Recently published journal articles - week 03 2022

Retrieved week 03 2022


CARMODY, P. 2021. Going Viral? The Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Sino- African Relations. African studies quarterly, 20 (3):23.

PAY, V. N. & GITONGA-MUTETHIA, R. 2021. US-Africa Relations: A Case Study of US-Kenyan Economic Diplomacy. African studies quarterly, 20 (4):19.

SOBERS, C. 2021. Signal Cascades in Angola’s Independence Struggle, 1955-1975. African studies quarterly, 20 (1):26.

HESS, C. S. 2021. Identity, Guns, and Nineteenth-century Globalization: An Examination of Botswana. African studies quarterly, 20 (1):18.

BUDI, R. N. 2021. Cameroonian Women in the Informal Petrol Trade: The Case of Bamenda City Council Area, 1980-2017. African studies quarterly, 20 (2):12.

ANTENEH, K. S., ALAMINEH, G. A., ALI, M. S. & DENBERU, A. D. 2021. The Causes of Blood Feud in Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia. African Studies, 80 (3-4):357-375.
Keywords: Amhara regional state ; blood feud ; cause ; economy ; politics ; socio-cultural

ASHIABI, E. E. 2021. Political Vigilantism in Ghana’s Democratic Consolidation: Critical Mass, Political Behavior, and Actor Choices. African studies quarterly, 20 (1):19.

DENCHIE, E. O., ABLO, A. D. & OVERÅ, R. 2021. Land governance and access dynamics in Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana. African Geographical Review, 40 (4):364-377.
Keywords: Ghana ; land conflicts ; Land governance ; legal pluralism ; petroleum industry ; Sekondi-Takoradi

KUPERUS, T. & ASANTE, R. 2021. Christianity, Citizenship, and Political Engagement among Ghanaian Youth. African studies quarterly, 20 (2):25.

SUNGBAAHEE, S. B. & KPIETA, A. B. 2021. Smallholder farmers’ perception of Sustainable Land Management Practices (SLMPs) in the Upper West Region, Ghana. African Geographical Review, 40 (4):444-458.
Keywords: Adoption ; compost ; manure ; minimum tillage ; smallholder farmer ; sustainable land management practices

ALLEN, N. 2021. The Ghost of Gulamo Nabi: The 1983 Case that Fractured the Façade of Multiracial Unity in Mozambican Socialism. African Studies, 80 (3-4):415-433.
Keywords: colonialism ; death penalty ; Mozambique socialism ; multiracial state ; nation building ; national identity formation ; post-colonialism

AGHEYISI, J. E. & AGHEDO, I. 2021. Neighborhood Vulnerability to Security Threats in Benin City: The Role of Informal Housing and the Built Environment. African studies quarterly, 20 (4):21.

DAVID, I. 2021. Nigeria’s Image Problem and Image-Polishing: Foreign Policy Responses since 1999. African studies quarterly, 20 (4):15.

EKUNDAYO, O. Y., OKOGBUE, E. C., AKINLUYI, F. O., KALUMBA, A. M. & ORIMOLOYE, I. R. 2021. Spatiotemporal drought assessment using vegetation health index and standardized precipitation index over Sudano-Sahelian region of Nigeria. African Geographical Review, 40 (4):412-424.
Keywords: drought ; Nigeria Sudano-Sahelian region ; severity ; Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) ; Vegetation Health Index (VHI)

MAGAQA, T. & MAKOMBE, R. 2021. Decolonising Queer Sexualities: A Critical Reading of the Ogbanje Concept in Akwaeke Emezi’s Freshwater (2018). African studies quarterly, 20 (3):16.

OLUSEGUN-JOSEPH, Y. 2021. Canons and Margins: Contemporary Nigerian Writing, Father-Surveillance Criticism and Kindred Economies of Othering. African studies quarterly, 20 (2):18.

TAIWO, O. J. 2021. Maximal Covering Location Problem (MCLP) for the identification of potential optimal COVID-19 testing facility sites in Nigeria. African Geographical Review, 40 (4):395-411.
Keywords: Geographic Information System (GIS) ; Maximal Covering Location Problem (MCLP) ; National Center for Disease Control Molecular Laboratories (NCDCMLs) ; Network analysis ; University Teaching and Research Hospitals (UTRHs)

YÉKÚ, J. 2021. In Praise of Ostentation: Social Class in Lagos and the Aesthetics of Nollywood's Ówàḿbẹ̀ Genres. African Studies, 80 (3-4):434-450.
Keywords: class ; New Nollywood ; ostentation ; Ówàḿbẹ̀

HARDIN, S. 2021. A Collective Struggle: Cotton Production by and for a Fulbe Sufi Brotherhood in Postcolonial Southeastern Senegal. African studies quarterly, 20 (2):24.

South Africa
BAUER, N. 2021. Blaming the Other: Migrancy and Populism in Contemporary South Africa. African Studies, 80 (3-4):478-490.

South Africa
CHOUCHENE, A. M. 2021. Master Servant Relationships in the Eastern Cape: the 1820 Settlement. African studies quarterly, 20 (1):17.

South Africa
MAKGOBA, M. 2021. Constructing the Symbolic Agendas of Political and Structural Transformation with the Discourse of Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa. African Studies, 80 (3-4):335-356.
Keywords: apartheid ; Black economic empowerment ; colonialism ; critical discourse analysis ; discourse ; South Africa ; transformation

South Africa
SEEDAT, M., SUFFLA, S. & NDLOVU-GATSHENI, S. 2021. Mbeki’s ‘I am an African’ Speech: Mobilising Psycho-Political Resources for Political Reconstitution of Post-Apartheid South Africa. African Studies, 80 (3-4):451-465.
Keywords: Africa ; epistemic agency ; identity ; Mbeki ; onto-epistemological ; psycho-politics ; relational ontology

South Africa
SINTHUMULE, N. I. 2021. Municipal border disputes in Vhembe district municipality, Limpopo province of South Africa. African Geographical Review, 40 (4):339-352.
Keywords: Border disputes ; municipal demarcation board ; municipality ; re-determination ; Vuwani

South Africa
SURIANO, M. & SIFELANI, P. 2021. Unsettling the Ranks: 1930s Zulu-Language Writings on African Progress and Unity in The Bantu World. African Studies, 80 (3-4):287-309.
Keywords: African print cultures ; progress/unity ; readers’ networks ; The Bantu World ; Zulu language (isiZulu)

South Africa
WALKER, G. R. 2021. ‘A Song is Not Just a Song’: Community Mobilisation and Psychosocial Healing in South Africa’s AIDS Crisis. African Studies, 80 (3-4):310-334.
Keywords: antiretroviral drugs ; community mobilisation ; community music-making ; HIV positive choir ; HIV/AIDS ; psychosocial healing ; South Africa ; struggle songs ; Treatment Action Campaign

Southern Africa
RUBAN, D. A. 2021. Are virtual journeys around great lakes effective for finding megaclast deposits? Evidence from the Lake Malawi. African Geographical Review, 40 (4):353-363.
Keywords: Blocks ; Great African lakes ; lacustrine sedimentology ; remote sensing ; rocky shore

Southern Africa
WIDLOK, T., KNAB, J. & VAN DER WULP, C. 2021. #African Time: Making the Future Legible. African Studies, 80 (3-4):397-414.
Keywords: African time ; anthropology of development ; future ; legibility ; southern Africa ; statecraft ; time

GUMISIRIZA, P. 2021. Street Vending in Kampala: From Corruption to Crisis. African studies quarterly, 20 (1):20.

OJAMBO, R. 2021. On the Waters: Economic and Political Drivers of Maritime Conflicts between Uganda and its Neighbors. African studies quarterly, 20 (3):13.

CHITONGE, H. 2021. Access to Urban Land and the Claim to the City in Africa: Constructing Urban Citizenship in Lusaka’s Unplanned Settlements. African studies quarterly, 20 (3):20.

NDLOVU, M. & TSHUMA, L. A. 2021. Bleeding from One Generation to the Next: The Media and the Constructions of Gukurahundi Postmemories by University Students in Zimbabwe. African Studies, 80 (3-4):376-396.
Keywords: genocide ; Gukurahundi ; Matabeleland ; Ndebele ; post-generation ; postmemories ; social media