Rogers Tabe Egbe Orock

Rogers Tabe Egbe Orock is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Development Policy and Management,  University of Antwerp, Belgium. He recently completed his PhD  in anthropology at the Department of Culture and Society (Anthropology discipline) at Aarhus University, in Denmark. Rogers has published several  journal articles on culture and power, exploring the themes of elite politics, governance, democracy and development in Cameroon as well as more boradly on globalization, transnational corporations and development in Africa. His articles have appeared  in journals such as Africa, Journal of African and Asian Studies ,  Review of African Political Economy, Development in Practice, Critique of Anthropology, Dialectical Anthropology, Cultural Dynamics, among many others.  

Key words: Anthropology, Belonging, Cameroon, Democracy, Elites, Globalization & Development, Political Culture.

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University of Antwerp
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