Samuel Mazera Mwakubo

Samuel Mwakubo is manager, research with the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) based in Nairobi, Kenya. He holds a PhD in Environmental Economics from Moi University, Kenya, an MSc and a BSc in Agricultural Economics from Egerton University, Kenya. Mwakubo has been coordinating Collaborative Research having joined in February, 2010. At AERC, Mwakubo has provided Research support, liaison with the research network, coordination and administrative functions.

He monitors progress of collaborative research projects and also manages the research process by liaising with, and supporting researchers, resource persons and other members of the AERC network. 

Before AERC, Mwakubo was a policy analyst/ economist with the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research & Analysis (KIPPRA) having joined in 2004.  He has also been a lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness Management in Egerton University (1995-2005), Kenya.  Mwakubo has been teaching resource economics and macroeconomics in the Department of Economics & Agricultural Resource Management in Moi University, Kenya.

Mwakubo’s research interests are in soil conservation, social capital, wetlands management, and economic valuation of natural and environmental resources. He is a member of the African Farm Management Association (AFMA), International association for the study of Common Property (IASCP), International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) and the African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE).

Fellow member
African Economic Research Consortium (AERC), Nairobi, Kenya
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