Recently published journal articles - week 07 2023

Retrieved week 07 2023


FUNJIKA, P. 2023. Historical African ethnic class stratification systems and intergenerational transmission of education. Economic History of Developing Regions, 38 (1):89-116.
Keywords: Africa ; C21 ; education ; ethnicity ; I24 ; Intergenerational mobility ; J62 ; N37 ; precolonial period

GALLI, S., THEODORIDIS, D. & RÖNNBÄCK, K. 2023. Economic inequality in Latin America and Africa, 1650 to 1950: Can a comparison of historical trajectories help to understand underdevelopment? Economic History of Developing Regions, 38 (1):41-64.
Keywords: Africa ; history ; Inequality ; Latin America ; resource distribution

MADUMERE, N. 2021. The impact of stakeholder management on the oil and gas industry in Africa: A case study of oil companies and African host communities. African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 21 (2):8-32.
Keywords: community ; environment ; oil and gas companies ; Oil and gas resource ; stakeholder management ; sustainability

ENO, G. K. N. 2022. Hydro-geopolitics and conflicts among the ‘traditional states’ of the Nun River Basin, Ndop Plain (North-West Cameroon). African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 22 (1):52-67.

Democratic Republic of Congo
MURHULA, P. B. B. 2022. Indigenous restorative justice mechanisms as a tool for transitional justice in the Democratic Republic of Congo. African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 22 (1):34-51.

OWUSU-MENSAH, I. 2022. The role of the kingmakers and the electoral college system in the Dagbon chieftaincy crisis. African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 22 (1):93-119.

DZINESA, G. A. 2022. Malawi’s Peace Policy: The bedrock of a coherent national peace architecture? African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 22 (1):68-91.

WALCH, C. 2021. Too partial to work? Informal institutions in the midst of climate change and armed conflict in central Mali. African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 21 (2):101-126.
Keywords: armed conflict ; Climate change ; informal institutions ; Mali

JARIKRE, M. 2021. The Legislative Framework: A Path to Peace in Ethnically Divided Communities in Warri Conflict Area. African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 21 (2):127-146.
Keywords: Community Development Committee ; conflict transformation ; Ethnically Divided ; Legislative Framework ; Peace ; peacebuilding ; Warri conflict area

OKOLI, A. C. & UKWANDU, D. 2021. Communal Conflicts in Nasarawa State, North Central Nigeria: A Socio-Contextual Rethink. African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 21 (2):81-100.
Keywords: communal conflict ; conflict analysis ; farmer-herder conflict ; Nasarawa State ; North Central Nigeria ; political ecology

South Africa
BEKKER, M., RUNCIMAN, C. & ROBERTS, B. 2022. Beyond the binary: examining dynamic youth voter behaviour in South Africa. Politikon, 49 (4):297-317.

South Africa
DLAKAVU, A. 2022. South African electoral trends: prospects for coalition governance at national and provincial spheres in 2024. Politikon, 49 (4):476-490.

South Africa
KHAMBULE, I. 2022. Governing Through Turbulent Coalitions: Will ActionSA Bring Stability to Gauteng Metropolitan Municipalities? Politikon, 49 (4):411-427.

South Africa
KOTZÉ, D. 2022. An Election Postponement as a Change of the Constitution: Its Democratic and Constitutional Implications. Politikon, 49 (4):350-365.

South Africa
MASHAPHA, M. C., MOLEPO, J. N. & MALEKA, M. C. 2022. Hesitancy to participate in South African local government elections – rural voter’s perspective. Politikon, 49 (4):446-456.

South Africa
NAGAR, M. F. 2022. South Africa’s dwindling developmental local government: a dying dream? Politikon, 49 (4):366-381.

South Africa
NDLOVU, H. 2022. An Agenda with no gender: 2021 local government elections and patriarchal domination in South African politics. Politikon, 49 (4):396-410.

South Africa
NDZENDZE, B. & MANYANA, Z. 2022. Are South African political parties thinking about the future in local governance? Assessing the 2021 LGE manifestos for responses to technological, climate and demographic changes. Politikon, 49 (4):428-445.

South Africa
SCHULZ-HERZENBERG, C. 2022. The 2021 municipal elections: rise of the volatile voter or disaffected citizen? Politikon, 49 (4):318-336.

South Africa
SEMPIJJA, N. & MONGALE, C. O. 2022. Protests as a form of electioneering? A comparative study of the 2016 and 2021 local government elections protests in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Politikon, 49 (4):457-475.

South Africa
SHANGASE, M. 2022. Local government elections and the illusion of pragmatism. Politikon, 49 (4):382-395.

South Africa
SINWELL, L., NGWANE, T. & MAGGOTT, T. 2022. Electing to electrify: unpacking the local crisis and state response in Sun Valley, Soweto. Politikon, 49 (4):337-349.

South Africa
MBOH, L. 2021. An investigation into the role of traditional leaders in conflict resolution: The case of communities in the Mahikeng Local Municipality, North West Province, South Africa. African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 21 (2):33-57.
Keywords: Conflict ; conflict resolution ; indigenous communities ; Indigenous knowledge ; Indigenous knowledge systems ; traditional leaders

MUKUNTO, K. I. 2021. National dialogue and social cohesion in Zambia. African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 21 (2):58-80.
Keywords: Conflict ; Constitutionmaking ; National Dialogue ; Social Cohesion ; Zambia

MUCHANYUKA, M. R. 2022. Adaptation of local peace committees in Zimbabwe: Lessons from Chipinge- East constituency. African Journal on Conflict Resolution, 22 (1):8-33.