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14 June 2013
Seminar: China’s Global Backyard: Comparing Chinese Relations with Southeast Asia and Africa
Speaker: Danielle Tan, International Institute for Asian Studies,
Speaker: Jessica Achberger, African Studies Centre

13 June 2013
Seminar: Unlikely Allies: Zambia, Yugoslavia and the Quest for Nonaligned Economic Development
Speaker: Jessica Achberger, Research Fellow at the Southern African Institute of Policy and Research in Lusaka, Zambia

04 June 2013
IS Academie seminar: Handel en OS: hoe plukken lokale boeren daar de vruchten van?
Speaker: Matthias Olthaar, Universiteit Groningen en Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

03 June 2013
Seminar: PADev

30 May 2013
Seminar: Colonial administration, native taxation and fiscal subjects in former Portuguese Africa
Speaker: Philip J. Havik, Tropical Research Institute IICT Lisbon

16 May 2013
Africa Today Seminar: Let's Be Friends: The US, Post-Genocide Rwanda and Victor's Justice in Arusha
Speaker: Luc Reydams, Dept of Political Science, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

18 April 2013
Seminar: The War Ate the Rains: Transnational Civil War and Environmental Destruction in Southern Africa, 1960s-1990s
Speaker: Emmanuel Kreike, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) and Princeton University

09 April 2013
Seminar: ‘The Englishman’s Game’. Cricket and Colonial Identity in South Africa, 1880-1910
Speaker: Dr Dean Allen, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town

28 March 2013
Seminar: The Bungha Building as a Site for the Contestation of History
Speaker: Brenton A. Maart, University of Cape Town, visiting fellow African Studies Centre

28 March 2013
Workshop: Energy access and climate finance in Africa
Speaker: Nthabiseng Mohlakoana, CSTM/University of Twente,
Speaker: Wim Jonker Klunne, CSIR, South Africa,
Speaker: Jonathan Quartey, University of Technology, Kumasi, Ghana

14 March 2013
Seminar: The BRICS and the “New Scramble for Africa"
Speaker: Ian Taylor, Professor in International Relations and African Politics at St Andrews, Scotland, UK

07 March 2013
Crisis Watch #4: Gewapend conflict in Mali
Speaker: Han van Dijk, Afrika-Studiecentrum,
Speaker: en verder: Ludo de Brabander (Vrede vzw), Rosan Smits (Clingendael) en een noodhulpspecialist vanuit ICCO en Kerk in Actie

28 February 2013
Séminaire: Les entrepreneurs militaires et la démocratisation à Madagascar
Speaker: Juvence Ramasy, University of Toamasina, Madagascar

31 January 2013
Seminar: Het conflict in oostelijk Congo en mijnbouw: zijn er lokale oplossingen mogelijk?
Speaker: Koen Vlassenroot, Universiteit Gent,
Speaker: Joost van Puijenbroek, IKV Pax Christi,
Speaker: Sara Geenen, Universiteit Antwerpen,
Speaker: Jaime de Bourbon Parme

25 January 2013
Seminar: External Mission: The ANC in Exile, 1960-1990
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Stephen Ellis, African Studies Centre

24 January 2013
Seminar: Lewanika's Workshop and the Vision of Lozi Arts: Establishing and Maintaining an Identity in Western Zambia, 1880 - 1980
Speaker: Karen E. Milbourne, PhD, curator National Museum of African Art Smithsonian Institution

12 December 2012
Lunch Seminar: On Being Fire-fighters: Insights on Curriculum Transformation in Contexts of HIV and AIDS
Speaker: Musa W. Dube, Professor of Theology and Religious Studies University of Botswana

29 November 2012
Seminar: Youth in “Waithood”: Transitions and Social Change
Speaker: Alcinda Honwana, Visiting professor Open University UK

22 November 2012
Seminar: Powers, Territory and Politics of Personal Dependency in the Western Gold Coast (Ghana-Ivory Coast)
Speaker: Prof. Pierluigi Valsecchi, University of Pavia

17 October 2012
The crisis in Mali: Political instability and regional radicalization
Speaker: Prof. Mirjam de Bruijn,
Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Soares,
Speaker: Martin van Vliet

11 October 2012
‘Order doesn't come by itself’. Chinese facilitators of order and disorder in Accra
Speaker: Alena Thiel, GIGA Institute of Asian Studies, Hamburg,
Speaker: Dr Karsten Giese, GIGA Institute of Asian Studies, Hamburg

09 October 2012
Seminar: Kenyan Land Reform: From Paper to Practice (and the Role of Civil Society)
Speaker: David Barissa Ringa, ActionAid Kenya

27 September 2012
Seminar: The Impact of Tax Havens on Development
Speaker: Prof. Ronen Palan, City University London

13 September 2012
Violence, Informal Authority and Conflict Resolution in Kano, Nigeria
Speaker: Dr David Ehrhardt

05 July 2012
Seminar: Archaeology, Delafosse and the States of the West African Sahel
Speaker: Prof. Kevin C. MacDonald, Institute of Archaeology, University College London