; sanitation ; water

STRONG, M. 2019. People, place, and animals: using disemplacement to identify invisible losses of conservation near Limpopo National Park. African Geographical Review, 38 (2):95-108.
Keywords: Mozambique ; conservation ; Disemplacement ; human-wildlife conflict ; invisible losses ; Limpopo National Park

IBEM, E. O., AYO-VAUGHAN, E. A., OLUWUNMI, A. O. & ALAGBE, O. A. 2019. Residential Satisfaction Among Low-Income Earners in Government-Subsidized Housing Estates in Ogun State, Nigeria. Urban Forum, 30 (1):75-96.
Keywords: Government-subsidized housing ; Low-income earners ; Nigeria ; Residential satisfaction ; Survey ; Urban areas

XIAO, A. H. 2019. “Oyinbo, Wole!”: Urban Rhythms and Mobile Encounters in the Lagos Transport Systems. Urban Forum, 30 (2):133-151.
Keywords: Autoethnography ; Encounter ; Lagos ; Mobility ; Rhythm

HANLON, T. M., RICHMOND, A. K., SHELZI, J. & MYERS, G. 2019. Cultural identity in the peri-urban African landscape: a case study from Pikine, Senegal. African Geographical Review, 38 (2):157-171.
Keywords: Senegal ; cultural identity ; field study ; peri-urban

South Africa
BLADERGROEN, M. C. & CHIGONA, W. 2019. Managing Information and Communication Technology in South African Classrooms: Pre-Service Teachers’ Experiences. Africa Education Review, 16 (3):22-35.
Keywords: South Africa ; education ; ICT management ; pre-service teacher

South Africa
BRILL, F. & REBOREDO, R. 2019. Failed Fantasies in a South African Context: the Case of Modderfontein, Johannesburg. Urban Forum, 30 (2):171-189.
Keywords: Edge city ; Johannesburg ; Masterplan ; Planning ; Urban governance

South Africa
HANNAWAY, D., GOVENDER, P., MARAIS, P. & MEIER, C. 2019. Growing Early Childhood Education Teachers in Rural Areas. Africa Education Review, 16 (3):36-53.
Keywords: early childhood education ; open distance learning ; rural schools ; teacher training ; young children

South Africa
MAKINA, B. 2019. Exploring Pre-Service Teacher Development Through Daily Journal Reflections: A Case Study. Africa Education Review, 16 (3):67-83.
Keywords: in-service ; journal writing ; perception ; reflection ; student teachers ; teaching practice

South Africa
MCGAFFIN, R., SPIROPOULOUS, J. & BOYLE, L. 2019. Micro-developers in South Africa: a Case Study of Micro-property Developers in Delft South and Ilitha Park, Cape Town. Urban Forum, 30 (2):153-169.
Keywords: Enterprise-developer ; Homeowner-developer ; Housing affordability ; Informal settlements ; Micro-development ; Rental affordability ; South Africa

South Africa
PILLAY, E. & BANSILAL, S. 2019. Negotiating the Demands of Teaching Mathematical Literacy. Africa Education Review, 16 (3):84-100.
Keywords: discourse ; commognitive ; contexts ; Mathematical Literacy ; teaching

South Africa
ROBBINS, G. & VELIA, M. 2019. In with the New and Out with the Old? Industrial Estates and the Prospects of Manufacturing in Durban, South Africa. Urban Forum, 30 (1):35-55.
Keywords: Cities ; Economic development ; Industrial estates ; Local government ; Manufacturing ; Urban development

South Africa
SEKOBOTO, L. & LANDMAN, K. 2019. Searching for More Than Just a House? The Extent to Which Government Provided RDP Housing Compared to Self-help Housing Empower Poor Communities in South Africa. Urban Forum, 30 (1):97-113.

South Africa
BASS, O. & HOUGHTON, J. 2018. Street Names and Statues: the Identity Politics of Naming and Public Art in Contemporary Durban. Urban Forum, 29 (4):413-427.
Keywords: Durban ; Identity ; Naming ; Public art ; Urban transformation

South Africa
BOND, P. & MOTTIAR, S. 2018. Terrains of Civil and Uncivil Society in Post-Apartheid Durban. Urban Forum, 29 (4):383-395.
Keywords: Civil society ; Durban ; Environmental justice ; HIV/AIDS ; Protest ; Social movements ; Trade unions

South Africa
DESAI, A. 2018. Race, Place and Everyday Life in Contemporary South Africa: Wentworth, Durban. Urban Forum, 29 (4):369-381.
Keywords: Belonging ; Flats ; Neighbourhood ; Wentworth

South Africa
MARTEL, P. & SUTHERLAND, C. 2018. Durban’s Back of Port Project: a Local Spatial Knowledge Production Process Framed by Urban Entrepreneurialism. Urban Forum, 29 (4):397-412.
Keywords: Entrepreneurial urbanism ; Knowledge production ; Spatial planning ; Urban-economic policy-making

South Africa
MEMELA, S. & MAHARAJ, B. 2018. Refugees, Violence and Gender: the Case of Women in the Albert Park Area in Durban, South Africa. Urban Forum, 29 (4):429-443.
Keywords: Durban ; Patriarchy ; Refugees ; South Africa ; Violence ; Women

South Africa
SIM, V., SUTHERLAND, C., BUTHELEZI, S. & KHUMALO, D. 2018. Possibilities for a Hybrid Approach to Planning and Governance at the Interface of the Administrative and Traditional Authority Systems in Durban. Urban Forum, 29 (4):351-368.
Keywords: Dual governance ; Hybrid planning ; Traditional governance ; Urban planning

South Africa
SUTHERLAND, C., SCOTT, D., NEL, E. & NEL, A. 2018. Conceptualizing ‘the Urban’ Through the Lens of Durban, South Africa. Urban Forum, 29 (4):333-350.
Keywords: South Africa ; Southern urbanism ; Urban assemblage ; Urban geography of Durban ; Urban governance

NUHU, S. 2019. Peri-Urban Land Governance in Developing Countries: Understanding the Role, Interaction and Power Relation Among Actors in Tanzania. Urban Forum, 30 (1):1-16.
Keywords: Actors ; Governance ; Land ; Peri-urban ; Power relation ; Role

BUYANA, K., BYARUGABA, D., SSEVIIRI, H., NSANGI, G. & KASAIJA, P. 2019. Experimentation in an African Neighborhood: Reflections for Transitions to Sustainable Energy in Cities. Urban Forum, 30 (2):191-204.
Keywords: African cities ; Energy ; Experimentation ; Informal settlements ; Sustainability ; Transitions