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05 July 2018
Public lecture: Religion and education reform in Francophone Sahel
Speaker: Prof. Leonardo Villalón, Sahel Research Group, University of Florida, Gainesville,
Speaker: Mamadou Bodian, Sahel Research Group, University of Florida, Gainesville

07 June 2018
Seminar by Sandra Swart: The Lion’s Historian: Animal Histories from the South
Speaker: Sandra Swart, Stellenbosch University

24 May 2018
Seminar by Bill Kinsey: Space and Time: A Long-term Perspective on Land Reform from Zimbabwe’s Experience
Speaker: Bill Kinsey, Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study, South Africa

19 December 2017
Booklaunch 'Magnifying Perspectives. Contributions to History, a Festschrift for Robert Ross'
Speaker: Wayne Dooling, SOAS, University of London

07 December 2017
LeidenASA Annual Meeting: Keynote by Elísio Macamo
Speaker: Elísio Macamo (Centre for African Studies, University of Basel)

12 October 2017
Seminar: High Apartheid as Nihilism: Charisma and Bureaucracy in the Leadership of H.F. Verwoerd
Speaker: Jonny Steinberg, University of Oxford

23 September 2017 to 29 September 2017
Voice4Thought Festival: Digital Radicalization