Recently published journal articles - week 19 2021

Retrieved week 19 2021


FOSU, R. 2021. When an African country avoids conflict: Purposive actions and actors in post-colonial state-building in Ghana. South African Journal of International Affairs, 28 (1):93-113.
Keywords: Africa ; ethnicity ; Ghana ; political agency ; State-building

MADRID-MORALES, D. & IRERI, K. 2021. Disruptions and transformations of digital media in Africa: An interdisciplinary overview. Journal of African Media Studies, 13 (1):3-16.

QUMBA, M. F. 2021. Africa and investor-state dispute settlement: Mixed reactions, uncertainties and the way forward. South African Journal of International Affairs, 28 (1):47-70.

East Africa
WALSH, B. 2020. Revisiting Regional Security Complex Theory in Africa: Museveni’s Uganda and Regional Security in East Africa. African Security, 13 (4):300-324.
Keywords: African agency ; East African security ; Notice of Duplicate Publication: Revisting Regional Security Complex Theory in Africa: Museveni’s Uganda and Regional Security in East Africa ; Regional security complex theory ; Ugandan political economy

EL GODY, A. 2021. Convergence and divergence of ICTs in Egyptian newsrooms: A longitudinal approach. Journal of African Media Studies, 13 (1):53-71.
Keywords: convergence ; divergence ; Egyptian newsrooms ; ICTs ; longitudinal survey ; newsroom culture

ABEJE, A. 2021. Causes and Effects of Rural-Urban Migration in Ethiopia: A Case Study from Amhara Region. African Studies, 80 (1):77-94.
Keywords: migration ; Ethiopia ; urban ; rural ; Amhara

TAZEBEW, T. 2021. Amhara nationalism: The empire strikes back. African Affairs, 120 (479):297-313.

OKPOTOR, F. I. 2021. We All Need Philosophy Of Science: Analyticism As A Vehicle For Explanatory Understanding In Multi-method Research. African Affairs, 120 (479):277-296.

Indian Ocean
OGUTU, M. O. 2021. The Indian Ocean Rim Association: Lessons from this regional cooperation model. South African Journal of International Affairs, 28 (1):71-92.
Keywords: Indian Ocean ; Blue Economy ; Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) ; regional cooperation

LUMALA, P. F. M. 2021. Navigating sociocultural communication spaces from a gendered perspective: An analysis of the use of new media technologies by Kenyan families. Journal of African Media Studies, 13 (1):103-119.
Keywords: gender ; domestication ; new media ; space ; family ; mobile phones ; technologies

OMBERE, S. O. 2021. Men’s Emic Perspectives on Factors Contributing to Child Sexual Abuse Vulnerability on the Islands of Western Kenya. African Studies, 80 (1):95-110.
Keywords: poverty ; vulnerability ; child sexual abuse ; emic perspectives ; fishing communities ; Lake Victoria ; western Kenya

TUWEI, D. & TULLY, M. 2021. The role of change agents in the adaptation and use of mobile money services in Kenya. Journal of African Media Studies, 13 (1):89-102.
Keywords: Kenya ; mobile money ; M-Pesa ; Safaricom ; technology adaptation ; technology adoption

WELLMAN, E. I. & WHITAKER, B. E. 2021. Diaspora Voting In Kenya: A Promise Denied. African Affairs, 120 (479):199-217.

ORIOLA, T. B. 2021. Nigerian Soldiers On The War Against Boko Haram. African Affairs, 120 (479):147-175.

UWAEGBUTE, K. I. 2021. Christianity and Masquerade Practices Among the Youth in Nsukka, Nigeria. African Studies, 80 (1):40-59.
Keywords: youth ; identity ; Christianity ; Nsukka ; cultural revivalism ; inculturation ; masquerade economics ; Masquerades ; omabe

OYEWOLE, S. 2020. Civil-military Relations: Conflict and Cooperation between Military Bases and Host Communities in Nigeria. African Security, 13 (4):353-379.
Keywords: Nigeria ; violence ; military ; human rights ; civil-military relations ; community ; security ; operation ; Armed forces ; civilian ; military base ; socioeconomic development

COHEN, M. S. & MCINTYRE, K. 2021. Tweeter-in-chief: Rwandan president Paul Kagame’s use of Twitter. Journal of African Media Studies, 13 (1):17-33.
Keywords: Rwanda ; social media ; Twitter ; Paul Kagame ; public diplomacy ; soft power

South Africa
BOLT, M. 2021. Homeownership, Legal Administration, And The Uncertainties Of Inheritance In South Africa’s Townships: Apartheid’s Legal Shadows. African Affairs, 120 (479):219-241.

South Africa
DAIMON, A. 2021. Settling in Motion as Consciousness: Nyasa (Malawian) Informal Transit Across Southern Rhodesia towards South Africa from the 1910s to the 1950s. African Studies, 80 (1):1-20.
Keywords: South Africa ; Malawi ; Zimbabwe ; illegal migration ; Informal movement ; spatial mobility ; worker consciousness

South Africa
LANDMAN, A. 2021. Dr Vera Bührmann (1910–1998): From Volksmoeder to Igqira? A Popular Myth Re-examined. African Studies, 80 (1):60-76.
Keywords: Afrikaner nationalism ; cross-cultural psychiatry ; Dietse Kinderfonds ; Jungianism ; Maatje Vera Bührmann ; Ossewabrandwag ; racial prejudice

South Africa
MTHEMBU, D. E. & NHAMO, G. 2021. Domestication of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in South Africa. South African Journal of International Affairs, 28 (1):1-28.
Keywords: South Africa ; local government ; domestication ; National Development Plan ; SDGs ; stakeholders

South Africa
WILLIAMS, C. 2021. Alfred Nzo: Reassessing a Misunderstood Minister. African Studies, 80 (1):21-39.
Keywords: South Africa ; African National Congress ; Alfred Nzo ; Department of Foreign Affairs ; Nelson Mandela ; secretary general

South Africa
WILLIAMS, C. & PAPA, M. 2020. Rethinking “Alliances”: The Case of South Africa as a Rising Power. African Security, 13 (4):325-352.

Subsaharan Africa
BROTTEM, L. V. 2020. Pastoral Resource Conflict in the Context of Sudano–Sahelian Security Crises: A Critical Review of Research. African Security, 13 (4):380-402.
Keywords: Pastoralism ; institutions ; resource conflict ; Sudano–Sahel ; tenure

CHURK, J. P. & VOLKMER, I. 2021. Shaping citizen’s freedom of social media interaction in Tanzania: The role of city policy experts in digital policy-making. Journal of African Media Studies, 13 (1):73-87.
Keywords: social media ; media freedom ; collaborative policy-making ; digital communication ; digital policy ; policy-makers

BETTS, A. 2021. Refugees And Patronage: A Political History Of Uganda’s ‘Progressive’ Refugee Policies. African Affairs, 120 (479):243-276.

KJÆR, A. M. & KATUSIIMEH, M. W. 2021. Nomination Violence in Uganda’s National Resistance Movement. African Affairs, 120 (479):177-198.

West Africa
NWOKO, K. C. 2021. ECOWAS responses to the COVID-19 pandemic under its peace and security architecture. South African Journal of International Affairs, 28 (1):29-46.
Keywords: West Africa ; ECOWAS ; COVID-19 pandemic ; peace and security architecture ; West African Health Organisation

GONDWE, G. 2021. Online incivility, hate speech and political violence in Zambia: Examining the role of online political campaign messages. Journal of African Media Studies, 13 (1):35-51.
Keywords: Development ; Facebook platforms ; online incivility ; online political campaigns ; Patriotic Front ; United Party for National ; Zambian politics

MAMVURA, Z. 2021. An Ethnopragmatic Analysis of Death-Prevention Names in the Karanga Society of Zimbabwe. African Studies, 80 (1):111-124.
Keywords: cultural scripts ; death-prevention names ; ethnopragmatics ; Karanga belief system ; sociocultural strategies