Tabona Shoko

Specialist in African Traditional Religions, Proficient in Phenomenology of Religion/Science of Religion, African Christianity, World Religions with competence in Comparative Religions, Proficient in HIV/AIDS Health Care.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Religious Studies, University of Zimbabwe, 1994.
Thesis Title: Health and Well-being: A Phenomenological Quest for the Essence of the Karanga Religion, Harare: University of Zimbabwe, 1994.

Master of Arts (MA): Religious Studies, University of Zimbabwe, 1988.
Dissertation Title: Buchwa Mountain: An Analysis of Myth, Harare: University of Zimbabwe, 1988.
Bachelor of Arts (BA) Dual Hons: in Religious Studies and Shona, University of Zimbabwe, 1986.
Dissertation Title: Biblical Influence in Modern Shona Poetry, Harare: University of Zimbabwe, 1986.

Employment History
Full Professor with University of Zimbabwe, 1 January 2013-date
Lecturer: Religious Studies, University of Zimbabwe (UZ), 1993 – date.
Teach Courses in African Traditional Religion, Phenomenology of Religion/Science of Religions, World Religions.
Main Supervisor of DPhil (5), MPhil, M. A. and BA Hons students.
Coordinator: Religion and Research Seminars in the Department of Religious Studies, University of Zimbabwe.
Examiner of B.A. Hons, M. A, M. Phil and DPhil candidates.
External Examiner, University of KwaZulu Natal 2008.
External Examiner, Belvedere Teachers College, Zimbabwe 1995.


Fellow member
University of Zimbabwe
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