Paul Clastre

Paul Clastre is currently a World Economic Forum Global Shaper from the Dakar Hub, where he leads the partnerships team in facilitating collaborative action for addressing issues around workforce & employment, and the adoption of a sustainable economy.

In his previous experience in the African context, he set up a bamboo treatment & transformation center in rural Senegal with the aim to teach the local community about this renewable resource and ultimately create a local value chain for the development of bamboo value-added products (biomass, construction, furniture, etc). Additionally, his experience as an investment associate (impact investing), strategy consultant and business designer working with entrepreneurs, startups & SME's in the US, Mexico, China, Europe, and East & West Africa has allowed him to build a valuable skill set responding to the needs of organizations of all types around setting KPI's, establishing impact assessment methods, analyzing markets & user habits, provide business model insights, facilitate fundraising at pre-seed & seed stage, and lead project scaling & product development efforts.

In his last venture, JOKKO Africa, he has built a mobile networking/messaging platform for professionals across Africa where users can get their online professional identity in a format designed for the Future of Work. Ultimately, he believes that listening & active learning are our most important skills, and that the power of collaboration across cultures can create a better, sustainable, and inclusive future. He holds a BSc in Entrepreneurship & Information Systems, as well as qualifications in Environmental Economics & Sustainable Development from the London School of Economics, among others.