Said Abdallah

My key interests in the last 15 years have been in energy for sustainable development in Africa. My attention has been particularly on Africa, and generally on developing countries. I have been principally engaged in research and consultancy work within my areas of interest. The research pursuit was given impetus by studies that I undertook in my MSc program at Aalborg University in Denmark, and a PhD program that I successfully went through at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. My PhD thesis was on Sustainability in Kenya's Energy and Development: An alien concept?

Consultancy work that I have been doing chiefly as an independent consultant was greatly strengthened when I was employed and carried out research for four years at UNEP Risoe in Denmark. The focus of my work has specifically been on Kenya and other East African countries, as well as Malawi (Southern Africa). Prior to 2001 I worked for 24 years in the Kenyan electricity supply industry. In this industry my main occupation was on improving access to electricity of development of the majority of the Kenyan population, which is economically and socially under-developed.