Yvon Robison Randriaharimalala

Yvon Robison Randriaharimalala is a trade and investment consultant, specialized in  Madagascar - China. After studying and working in China for 20 years, he worked as a consultant for Chinese investments in his native country Madagascar. He currently works as a Sourcing Service consultant in the Netherlands.  He shared his experience and views in his book "Reflexions sur la Chine et Madagascar," a summary of his lectures at the Confucius Institute of Antananarivo University of Madagascar. The book raises a number of political, cultural and economic problems faced by these two countries, as well as provide some possible solutions. Robison's interests are oriented towards Malagasy - Chinese economic and cultural relations, which were also the topics of his studies at the Beijing College of Economics, the University of Beijing - China and the Sorbonne University Paris III - France, where he holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Asian Studies.