Roel Burgler

After having studied political and social sciences, working at the University of Amsterdam and gaining a PhD, I started as a full-time professional photographer, and, to a lesser extent, journalist. As a social documentary photographer I have specialized myself  in developing countries and development issues.

I work independently and on commission. Besides making reports on a wide range of issues, I also make portraits and cover all types of meetings, conferences, events and festivities, usually on assignment.

My work regularly appears in all sorts of magazines, in the publications of many, mostly non-profit, organizations, as billboards, posters, postcards, in calendars, books, brochures, flyers, annual reports, newspapers and on the web.

I've participated in many exhibitions and had some of my own, including "AIDS in Africa".

I have, furthermore, made documentaries for radio, done consultancy and advisory work, given courses for people being sent to work in developing countries, and still give workshops and courses in photography.

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