Seleshi Yalew

Seleshi Yalew has a PhD in Water Resources Management (2018, Delft University of Technology (in collaboration with IHE-Delft)), with a particular focus on Africa, i.e., the Nile River Basin. He is currently a Post Doc researcher at Delft University of Technology. His research is on 'Ethically Informed Optimization of Integrated Water Resources Management'. Previously, he was a researcher at Utrecht University and Wageningen University on 'Climate Change Impact on Water-Land-Energy Nexus'. His research interests include: integrated water resources management, water-land-energy and climate nexus, ecosystem services, hydro-politics and social hydrology.

Recent publications:

Yalew et al (2018). Coupling land-use change and hydrologic models for quantification of catchment ecosystem services. Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 109, November 2018, Pages 315-328.

Yalew et al (2016). A framework for  agricultural land suitability assessment in the Nile, Computer and Electronics in Agriculture, Volume 128, October 2016, Pages 1-8.

Groot, J., Yalew , S.G., Rossing, W.A.H., (2018). Exploring ecosystem services trade-offs in agricultural landscapes with a multi-objective programming approach. Landscape and Urban Planning. Volume 172, April 2018, Pages 29-36.

Yalew, S.G., Van Griensven, A., Mul,M.L., Van der Zaag, P (2016). Land suitability analysis for agriculture in the Abbay basin using remote sensing, GIS and AHP techniques. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, June 2016, 2:101.

Yalew, S.G., M.L. Mul , E. Teferi , A. van Griensven, d, J. Priess, C. Schweitzer, P. van der Zaag. (2016)    Land-Use Change Modelling in the Upper Blue Nile Basin. Environments 2016, 3(3), 21.

Yalew, S., van Griensven, A., Ray, N., Kokoszkiewicz, L., & Betrie, G. D. (2013). Distributed computation    of large scale SWAT models on the Grid. Environmental Modelling & Software. Volume 41, March 2013, Pages 223-230.

Van Griensven A., Ndomba P., Yalew S., Kilonzo F. (2012). Critical review of SWAT applications in the Upper Nile basin countries. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci 16:3371-3381.

David E.H.J. Gernaat, Seleshi G. Yalew,  Vassilis Daioglou, Detlef P. van Vuuren (2018). Climate change impact on renewable energy supply. Nature Climate Change (under review).

Seleshi G. Yalew, Michelle T. H. van Vliet, Detlef P. van Vuuren , David E.H.J. Gernaat, Fulco Ludwig. Energy sector vulnerabilities to climate change and the need for multi-model assessments. Nature Energy (under review).

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