Sears Appalsamy

I am an Anthropologist from South Africa and lectured periodically at the University of KZN in South Africa and at Temple University in the United States of America and also lectured with Professor Molefe Asante who was Chair of  the African - American Studies Department. Did research on the role of the Indian community in their fight against Apartheid. The Chevron Corporation employed me as an advisor on their projects in Africa and Kazakhstan.   They had lots of problems relating to land acquistion in the field of oil exploration in Africa, Kazakhstan and Papua New Guinea.  They asked me to do a research on the land ownership traditions in these countries. Was also employed by the Durban City Council as an advisor on various infrastructure projects. Many of these projects were implemented with the help of experts from TU Delft. I also advised the South African government on issues relating to healthcare and mobility programs in both rural areas and urban areas.
Interested in developing health insurance for poorer sections of the population in Southern Africa.