PhD research

The African Studies Centre Leiden currently hosts about 15-20 resident PhD students who work on a variety of themes and regions. As of January 2012, the ASCL has a new research programme entitled ‘Africa and the Global Restructuring’ that has four different fields of study and the PhD students’ research is reflected in these themes. 

* Resources and well-being
* Identification and belonging in a media age
* Constellations of governance
* Africa’s global connections

The African Studies Centre Leiden in itself does not offer PhD-programmes for prospective students. On rare occasions the African Studies Centre Leiden offers a vacancy for a PhD-student.
PhD-students (with a grant) looking for a supervisor can contact a member of our research staff.

As of lately the ASCL is in the process of creating an overview of PhD students (updated July 2017) working on an Africa related dissertation at universities in the Netherlands and Belgium (and sporadically elsewhere). We hope that this list will lead to an Africa PhD Community in the Netherlands that can help students get in touch with each other for the purpose of generating discussion and to support each other. If you would like your details to be added to this list please send an email to with the following information: working title, key words, country or region of focus, name of your university. PhD candidates who have had their details added to the overview are welcome to join the Africanist PhD Candidates groups on Facebook and Linkedin.

See also: lists of Dutch dissertations on Africa.

Below you will find an overview of PhD students who are linked to the African Studies Centre Leiden in the sense that they have a (co)promoter who is a member of the ASCL research staff.

Project status:

Completed PhD research projects