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THAMES COPELAND, T. 2024. ‘Did He Freeze?’: Afrofuturism, Africana Womanism, and Black Panther’s Portrayal of the Women of Wakanda. African Identities, 22 (1):147-165.
Keywords: Africana womanism ; Afrofuturism ; Black panther ; qualitative studies ; representations of African women

KAGOLA, F. & ABUR, W. 2023. Leveraging Ubuntu values and principles as cultural strength to overcome mental health and emotional wellbeing issues. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (6):312-324.

MUGUMBATE, R. 2023. From sankofa, tu, shosholoza to Ubuntu and umoja: a five-stage historical timeline of the philosophy of Africa and implications for education, research and practice. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (3):167-178.
Keywords: Africa ; Bantu ; Hadza ; Khoi Khoi ; Kush ; Mbenga ; Mbuti ; Nile-Sahara ; philosophy ; San ; Sandawe ; sankofa ; shosholoza ; tu ; Twa ; Ubuntu ; umoja

MUSHUNJE, M. 2023. Environmental Social Work: African philosophies, frameworks and perspectives. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (2):48-56.

OKAFOR, S. O. 2023. African nations: a pathological system waiting for social work surgical intervention. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (3):127-135.
Keywords: African system ; colonialism ; decolonization ; neocolonialism ; social pathology ; social work

PEDZISAI, E., CHARAMBA, S. & MUKURAZHIZHA, R. 2023. Nexus between climate change and environmental social work in Africa. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (2):87-99.

TADESSE, M. E. & OBENG, J. K. 2023. An ecosocial work model for social work education in Africa. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (2):57-69.

TAKIEDDDINE, Y. & TAQIYEDDINE, B. 2023. Personal communication as a phenomenon in Algerian society: an ethnographic study on a sample of families in the state of M'Sila. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (6):294-302.

GARCÍA, B., MEIER, H. E. & MOUSTAKAS, L. 2023. Racing to Win: Competition and Co-operation between the National Olympic Committee and Public Authorities in the Development of the Botswana Sport System. Journal of Southern African Studies, 49 (4):637-659.
Keywords: Botswana ; governance ; National Olympic Committee ; National Sports Commission ; sport autonomy ; sport policy

Democratic Republic of Congo
MURHULA, K. G. 2023. Building a protective environment for street children in the global context of Coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19): lessons from the Democratic Republic of Congo. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (5):235-243.

YEFET, B. 2024. Egypt after the 2011 uprising: the implications of transitional justice in a non-liberal transition. The Journal of North African Studies, 29 (2):332-358.
Keywords: 2011 revolution ; authoritarianism ; Egypt ; military ; transitional justice

SPENCER, S. A. 2024. Matrifocal Retentions in Ethiopian Orthodox Traditions: The Madonna as Ark & Queen Makeda as Prefiguration of Mary; with Egyptian Queen Tiye & Pharaoh Hatshepsut as reference. African Identities, 22 (1):75-96.
Keywords: African matriarchy ; Ancient Egypt ; Ark of the Covenant ; Axum ; Black Madonna ; Ethiopia ; Ethiopian Christianity ; Khemet ; Matrifocality ; Mother Mary ; Nile Valley ; patriarchy & colonialism ; Pharaoh Hatshepsut ; Punt ; Queen Makeda ; Queen of Sheba ; Queen Tiye ; the Kebra Nagast (Glory of Kings) ; Yeha & Hawelti

BIHONEGN, A. A. 2023. “Like rubbing salt into the wound”: Lived experiences of homeless youth in Gondar City, Ethiopia. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (5):265-272.

FIKRE, K. & MINAYE, A. 2023. A model of blended family (stepfamily) formation in Ethiopia: a constructivist grounded theory. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (6):303-311.

NAAMI, A., PUMPUNI, C. M., MORT, K. S.-T. & OFORI, A. 2023. Rethinking social protection policy for persons with disabilities in Ghana. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (5):254-264.

VASHISHT, N. W. 2024. Staging resistance matters! Deconstructing structures of power and oppression in Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and Micere Githae Mugo’s The Trial of Dedan Kimathi and Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist. African Identities, 22 (1):97-111.
Keywords: counter-information ; cultural education ; revolutionary theatre and cultural intervention ; Theatres of resistance

AMBALA, A. T. 2023. Illusions of Participation in Kenya’s Contemporary Television Broadcastscape. Communicatio, 49 (3-4):88-103.
Keywords: convergence ; Kenyan media ; participation ; self-representation ; television broadcasting

THABANE, S. 2023. Experiences of childlessness and adoption in marriage among Basotho: A two-cohort phenomenological study. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (3):136-146.
Keywords: adoption ; adoption campaign ; childlessness ; family psychotherapy ; Lesotho ; married women

TUGGLE, F., BANKS, S. & GBESSAGE, S. 2023. Findings from a national evaluation of social work field education programs in Liberia, West Africa. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (6):273-284.

BALDINETTI, A. 2024. The making of trade unionism in Libya (1943–1957): internal and transnational struggles. The Journal of North African Studies, 29 (2):206-227.
Keywords: International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions ; International Confederation of Free Trade Unions ; Libya ; Libyan General Workers Union ; trade unionism

DRURY, M. 2024. Anticolonial irredentism: the Moroccan liberation army and decolonisation in the Sahara. The Journal of North African Studies, 29 (2):228-254.
Keywords: counterinsurgency ; Decolonisation ; irredentism ; liberation army ; Sahara

ERRAZZOUKI, S. 2024. Between rubble and rage: reflections on the earthquake in Morocco and its aftermath. The Journal of North African Studies, 29 (2):197-205.

MAYAUX, P.-L. 2024. Layering and perpetuating: the logics of conservative reforms in Morocco’s irrigation policies. The Journal of North African Studies, 29 (2):359-382.
Keywords: irrigation ; layering ; Morocco ; policy regime ; transformism

MIFDAL, M. 2024. Social movements in Morocco: rethinking political opportunities in terms of claims and outcomes. The Journal of North African Studies, 29 (2):255-291.
Keywords: claims ; dissent ; hegemony ; Moroccan social movements ; outcomes ; political opportunities

DO ROSÁRIO, D. M. & GUAMBE, E. 2023. Decentralising Fraud: New Models of Electoral Manipulation during the 2019 General Elections in Mozambique. Journal of Southern African Studies, 49 (4):677-695.
Keywords: authoritarian regimes ; decentralisation ; elections ; electoral fraud ; Mozambique

KALB, M. 2023. Centring Simon Kooper: Frontier Politics, Desert Environments and African Resistance. Journal of Southern African Studies, 49 (4):569-588.
Keywords: environmental history ; German Southwest Africa ; Kalahari Desert ; Namibia ; resistance

ADENIYI, E. 2024. ‘Africa is dying and no one gives a damn’: combating colonial historiography with revisionism, temporality in Tade Ipadeola’s The Sahara Testaments. African Identities, 22 (1):38-59.
Keywords: African historiography ; Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab ; Tade Ipadeola ; the Sahara

CHIDUBEM IWUOHA, V., NGWU, E. C., CHIDIEBUBE UCHE, J., OBIKAEZE, V. C. & ONONOGBU, O. 2024. United States’ electoral diplomacy in foreign countries under President Barrack Obama: Nigeria’s experience in the 2015 election. African Identities, 22 (1):112-129.
Keywords: Election ; electoral credibility ; electoral diplomacy ; foreign policy ; vote-switching

MAYER, A. 2024. Naija, the missing spectacle: guidebooks on Nigeria in the neoliberal era. African Identities, 22 (1):213-228.
Keywords: expatriate gaze ; neoliberalism ; Nigeria guidebooks ; radical guidebooks ; regaining the gaze ; West Africa guidebooks

NWOKO, K. C. 2024. Amotekun: The Southwest region’s response to the failures of the Nigerian police and worsening insecurity in Nigeria. African Identities, 22 (1):1-17.
Keywords: Amotekun ; Federalism ; Insecurity ; Nigerian constitution ; Southwest Nigeria ; state policing

OLUYEMI, J. A. & OLUMIDE, F. D. 2024. An anthropological analysis of the Yoruba greeting culture. African Identities, 22 (1):166-178.
Keywords: Greeting ; internet and social media ; peer group influence ; vernacular ; westernization ; Yorùbá

OSHEWOLO, R. & JAWONDO, I. 2024. Cotton production and processing in colonial Okunland, Kogi State, Nigeria: an analysis of the role of women. African Identities, 22 (1):18-37.
Keywords: cloth dyeing ; cloth weaving ; Cotton production and processing ; Nigeria ; Okunland

ISAIAH OLA, A. 2023. Appraisal of education as youth transformational agent for national development in Nigeria. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (1).

South Africa
JAMES, S. A. 2024. Nelson Makamo’s representations of African vernacular rooted images of black children. African Identities, 22 (1):179-196.
Keywords: African vernacular ; Black children ; contemporary art ; images ; Makamo

South Africa
FLEISHMAN, Z. 2023. ‘Strange things happen when the lights are low’: The South African Night in Drum, 1951–1960. Journal of Southern African Studies, 49 (4):529-551.
Keywords: apartheid ; black print culture ; Drum magazine ; modernity ; night ; Sophiatown ; temporality ; urban

South Africa
HARGOVAN, H. & ROVASHNI, C. 2023. The lived experiences of Persons with Albinism in the Northern Cape, South Africa. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (3):155-166.
Keywords: ‘lived’ experiences ; discrimination ; intersectionality ; Northern Cape ; persons with albinism

South Africa
MAMUKEYANI, E., MASHAMBA, T. J. & ONYA, H. 2023. The lived psychological experiences of the youth resulting from the use nyaope drug in Sekhukhune District, Limpopo Province, South Africa. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (3):147-154.
Keywords: experiences ; nyaope ; psychological ; South Africa ; youth

South Africa
MASOMBUKA, L. N. 2023. The Communication Repertoire of the Wits #FMF Movement. Communicatio, 49 (3-4):41-62.
Keywords: communication practices ; protests ; repertoires ; social movements ; strategies ; technologies

South Africa
MYEZA, A. & FALKOF, N. 2023. Real Men Do Good Sex: Black South African Masculinities in Men's Clinic International Adverts. Communicatio, 49 (3-4):23-40.
Keywords: advertising ; masculinity ; race ; sexual health ; South Africa

South Africa
SIMON, K. 2023. Perceptions of stakeholders on drivers of stigma subjected to People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Alice town, Eastern Cape: Implications for human rights and social service professions. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (1).

South Africa
STEWART, L. 2023. Diamonds in the Rough: The ICU’s Activism on the Lichtenburg Diamond Diggings, 1927–1931. Journal of Southern African Studies, 49 (4):611-635.
Keywords: Clements Kadalie ; ICU ; Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union ; Keable ‘Mote ; labour ; Lichtenburg ; strike

South Africa
WYNBERG, R., IVES, S. & BAM, J. 2023. How Access and Benefit Sharing Entrenches Inequity: The Case of Rooibos. Journal of Southern African Studies, 49 (4):589-610.
Keywords: access and benefit sharing ; biopiracy ; epistemic injustice ; governance ; Indigenous Khoi-San ; power ; South Africa ; traditional knowledge

South Africa
ZIBENGWA, E. & TANGA, P. T. 2023. Building economic strengthening programmes for youth in South Africa: determinants of success and failure. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (6):325-332.

MACDONALD, R., MOLONY, T. & LIHIRU, V. 2023. The Reception of Covid-19 Denialist Propaganda in Tanzania. Journal of Southern African Studies, 49 (4):697-716.
Keywords: authoritarianism ; Covid-19 ; Magufuli ; propaganda ; Tanzania

SEBEI, H. & FULCO, C. 2024. Rethinking the legacy of Tunisian pact-making in the post-July 2021 order. The Journal of North African Studies, 29 (2):292-331.
Keywords: 2022 Constitutional Referendum ; Ennahda ; exclusivist and selective consensus ; Kais Saied ; Tunisian opposition

BENYERA, E. 2024. Child victim, loyal war spirit medium or war criminal: shifting the geography and logic of historical accountability in Dominic Ongwen’s ICC trial. African Identities, 22 (1):197-212.
Keywords: child soldier ; Dominic Ongwen ; human rights ; International criminal court ; survivors’ justice ; traditional transitional justice mechanisms ; war crimes ; warlord

BHANGYI, V. B. 2023. Directions in constructing a body of knowledge in eco-social work education and practice in Uganda: Actions, channels, and implications. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (2):70-77.

MAZIMBA, M. T. 2023. African Reactions to the First World War: The Case of the Mtenga-Tenga of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). Journal of Southern African Studies, 49 (4):553-567.
Keywords: British South Africa Company (BSAC) ; East Africa campaign ; First World War ; mtenga-tenga ; Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) ; porterage labour ; porters

CHIGWIDA, H. & MODIBA, M. 2024. The state of the field of curriculum studies in Zimbabwe: perspectives of researchers. African Identities, 22 (1):130-146.
Keywords: curriculum ; knowledge democracy ; Zimbabwe

MOYO, Z. 2024. Significance of cultural context in shaping female school leadership and management in Zimbabwe. African Identities, 22 (1):60-74.
Keywords: cultural context ; female principals ; gender inequalities ; Gender stereotypes ; school leadership

CHIGANGAIDZE, R. 2023. Social work ethos in indigenous Shona music: a qualitative content analysis of the song Mugariro (Ephat Mujuru, 1994) through Ubuntu philosophy and Ukama construct in Zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (6):285-293.

CHIKOKO, W. & CHIHIYA, P. 2023. Climate change and vulnerabilities of children in rural Zimbabwe: The case of ward 14 of Bikita District, Zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (2):78-86.

MAREWO, M. K. 2023. ‘Rooted Back Home’: Exploring Linkages between Small-Scale Land Reform Beneficiaries and their Communal Areas of Origin in Zimbabwe. Journal of Southern African Studies, 49 (4):661-676.
Keywords: A1 villagised settlements ; belonging ; communal areas, Zimbabwe ; land reform

MUKURAZHIZHA, R., MURIDZO, N. & SIMBINE, S. 2023. The place of indigenous knowledge in environmental social work in Zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (2):110-117.

NHAPI, T. 2023. Reflections on integrating environmental social work methods of intervention in Zimbabwean social work curriculum. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (2):118-126.

TOME, A. R. 2023. A critical analysis of the challenges faced by deaf farmers in their participation in sustainable food production for nutrition and health in Mashonaland region, Zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Work, 13 (2):100-109.