Verina Ingram

Verina Ingram is social scientist focusing on the interactions between people, natural resources and markets with 20 years of working experience with governments, NGOs, business, researchers and communities in Central, West and Eastern Africa, Europe and Asia. She currently focuses on tropical areas and commodities such as timber, non-timber forest products, cocoa,  coffee, cotton, soy and palm oil, evaluating impacts on sustainability and livelihoods and how improvements can be made through governance, regulation, customary, collective and market driven actions such as certification and corporate social responsibility schemes. This includes evaluating and monitoring of impacts for private and public sector and certifying organisations.

She defended her PhD in March 2014 at the University of Amsterdam on the impacts of governance arrangements on the sustainability of forest value chains in the Congo Basin. This included practical assignments and advice to Central African governments and the Commission on Central African Forests (COMIFAC) on monitoring, data collection, regulation and evaluation of forest products. Prior to joining the Agricultural Economics Institute (LEI) of Wageningen UR in 2011, Verina was Livelihoods team coordinator with the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) based in Central Africa and continues to work as an Associate with CIFOR. She has worked with SNV building capacities for sustainable natural resource use and agriculture in Cameroon and with Royal Haskoning with business, communities, governments and NGOs in Africa, Europe and Asia on international, multi-disciplinary projects.  She is a director of certified organic apiculture company in Africa.