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03 July 2015
CTD Seminar: Les violences ordinaires dans l’Afrique contemporaine: le monde humanitaire
Speaker: Sylvie Ayimpam, Aix-Marseille Université / Institut des mondes Africains (IMAF),
Speaker: Jacky Bouju, Aix-Marseille Université / Institut des mondes Africains (IMAF)

11 June 2015
Seminar: Data as the new oil? The developmental potential of big data for African countries
Speaker: Laura Mann, African Studies Centre Leiden

08 June 2015
Seminar: Africa’s digital dividend - mapping the shift from tech transfer to indigenous innovation
Speaker: Gregg Pascal Zachary, Arizona State University

04 June 2015
Seminar: Can African countries successfully implement industrial policy?
Speaker: Lindsay Whitfield, Roskilde University, Denmark

28 May 2015
Seminar: Religious business and the violation of human rights in Africa today
Speaker: Dieudonné Zognong, University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon

21 May 2015
Seminar: Dangote Cement Plc: An African Success Story?
Speaker: Chibuike Uche, African Studies Centre,
Speaker: Akinyinka Akinyoade, African Studies Centre

13 May 2015
Lunch seminar: Capital, Citizens and Ruling Elites: Asia and the West in the Red Sea Littoral
Speaker: Samson A. Bezabeh, Visiting Fellow, ASC and IIAS

23 April 2015
Seminar: Knowledge = Power. Politics and formal education in the precolonial Kongo kingdom
Speaker: Inge Brinkman, History Department, Ghent University

16 April 2015
Seminar: Message in a bottle: Race, consumption and advertising in the twentieth century South African wine industry
Speaker: Paul Nugent, Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh

09 April 2015
Seminar: Society and change in Northern Ghana: Dagomba, Gonja, and the regional perspective on Ghanaian history
Speaker: Dr. Samuel Ntewusu, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana at Legon,
Speaker: Dr. Michel Doortmont, African Studies Centre and University of Groningen

19 February 2015
Seminar: Do African elites really want to emulate a Chinese 'model' of development?
Speaker: Elsje Fourie, Maastricht University

29 January 2015
Seminar: Anticipating the revolt: A new view of military mutinies in West and Central Africa
Speaker: Maggie Dwyer, University of Saint Andrews and University of Edinburgh

22 January 2015
Seminar by Stephen Ellis: A history of Nigerian organized crime
Speaker: Stephen Ellis, African Studies Centre / VU University Amsterdam

16 December 2014
Seminar: Disability in South Africa: from research to practice and policy, and back again
Speaker: Kate Sherry, visiting PhD student from the University of Cape Town, occupational therapist and chair of Rural Rehab SA (RuReSA).

08 December 2014
Performance by Phillippa Yaa de Villiers (South Africa) big success
Speaker: Phillippa Yaa de Villiers

21 November 2014
Book presentation: Peter Tse Angwafo: Cameroon's Predicaments
Speaker: Verina Ingram, Wageningen University