Sayra van den Berg

Sayra van den Berg is a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh, completing her doctoral studies on post-conflict transitional justice. She examines the relationship between ex-combatants and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Sierra Leone, where she conducted over 2 years of fieldwork. Her research engages heavily with questions of restorative transitional justice, participatory peacebuilding, and localized understandings of expectations and experiences of transitional justice. She also works as a peace and justice researcher, with the Institute for Governance Reform, a think tank in Sierra Leone, where she leads projects on an array of peacebuilding and access to justice reform issues.

Recent publications:
van den Berg, S. (2019) ‘Selling Stories of War in Sierra Leone’. OpenDemocracy: (part of an article series on research ethics and knowledge production in post-conflict countries)



Associate member
The University of Edinburgh