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The African Studies Centre Leiden Community is a dynamic network of (international) Africa experts. The purpose of the Community is sharing knowledge and information between researchers, students, policy makers, NGO employees, business people and journalists. Recently added members (in the last 30 days) can be found here.

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Examples: political geography, human rights, ethnicity

Christian Williams
(Fellow member)
University of the Free State
Member since: 30 January 2019

Shishani Vranckx
Member since: 02 January 2017

Jo-Ansie van Wyk
(Fellow member)
University of South Africa (Unisa)
Member since: 13 December 2017

Letisia Alfeus
(Affiliate member)
United Nations Population Fund
Member since: 16 March 2015

Leonor Faber-Jonker
(Affiliate member)
Member since: 18 March 2015

Lieneke de Visser
(Affiliate member)
VU University
Member since: 06 February 2013

Stasja Koot
(Fellow member)
Wageningen University
Member since: 16 September 2013

René van der Duim
(Fellow member)
Wageningen University
Member since: 16 October 2013

Martine Prins
(Associate member)
Member since: 23 July 2012

Janine Ubink
(Fellow member)
Leiden University
Member since: 12 September 2012

Paul Hebinck
(Fellow member)
Wageningen University
Member since: 25 September 2012