Sabelo Ndlovu

Sabelo NdlovuProfessor, Department of Development Studies, University of South Africa
Research Associate, South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), South Africa
Research Associate, The Ferguson Centre for African and Asian Studies, The Open University, United Kingdom
Assistant Editor, Africanus: Journal of Development Studies

D. Phil. Modern African Historical Studies, 2004, University of Zimbabwe
Thesis: The Dynamics of Democracy and Human Rights among the Ndebele of Zimbabwe, 1818-1934
PhD Supervisors: Professor Terence Ranger, University of Oxford
Professor Ngwabi Bhebe, University of Zimbabwe

Research interests
Empire, missions and colonialism
Nationality, ethnicity and conflict
Nativity, indigineity and xenophobia
Politics of knowledge production and power
Theories and discourses of development
Decolonization of knowledge and power
Coloniality of power and new imperialism
Modernity, coloniality, globalisation and neoliberalism
Pan-Africanism, nationalism and decolonization
Pan-Africanism, liberation movements and postcolonial governance
History and politics in Zimbabwe
History and politics in South Africa
Postcolonialism, poststructuralism and postmodernism

Fellow member
University of South Africa
Expertise on: