Shiela Chikulo

Shiela Chikulo is a communication for development expert with ten years of experience in the development cooperation sector in Zimbabwe. She serves as Senior Research Fellow at Ruzivo Trust, where she leads in the design and implementation of human-centred research prototypes. Her main areas of focus include  agriculture and natural resource based livelihoods, social and economic justice advocacy, community training and resilience building. She also works in the domains of humanitarian response in emergency situations, livelihoods diversity, agro-food systems, and markets. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in Sociology of Development and Change at Wageningen University and Research (WUR) in the Netherlands. Her thesis analyses the social dimensions of the construction of markets and market functionality. Shiela holds a Master's degree in Communication and Media Studies and a Bachelor's degree in English and Linguistics; both obtained from the University of Zimbabwe. Shiela is committed, through her work, to contribute to the attainment of social and economic justice particularly among smallholder farmers, women, youth, refugees, and minority communities in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Recent publications:

Tirivayi N, Matondi P.B, Tomini, S, Tesfaye W.M, Chikulo S., Morelli C (2016) Emergency Cash-First Response to food security in drought-affected communities in Southern Zimbabwe through a mobile cash transfer project, UNU-MERIT, the Netherlands

Matondi, P.; Chikulo, S. Beyond land transfers: The Dynamics of Socially Driven Markets Emerging from Zimbabwe’s Fast Track Land Reform Programme. In Rural Development and the Construction of New Markets; Hebinck, P., van der Ploeg, J.D., Schneider, S., Eds.; Routledge: London, UK; New York, NY, USA, 2015; pp. 149–167


Affiliate member
Ruzivo Trust & Wageningen University