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14 September 2017
Seminar: The Orphan Industrial Complex: charitable commodification and its consequences for child protection in Africa
Speaker: Kristen Cheney, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague

07 September 2017
Seminar: Simon Witbooi: God praat Afrikaans
Speaker: Simon Witbooi aka Hemelbesem

31 August 2017
Seminar: Intimate borders: the experience of African-Australian marriage migration among African male marriage migrants
Speaker: Henrike Hoogenraad, PhD Candidate at Adelaide University

22 June 2017
Seminar: Memories of revolutionary engagement among Ethiopian-Israelis: Redefining identity and social position
Speaker: David Ratner, visiting fellow African Studies Centre Leiden

18 May 2017
Seminar: Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Post-colonial Africa: The De-colonial Option
Speaker: Ruth Murambadoro, Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation, Pretoria

11 May 2017
Seminar: A Dogon prophet and the UNESCO cultural heritage of Mali
Speaker: Wouter van Beek, African Studies Centre Leiden

20 April 2017
Seminar: Hostages of Empire: The daily life of African prisoners of war interned in Vichy France
Speaker: Sarah Ann Frank, University of the Free State, South Africa

06 April 2017
Seminar: Monument of Nature? An Ethnography of the World Heritage of Mt. Kenya
Speaker: Marlous van den Akker, Institute of Cultural Anthropology, Leiden University

16 March 2017
Seminar: The Nigeria-Biafra war, popular culture and agitation for sovereignty of a Biafran nation
Speaker: 'Rantimi Jays Julius-Adeoye, Department of Theatre and Film Studies, Redeemer’s University, Nigeria

02 February 2017
Seminar: Challenging Imperial Internationalism: The Anglo-American Powers, the UN and the question of Katanga 1960-1963
Speaker: Alanna O'Malley, Institute for History, Leiden University

18 January 2017
Seminar: Women's land rights: from global commitments to local results
Speaker: Catherine Gatundu, Action Aid International

15 December 2016
Seminar: Spectres of the state: State collapse and sovereign afterlives in Somalia
Speaker: Tobias Hagmann, Roskilde University Denmark

13 December 2016
Seminar: Chimurenga Epistemology: Engaging Colonial Trauma Through Music Scholarship
Speaker: Mhoze Chikowero, University of California Santa Barbara

24 November 2016
Seminar: Why hundreds of Dutch emigrants chose Rhodesia-Zimbabwe as their new home
Speaker: Marnix de Bruyne, journalist

07 November 2016
Country Meeting: Ethiopia

03 November 2016
Seminar: Constructing the territory and borders of Borno, Nigeria
Speaker: Vincent Hiribarren, King's College London